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4th user problem: Is my licence has been stolen?

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Hello folks. First, I apologize if this topic doesn't belong on this side of forum but I can't find anywhere more appropriate to post.


I'm using KIS 2010 with 3 users licence. My problem is there seems to be a fourth unauthorized user. Although it didn't appear on daily basis but there're few times, after 7 month of use, where any three of us being warned with an invalid licence notice. It happens when all 3 users are in the same network then one of us will get an invalid licence warning, especially when my KIS is running.


Could this be my licence has been stolen by others? I'm thinking of key generator program is the culprit since I and two others never revealed the activation or product key to others. If it is, is there a way to detect who's using the key? I;m afraid that my licence will get blacklisted because of this possible theft.


Thank you.

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Licensing issues need to be taken up with tech support they should be able to advise further.

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First step is to make sure system date/time is correct on all of the PCs, then if simple un and re install on all PCs with correct date does not resolve the issue, then please contact Tech Support as Perry indicated in his post.

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also, make sure that none of you are running the same licence key on a virtual machine. this would cause a 4th user to be identified as the host running KIS and virtual pc running the same KIS licenced product would show up as 2 machines instead of 1 equating to 4 users when all 3 real machines are on.

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