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I today installed a program that was originally suppose to be...

WhoCrashed Professional 3.01

Which seems to be a fake 33MB file (when compressing it in Winrar, it compresses to 34kbs)


On running the program exe, my Kaspersky Anti Virus kept blocking access to


gate.php Denied:


(analysis using the database of suspicious URLs) 26/08/2011 16:13:28


Kaspersky was showing an exe file within the SysWow64 folder called silverlight-runtime.exe which was the file attempting to access the above URL.


The file was not removable as it was locked. After a reboot the file was now hidden and it seems windows baloon tips was disabled.

And also Windows Restore just fails.


Both Kaspersky and Virus total online scan does NOT detect this file as a virus.


I've managed to remove silverlight-runtime.exe by going into windows repair console and removing it manually. But I'm curious what other damage / changes have been made?


The attached file password is...



I've sent this to the testing lab but I really want to know if I'm still at risk.


Is anyone able to help please?

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Welcome. Please don't attempt to link to or attach possible malware on the forum. Instead, you may send such to the Lab, as indicated in the third Important topic.


If you suspect malware issue, please see the first Important topic; instructions for logs are there.

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