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Found 557 results

  1. Hi, I'm finding the error in the task. Database is corrupted. Generic db error: "1823 '{42000} A database snapshot cannot be created because it failed to start.; A database snapshot cannot be created because it failed to start.' LastStatement='DBCC CHECKDB('KAV_CS_ADMIN_KIT') WITH NO_INFOMSGS;'" I can not restore SQL for a previous backup.
  2. Uninstalled old Agent and Endpoint Security without a problem. Rebooted the system, everything is fine. When I try to install the new agent version I get the error "failed to identify the status of the installed application definitely". Ran the cleaner.exe, the error persists. I cannot install the agent. Please help. Attached you can find the cleaner and setup.exe logs, and the GSI report. cleaner_log.zip install_log.zip
  3. Hi, KSC 10.5.1781 KES 11 kaspersky 10.1 for windows server in kaspersky we had untrusted host blocking. what has happend to untrusted host blocking in kaspersky ??! BR, Fernando
  4. Hi, I'm trying to reinstall KES on several machines, on some computers i'm receiving the error bellow. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Fatal error during installation. (Uninstallation password or user name has not been specified or is incorrect.) I've checked the password and its correct. Tried more than one admin account and no success. Any advice ?
  5. We have recently introduced 3 X new HP desktop workstations running Windows 10 (1809) - model HP EliteDesk G3. All 3 are running either KES or latest All 3 HP desktops are now regularly experiencing BSODs, sometimes 1 a week/1 a day during Kaspersky scheduled update, or multiple times a day. BSOD occurred with errors on fwpxclnt.sys on every occasion. We have been working with HP support to assist in resolving as we didn't initially believe Kaspersky was the cause as we run this version on other hardware such as Lenovo, etc with no issues. HP had us do a full software recovery, reinstall all application and the BSODs kept coming. From the minidumps and image diagnostics HP have ruled out any hardware fault with desktops and cannot find any obvious faults with drivers, etc. At this stage we plan to remove KES version 11 from these workstation and try downgrading to version 10 and will report back. If that fails we will troubleshoot further by running without KES at all. I see others within the forum has posted similar BSOD issues with KES 11 however none appear to have followup resolution. Can anyone comment on similar issues to ours and if resolved and how?
  6. Hi Everyone! I just want to ask on how to Block Psiphon application to all our users. Thanks and regards! -=- Kites -=-
  7. Hi, can you please scan my site https://www.eaune.com? Some of my customers are getting a warning. I think the culprit was an insecure outdated Internet Explorer link but it has been corrected. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, during the upgrade to KSC 11 from KSC 10 i installed the Web console (the previous KSC 10 installation did not have Web console). When I try to connect, it gives me this error: ERR_UNEXPECTED_PROXY_AUTH. All the services are started. Should i have to do something else to activate the Web Console? Thanks
  9. Hello, When i try to install KES 11.1 on my test computers, i have "error 27300. Error installing driver mklif.sys_x64." All my stations are Windows 10 Pro 64 I have already tried several tips that I found on the forum (uninstalling protection software...) without success do you have an idea ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm having this error every time I use the task to find vulnerabilities and required updates with the option "Connect to updates server to update data". This means that I don't see the Windows Updates and so no vulnerabilities related to them to fix. I can see Windows Updates only if I run check for updates manually from Windows on each workstation. I'am using the Administration Server as WSUS server, if this can help. KSC 10 version: 10.5.1781 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Network Agent version: KES 11 version : on Windows 10 Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, One client with KES 11.0 wasn't properly detected by KSC 10.5.1781 that showed Network Agent not installed. I performed remote installation of NetAgent 10.5.1781 with the same result. I manually uninstalled both NEtAgent and KES, tried remote installation of both software (KES but after the NetAgent installation stopped. I uninstalled again NetAgent, copied and installed the stand-alone package that contains both software, restarted the laptop: KSC see only NetAgent (Security application is not installed) and KES doesn't automatically update. KSC client event report: Event name Protection components are disabled Severity: Warning Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.0.1) Version number: 11. Task name: Protection Device: XXXXXXX Group: Clients Time: 19.03.2019 11:39:56 Virtual Administration Server name: Description: Event type: Protection components are disabled Application\Name: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows User: XXXXXXX (Active user) Component: Protection Result\Description: Protection is not running What can I do?
