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Installing/activating on second computer

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Below is a copy of a ticket I opened with tech support. If anyone can answer this question so I don't have to wait days I'd greatly appreciate it!




I just purchased a laptop a few days ago that has Vista 64 installed on it. Ive run Kaspersky Internet Security on my desktop (currently for a long while now I purchased 6.0 and renewed to 7.0. My license in KIS says it is valid for 1 to 3 computers.


Upon installing v7.0.1.325 on my laptop (I couldnt find a link to in English on your site) I went to your site, had my cabinet info emailed to me, and tried to use to apply my existing key using that file on my laptop only to have it tell me that the license key validity period has expired.


I opened the key in the zip file in Notepad and viewed the key and it is not the same key as KIS has my desktop.


The key on my desktop and the key emailed to me are different where every X is present in the below example.




According to KIS on my desktop my key is valid till 10/26/2009, with 148 days left.


So, since my key is good for 1 to 3 computers, and is still active, I need to get a working key for my laptop in order to activate KIS on it.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Solved it on my own after some searching. Here's the solution for anyone suffering from this problem -


Open Kaspersky, go to the Support Tab, click Personal Cabinet. Once the site opens log in and choose 'Manage Activation Codes and Key Files'.


Make sure you are having the most recent key emailed to you (or downloaded). My problem was that when I was trying to generate the current key on my second machine it would default to a key corresponding to my original license, not my most recent one from the newest renewal.

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