Help with Kaspersky Rescue Disk???

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I am wondering if its possible to download and install Kaspersky Rescue Disk on a flash drive instead of a CD???


Im a service tech and its much easier just to carry around my flash drive with my PC toolkit and other mobile utilities but something I am missing is a resourceful rescue disk for the difficult jobs when the PC wont even boot. I have done my research and whaddya ya know.. Kaspersky strikes again! Along with their other great products Im really interested in their Rescue Disk program. I realize with most if not all rescue cd's you need to burn the iso to a disk and run the infected PC from the cd drive but I just think if I can add it to my flash drive (with everything else I use) and not have to carry around a cd too, my life would be alot easier..


if Kaspersky Rescue Disk cannot be put on a flash drive, does anyone know of any protable "style" rescue program that could work?

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it can be placed on a usb stick, but we can't really help you with it. since it's a bartpe environment, you can use google, there are a lot of tutorials on how to transfer bartPE bootable CDs to USB sticks.

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I would excercise a bit of caution with flash drives anyway - as well as with external usb drives.


I've identified flash drives as the second leading cause of virus infections on my corp network.


Email has been fairly safe, as we outsource through mailtrust, and they scan fairly agressively.


Interestingly, the third leading infector is laptops running osx, propagating malware via infected Office documents.


On that subject, I notice a Kaspersky Mac version in Alpha.


I'd really really love to get my hands on that as soon as it hits beta.


I would sell my soul for a Kaspersky rescue disk that could scour a mac.


I've tried a couple of products, but none have yet been remotely effective.

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