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What exactly is the "Extended Download Service" offered with Password Manager?? I'm considering a purchase, but it's decidedly un-Kaspersky to have to dig around for info on the purpose of some software!

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Extended Download Service allows you to download the software again from the reseller without purchasing it for the next 2 years (depending on the reseller). I think most resellers give it for 60 days for free. To be honest, you do not need it, as you do not need to download Kaspersky Password Manager from the reseller. You can get it directly from Kaspersky's website for free whenever you want (http://www.kaspersky.com/kpm-latest-versions) or you can make a backup of PasswordManager somewhere if you want. I personally suggest you do not take the "extended download service".


See here for more information bellow the sub-heading "What is the Extended Download Service (EDS)?".

Exact Terms and Conditions depend on the country you are located in and the reseller.

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