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Am I getting some sort of divine invtervention when trying to renew your product?

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Hello there!


I'm kinda wondering here if there's some higher power preventing me from contacting Kaspersky to, you know, BUY your product or are there some serious issues I should be concerned about?


I mean, I absolutely LOVE your product, but I'm finding it seeming impossible to renew it.


I currently have Kaspersky Business Space Security running on 10 nodes and the license expired yesterday.


I attempted to renew the product earlier this week using the renew license link within the Kaspersky software, which took me to the Home renewal page (Not sure why...I launched it from Server 2008 R2) with a link to Business User Renewals. So I click that link and it takes me to a page where it says the following:


Welcome to the Kaspersky Renewal Center, the one stop place where you can keep your software up-to-date. Renew your protection now and take advantage of exclusive renewal pricing across our entire product line. Whether for your home or for business, you'll find everything you need to continue our award-winning protection. Just click on one of the sections below to get started.


So, I click on Business User Renewals and get a contact form. I filled this out several days ago and then waited...waited some more, another couple days go by, still nothing.


Friday comes and my license expires. I find another renewal link in the Kaspersky software that takes me the store where I can purchase a 10 node license...yet, there's no exclusive renewal pricing as promised.


Alright...well, the only option left is to call. So I call and while waiting I get a message to leave a voice mail to which I will receive a call back within 2 business hours. This time comes and goes...I even give it an extra 2 hours, still no contact.


Finally I decide to call back up and just get it taken care of via phone...get put on hold (with at least some decent hold music) and wait some more...and more....and more. I finally give up after waiting on hold and HOUR AND A HALF.


What's the deal guys? I'm sitting here, with our systems unprotected with the business owner non-too-happy right now about the situation.


If I am unable to purchase a license by this evening, I'm sorry but I will be forced to abandon Kaspersky as a viable solution for our security needs.


Thank you for your time,

Chris Hughes

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Oregon, USA


Yes, that link does work for me...but like you said, it's not renewal pricing. I've never dealt with a registered partner as we are just 10 nodes. I purchased the package last year from that same page you just linked.


I dunno, but I'm pretty concerned. I've never, ever waited an hour and a half on a SALES line, especially BUSINESS sales in my entire career. :(





Hi Chris - where are you located?


Does this link work for you? :




This is not renewals, but will get you protected asap.......renewals will have to go through a registered partner - did you work with a partner on your initial deployment?


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Hi Chris,


I am a registered partner/reseller......I just checked with my. distributor and the MSRP for the Business Space Security (10 nodes) is the same price, currently, as what you would pay on Kaspersky's website. I do recall sales in the past offered for renewals of existing products.....and have used these for my customers to offer them discounts or increase license counts for the same price......but, do not know of a currently ongoing sale.


Sooo - my advice at this point is to renew through the business website and then seek out a Kaspersky Partner in your area so he/she can keep you informed of any sales/promotions that do occur -


hope this helps -

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Hey hoemee,


Thanks for looking into that for me, especially considering you're not an official employee. They should increase your reseller % or hire you as you're responses saved them a $600 sale (went with 2 years). ;)


I went ahead and did just that, paid full price...but I must say, I'm highly disappointed in Kaspersky's customer service at this point. If it wasn't for the headache of ripping out Kaspersky, researching, purchasing and finally installing another product, I would have taken my business elsewhere.


Do you know if this forum is monitored by Official Kaspersky employees?


If someone from upper management happens to read this, please get in contact with me. I would be happy to share my phone number via email or PM. I'd love to discuss my experience with someone.


Much appreciated,


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Hey Chris - thanks for the kind words.....FWIW, I think you made the right decision to stay with Kaspersky. I have used them all - and service customers who use them all and I spend a considerable amount of time cleaning infected machines using other malware solutions. Nothing works like Kaspersky. I have found that the labor requirements to deploy and maintain Kaspersky are a bit higher than other solutions, but the trade off is better protection.

Kaspersky is a private company that is growing rapidly; however, they are serious about security. I understand what you are saying about customer service. Develop your own channels of support with Kaspersky, such as seeking out a partner/reseller......they are not immune to the growth/service issues you speak of. I have seen things steadily improving over the last several years - but also keep in mind that the malware arena is nasty business and is constantly changing, so any company will have some type of lag issues.


Glad to hear your protected and good luck !

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We have found that dealing directly with companies in regards to licensing, pricing or anything other than support to be quite frustrating at times. We deal with resellers\partners for pretty much all our products like IBM, VMWare, Kaspersky and Symantec before then. Surprisingly Dell has been pretty easy to deal with directly and we continue to do so. Nice thing about the reseller\partner is that we only need to contact one source for our needs and they track everything for us. We can ask for a licensing report for a specific product and we get it way faster than trying to sort out that info ourselves.

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