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Jerzei Belowski

textsrv.com browser hijack

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I'm running Firefox 5 and I've noticed the browser is hijacked, insuch that it is displaying hyperlinked keywords that lead to advertising sites. The url for those hyperlinks all begin with www. textsrv.com (no space obviously and no e in serv) which leads to a blank webpage when pasted into the address bar on it's own.


I have used all normal processes and have now isolated the virus but cannot remove it, primarily because it is not appearing on any av/am scans. even when run from the boot menu with Kasperky recovery amongst others..

I have found that the virus is in the Firefox extension Shockwave Flash (Flash Player) Disabling the extension removes the hyperlinked text, but is not a long term solution as it's not removing the virus and of course video players won't work without the extension. Uninstalling Flash player and reinstalling doesn't remove the problem either.


I have only found one other reference to this virus and that is a recent enquiry on this forum, so I assume this is something new. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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