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Kasp. reports suspicious behaviour, IE and Firefox stop working.

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I've got the latest Kaspersky version running ( in the background right from windows startup.


When windows starts I get 2 notifications from it:






are reported as:

suspicious behavior, simmilar to PDM.DNS Query


suspicious behavior, simmilar to PDM.Strange behaviour


suspicious behavior, simmilar to PDM.Suspicious driver installation


suspicious behavior, simmilar to PDM.Invader


Under the 'Detected Threats' tab, it shows these have a medium or low criticality.


I get 2 such messages, one for MSTORR.EXE and one for EXPLORER.EXE paired together every few minutes.


The only symptom is that after a few messages both browsers stop functioning completely.


Firefox refuses to load my homepage. When I click 'home' or press 'F5' for refresh, firefox stops completely and refuses to even check the connection. At the bottom it says 'stopped', as if whatever this is, disables firefox rather than the internet connection itself.


Similar situation with IE, refuses to load home page or even check if connection is present.


Going to network places> local area connection, windows reports it is functioning normally.


Applications that use the internet, other than browsers refuse to work, however active downloads or video streams that began before the messages popped up continue.


On restart, all functionality is restored.


I did a full scan with both Kaspersky and Spybot, both revealed a couple of items, but on removal the problem continued.


As far as I know, EXPLORER.EXE is used to work in windows, I have no idea what MSTORR.EXE does. I checked program files and couldn't find MSTORR.EXE or anything like 'LEECHLLC'.


A google seach for these yields few results.


I'd appreciate any help you guys could provide.


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Welcome. Please supply both of the two following items:


1) Please create gsi sysinfo text, and then upload it to this parser site: http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/ and then post the link to the GSI report which may identify issue area,

instructions see: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=36444 Please use the New 4.0 GSI utility. If Vista, right click getsysteminfo.exe and select Run as administrator.


2) Please attach the zipped virusinfo_syscure.zip; instructions, see: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=678334

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I've been having the same problems with my internet not responding. I ran TrendMicro Housecalls and it found this "threat" LEECHLLC:MSTORR.EXE. I removed it but it has not solved the problem. Have you found a solution? Thanks.

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