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Open ports on kaspersky...

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Hello there, I want to open a port on kaspersky and let's say I need a u-torrent port,

I can check the ports from here...Let's say I need port 514 to be opened!





When I check here with UTorrent Closed, port is CLOSED

When I open UTorrent port is OPEN.



This is an example, I want to open a port to be OPEN without opening any program!

Cause this program is on my VMWare Virtual operating system...

please help me up :cb_punk:

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That means that when I have all programs closed no1 can hack me through ports ? :P



I want to run a server thought VMware virtual windows XP...

this needs to open a port , but how can I allow it to be open from kaspersky?

It's not on my main OS, it's on a VIRTUAL OS..

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Theoretically yes, but some system services still run in the background, you need some serious tweaking to close everything.


so it doesn't work at this moment?


No it doesn't work...

I made VMWARE Network Bridged so it get's an local IP : and add it to open port from the router but still it doesnt work on the program.

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is the windows firewall disabled on the guest OS?


Hmm the service of windows firewall is disabled (TinyXP) Many services removed and Windows firewall is removed too..

So I think it is disabled.

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