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We have a managed computer group configured in KSC to automatically install the KES 8 application. The installation task has the setting enabled to "Do not install application if it is already installed". Yesterday at 12:43:00 our KSC downloaded an update in the repository in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8: updates for software modules.


Because of several other issues with our environment, KL Russia (E Tikhomirov) via. Kaspersky US support requested we create tasks to update the databases with schedule start of "When new updates are downloaded to the repository".


The result was that when the update was downloaded to the repository, KES 8 was re-installed on every computer in the group which caused each to reboot on the users.


Now the question or bug ??? Why would the installation task have triggered when the update was received? I was previously told the setting of "Do not install if it is already installed" prevents the tasks from running unless there is a major change to the product version.


Also, I have searched Kaspersky's site and can't see where there are new patches released? Based on info received about other open support cases with Kaspersky for Endpoint 8, we were told there was supposed to be a patch released soon so we've been waiting. When I run the product version report for our KES clients I don't see where there are any new updates installed, only a & b.


Has anyone else had this issue with installation tasks yesterday for KES 8?


Was there a patch or update to software modules released yesterday? If so, where can I find the notes on what was fixed/updated?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Paul

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We didn't have the reboot issue but I did notice something that showed up this morning in a report as:


New applications are:




It would be great to get some release notes on this kind of thing.



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Interesting, I have the same updates in my autopatch folder structure. What US support explained is that the V12 product is a commercial product and not a corporate product, if you drill into the autopatch directory structure under the KAV12 folder you will see a folder with the name of which is the Endpoint 8 version number. Not only should the KSC not have downloaded an update for KAV12, it created both a and folders (one being the version of the commercial product and one for the corporate product).


I suspect there is a bug as the support person I spoke to at Kaspersky had the same strange structure on his server...

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