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I found 2 program kaspersky running on my tast manager avp.exe and klwtblfs.exe.

klwtblfs.exe is safety?


please tell me more....


Sorry if my language English to bad.



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Whatever procedure klwtblfs.exe does, I noticed that it was preventing access to internet applications (Mozilla, email client) for the last week or so.

It used to happen at start-up of my computer, always when the modem was also started up.

To restore the internet and applications based on it I used have to switch user to administrator, open IExplorer and use the Diagnose Connection tool.

This was quite a pain.


It all began after I'd installed the usual Windows updates about 10 days ago.

And it ended when I'd installed more Windows updates ("to fix security sensistivity", etc) yesterday . . .


Could it be that one of the "updates" was trying to so something that KIS is programmed to block ? :aq:

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yes, is belongs to kaspersky, it's the link checker helper.

Thank you for your answer but I'm sorry to say that your answer might be wrong. I found this when I tried to search over the Internet.


you guys may say that comes from unreliable source however I found my computer connects to many times through many port just like torrent or some P2P connection. That slowed down my computer and prevented my internet... in my opinion

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fine then, delete it. search for it, you'll find it in the kaspersky folder (C:\Program Files\kaspersky lab\kaspersky internet security 2010\. go into settings>Service uncheck "Enable self-defense", exit kaspersky, and delete the file.


it's most likely malware (even prevx doesn't say it's malware, but what the hell).


you have no idea what is, the fact that it's opening connections to does not make it act like a p2p application (btw, most p2p apps have no business opening connections to localhost - that's what, and even internet explorer uses multiple local ports (one port/connection)


what the hell??? Is this Kaspersky's official response??? If someone questions you, please don't lower yourself and start getting defensive with these kinds of replies.

You say it's ok and then in the next breath, it's not?

Not your answer if it's a defensive malicious reply, what is Kaspersky's answer?

Not sure if this will be answered but, is there no answer or solution for this search engine redirect thing?


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