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Where do I create my administrator password?

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Where do I create my administrator password? To do certain things with kaspersky ie 'Backup and Restore' or 'settings' I get a pop up box saying - to perform this operation, please enter the administrator password. I don't have an administrator password I only have an account password, and I get the message the password is incorrect. I have never seen any location with kaspersky that offers the option to create an administrator password. I purchased kaspersky for the first time last week - so I have no previous passwords etc.



On that same pop-up box - there is a hyper link that says:


Administrator Password Protection Settings


Users of this computer can have different computer knowledge and experience. For better secutiry use administrator password to protect the selected Kaspersky PURE features.


... then there is a line with a box to check or uncheck (the box is already default checked) and the line with the default check says - Enable Password Protection


- underneath that:


a box to fill in with: old password new pasword confirm password


At the point I tried putting in my account password again, however, it does not work - and I ended up even trying to change my password at this location - create a new password - hoping this would get me to the administrator access. However, that did not work either.


Under the area that has the boxes to fill in for: old password new pasword confirm password


There is a section that says:


Apply password to


and at this section - there is a list of 5 (five) items - each has a check mark in the box in front (the check mark is a default check mark - I didn't put them there).


If I try to take a check mark out of one of those 5 boxes - I again get that pop-up box wanting my administrator password.


Where do I find the place to create this administrator password ?







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