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Unable to Access KAV Console Locally (MP4 v1424)

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Good morning.


Yesterday I set up a brand new Admin Kit 8.0.2090 installation and rolled out the KAV Workstation and Server MP4 v1424 at one test PC and Server.


Right now I'm struggling with the Policies.

At the client I'm not able to open the KAV console?!? By double-clicking on the Taskbar icon there happens nothing.

Right-click for the context menu isn't working as well.

Unfortunately I can't find the switch within the policy to grant access.


This function might be useful at standard clients. But at administrators clients it's a little tricky.


Is there somebody who could help me?!


Thanks in advance!




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If you're controlling this computer remotely, with the help of VNC or PC anywhere softwares for example, then you should add the main executables of this software in the trusted applications list of your policy, with the option "Allow interaction with application interface" enabled: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208280718


And finally, check if in the properties of your policy applied to this workstation, in the "Settings" tab choose "Interaction with users" in the drop down list and verify that the option "Show interface" is activated.

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Thanks for you help.


But it was another, a little confusing problem:

The locks have been opened and that caused that the policy hasn't been enforced to the client.

Admin Kit showed the policy as enforced successfully.

With Admin Kit v1710 and KAV Workstation .837 that worked without any problem.



In the update task I checked only the Administration Kit as update location.

When I look at the settings of client or server both locations are checked; Administration Kit and Kaspersky Update Server.

And if the update from the Admin Kit server fails, the local KAV connects to the Kaspersky Update Server.

How could this be?!?!


I attached two screenshots of the server update task and the settings at the local KAV.



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Thanks Helmut.

But the FAQ says the same I've done.


To check this, I deleted all update tasks and made new one for workstation and server.

Same on there. When I disable the mobile update within the task the Kaspersky Lab Update Server won't be disabled on the client/server.

Furthermore I checked the box for updating the application modules. But they are unchecked at the client/server.


No change after client reboot.


I'm a little bit confused.

Is the unchecked Kaspersky Lab Update Server active or not?

Is the checked application modules update active or not?

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