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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Problems

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Problems:


1: Rootkit scan problems it's a good idea that rootkit scan is implemented but it's scan speed is very very slow....


2: Windows 7 rating index no longer indexes the system rating when KIS is installed ... the problem is not solved if The KIS is disabled if u want to work windows experience index U should uninstall Kaspersky.... Kaspersky published It's fully compatible with windows 7... but not with the experience index.....


3: Applications taking long time to load when Kaspersky is enabled because it scans all the contents in the files......


4: when we open a website in Mozilla or any browser the Kaspersky scans the scrips at that time if we open any applications eg: Kmplayer.... It takes long time to load....


5: if u want the scanning speed to increase in Rootkit scan u should install Kaspersky to a clean installed OS(Newly installed OS) Rootkit scan takes only 3-4 minutes to scan.....


6: Scan speed is noticeably slower especially in XP


7: The are no options to disable rootkit scan in default skin.....


8 : Updating is slow..




Please Fix the Above problems..... If this problems are solved, Kaspersky is the Best antivirus solutions in the world...... Nothing will beat it it..............

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1. that's the idea, to run silently in the background.

2. known bug.

3. which applications, is it always or just the first run?

4. what site are you visting?

5. obviously, those have less "junk" and apps installed

6. yes, because xp is not windows vista or windows 7, there are some things implemented in the kernel already

7. by design

8. download or merging of the downloaded incrementals

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