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How long does it normally take for technical support to respond to a request? I submitted a request on 3rd April and now nearly 2 weeks later I stall have no response and my request is still in the "Waiting for reply from support team" status. Apart from sending requests through my account and actually phoning them up how do I get in contact with technical support to help with my problem?


This is my request as sent on 03/04/2012 19:12:


Hi Team,

I am trying to update my current installation of KIS2011 to KIS2012. I originally purchased a 3yr license for KIS2009 on 21-JUL-2009 which according to KIS2011 I still have about 130 days remaining. Now, according to My Kaspersky Account in the "manage activation codes" my activation is for KIS2007. I would like to know why this is the case and how I can update to KIS2012.

I can provide a copy of my invoice for my purchase of KIS2009 if required.


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Please write the number of your request.



My request number is 313875705.


I have since been given a reply to my issue but the solution still did not work. After following the directions exactly using the Kaspersky Removal Tool and then installing the lastest software version, when it comes to entering my activation code a window box pops up with 'activation error' 'Key file is not suitable for this application' which shouldn't be a problem as there is still over 100 days remaining on my license. The only thing I don't understand, as I mentioned in my original message is why my license for KIS 2009 is being reported as a license for KIS 2007 in the 'manage activation codes' section.

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