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switching on Kaspersky firwall

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My operating system is Xp home sp3. In the last few days I installed Kav internet security 2011 and have been unable to turn off windows firewall and turn on

the kaspersky one.




attempts to solve this issue involved a google search that lead me to this link


which, when you scroll down, shows snapshots of how to turn on the Kaspersky firewall from the 'online Security' section of the 'protection center'. The problem is in my 'online security' section there is no link to a firewall option.




I thought I'd try the <support> link from the Kav application on my computer.

My first stop was too the <User Forum> link. This link lead me not to the forums but to a page informing me that I did not have the latest version of kav. I followed the steps here in the hope that this might solve my problem with the firewall.

The steps were to

1. download and run the Kavremover.exe and

1. download and run the kav11.0.1.400en_gb.exe

I did these things and still I don't have a firewall tab in the 'online security' section of the protection centre.




I went to the <support> link again, linked to the <knowledge base> link and tried this search - 'how to turn on kaspersky firewall'. The 29 search results consisted of articles about kav but nothing specific to the firewall




I turned to the <support> link again and linked to the <fast track support> link. From there I chose the <product issues> link. There was only one link from there <some components cannot be launched>. I linked to this link. The first advice was to update the kav databases. I'd only just done that with the new install so I went to the next solution. This sets out steps of how to repair the application....


I haven't followed these steps yet but opted to come on here instead. My thinking being - should I really have to repair a brand new and recommended install just to turn on the kav firewall??


Any suggestions about how to turn on the kav firewall will be much appreciated




fter reading an overview of the product at the link above to the 7tutorials I also realised that I don't have the 'desk top' gadget that it says should be

in the task bar nor therefore access to the 'safe run' feature.... Could it be that I haven't got this gadget because I'm not running windows 7? If so I should still be able to access the safe run for applications facility shouldn't I??


Again any suggestions about this would be much appreciated to





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I installed Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011


The desktop gadget is not available with XP.


Ok but does this mean I cannot access safe run for applications elsewhere?



Is there a difference between 'Kaspersky Internet security' and 'Kaspersky Anti virus'.... I bet that's the problem isn't it?

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Thanks for your replies.



I am so so annoyed! :angry:


I obviously didn't look properly when I bought it. I just assumed I was getting the Internet security......I bought it in a bit of a rush.... I've looked on the site of the shop I got it from - I've always got it from here in the past and it is inundated with various KAV versions but has very few KIS versions..... Plus a quick search has revealed that I can get the 3-user 1 year license for KIS elsewhere for the same price as I got the 3 user KAV.




I'll have to see if I can get a refund...

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