  12. Hello Kaspersky team, This is my Website link - https://dplusd.tech, I need to scan and verify it. It is safety web site in your Certificate.
  13. Hello everybody, I'm trying to set some websites in a whitelist on our KES server to deploy them via the agent on our PC's clients. The strategy is set and the client is under this strategy but when I take a look on the client's whitelist, there's no website set. Did you already have this kind on problem ? KSC is v. 10.4.343 and strategy is for KES v.11 for windows and KES for Mac v. Thanks in advance !
  14. Hello, I'm refreshing an installation of Kaspersky Security Center 10 (10.5.1781) and so I'm reinstalling plugins for various versions of KES10 for Windows and Mac. One little problem I have is that I cannot find anywhere the plug-in for KESMAC10 (i.e. the first commercial release). Unfortunately some of the Macs that we manage still use that version, so while I'm looking forward to the opportunity to upgrade the application, for now I'd need to get them under better control. Is is possible to find that plug-in anywhere? Thanks
  15. Hello, I would know what are the differences between "Kaspersky Disk Encryption" and " Bitlocker Drive Encryption ", please ? Thanks.
  16. Hello everybody, The scenario is - KSC 10 sever is damaged. But new KSC has being installed with the same IP as the Old one. All KES Agents are visible on network scanning through New KSC. Also klmover.exe with new KSC address are done with send heartbeat and klnagchk.exe command. some of them are not connecting as there Transport Layer error? Major problem is. from OLD KSC most KES Agents had Device Control policy like USB block. now those Agents are connected to new KSC and showing device control is open. But still device control is acting ON as no USB device is not recognizing? Need a proper and active solutions soon, please. Thanks in Advance @Redhot
  17. We have KSC 10 deployed. I recently found out that some of the clients logged into their systems in Safe Mode and they could easily use USB devices there because Device Control doesnt seem to run in Safe Mode. Also, kaspersky tray icon isn't visible in safe mode and neither does the console open. Is there any way to resolve this issue in Kaspersky Administration Server?
  18. I'm getting a "Confirmation needed to install update" error every time i update the software. This error is worrying as i can barely go through a successful scan. Please help. i'm using Version: AES256 (mr1.mr2)
  19. Hello everybody, Few servers which have Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server package are unable to take update from KSC latest version. Klmover and klnagchk.exe are showing OK. Ping are working from KSC to those servers. Servers are showing on KSC, force sync has done. After 5% or 6% those Servers are unable to update from KSC? It's urgent and like to have some cool solutions over here. Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  20. Hello everybody, In KSC there are notifications showing like - Black list of key files corrupted. Applications functionality: update blacklist only.
  21. some pc it show virus detect counter but when click views threats report it not show detail about virus detected (blank).
  22. Hi, Will the device control stop working on clients after the license for KES gets expired ? And what other functionality gets affected when license expires for KES ans KSC ?
  23. I have 2 questions. Firstly, what is the functionality of KSC admin server key ? I mean even if i don't add the key in ksc admin server i don't find anything different from when i add its key. (I am not talking about key for clients) Secondly, in admin server's option for CONFIGURE FUNCTIONALITY DISPLAYED IN USER INTERFACE, there are options for configuring UI like Display Endpoint control settings etc. What does the following options do: Display Systems Management Display Security Settings Sections
  24. Hello, I'm using Endpoint Security 10 ver. I'm using the same product on 2 PCs one with Windows 7 another Windows 10. Windows 10 is a bit better, but Windows 7 is close to unbearable. Every time I download an attachment from my email, load up File Explorer or any other basic file operation (open a file) takes about 2 minutes to complete. Please let me know how this can be avoided. Thanks!
  25. This is normal behavior? Very annoying column hiding/ showing effect. KSC-bug.mp4
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