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  1. I installed Kaspersky server , Kaspersky Security center 10.5.1781 and Kaspersky Endpoint security After the update, KES sometimes crashed in some pcs like in ( ) and I would like to know if the pf3107 is compatible with the new Kaspersky version or not. Thank you
  2. Just upgraded over the last couple of weeks to KSC10 and KES11 and rolled it out to most of our clients. One of the columns though in the Devices window is entitled 'Endpoint Sensor Status' with all of the devices stating 'No data from device'. Going through the policy for these machines, I've found an option for Endpoint Sensor and the only option in that policy screen is server address. Is this the FQDN/ip of my KSC10 server, what needs putting in this and is it related to the Endpoint Sensor Status?
  3. Hi I there a way to create new user and limit access on web console to just reports and or protection status tabs? We want to display some content on display screen in the office but not be able to make any changes just view. Thanks
  4. We are new upgraded to Kaspersky Security Center 10. We deploy a task - Deploy Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.0.0). We got the problem is that most of the managed devices are stop at status : Running 50 %. The description is Remote installation completed successfully on this devices but it will not keep go to deploy the Endpoint Security. We are waiting for a long time but the status is stop at 50%. The Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent 10 was successful installed.
  5. ZAX Amusements

    KSCM8 Events on SBS 2011

    Hi, We receive the following KSCM8 events daily and wondering what the cause of this is? Are these errors due to the updating failing and can be safely ignored? Or do we have more serious issue here. Event Details: kavscmesrv.exe (Antispam)Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterException: Bases smoke test failed ---> Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.ProcessInitializationFailedException: Process Antispam.OutprocScanner.exe[24452] failed to initialize. at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.ServiceProcessStarter.<>c__DisplayClass3_0.<Start>b__2(Exception exception) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<CriticalExceptionSafeHandle>b__1(Exception exception) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle[T](Func`1 code, Func`2 onExceptionOccured, Action finalAction) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle(Action code, Action`1 onExceptionOccured, Action finalAction) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle(Action code, Action`1 onExceptionOccured) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.ServiceProcessStarter.Start(Process process) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.SynchronizedServiceProcessStarter.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<Start>b__0() at Enterprise.Common.Threading.ReadWriteGuard.TryExecuteWithReadAccess[T](Func`1 executeGuarded, Func`1 onGuardAcquireFailed) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.SynchronizedServiceProcessStarter.Start(Process process) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.ServiceHolder.StartProcess() at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.SingleProcessServiceOutprocController.StartNewService() at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.SingleProcessServiceOutprocController.Reload(Boolean stopProcessRudely) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.TimeoutingProcessServiceInstanceController.Reload(Boolean stopProcessRudely) at Enterprise.Common.Services.ServiceProcessManagement.FallbackedProcessServiceInstanceControllerWrapper.Reload(Boolean stopProcessRudely) at Enterprise.Scanning.Common.ScannerProcessAdapter.Reload() at Updater.BusinessRules.SecurityForExchange.AntispamScannerReloadingSmokeTester.PerformBasesSmokeTest() at Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterTransactions.AggregatedBasesSmokeTester.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<PerformBasesSmokeTest>b__0() at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<CriticalExceptionSafeHandle>b__0() at Enterprise.Common.Threading.ErrorLoggingJobExecuter.LoggingExecute(Action action) at Enterprise.Common.Threading.ExceptionHandlingJobExecuter.ExecuteUsingStrategy(Action action) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterTransactions.AggregatedBasesSmokeTester.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<PerformBasesSmokeTest>b__1(Exception exception) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<CriticalExceptionSafeHandle>b__1(Exception exception) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle[T](Func`1 code, Func`2 onExceptionOccured, Action finalAction) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle(Action code, Action`1 onExceptionOccured, Action finalAction) at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle(Action code, Action`1 onExceptionOccured) at Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterTransactions.AggregatedBasesSmokeTester.PerformBasesSmokeTest() at Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterTransactions.TransactionalUpdateController.PerformUpdate() at Enterprise.Updater.Tasks.UpdaterTransactions.TransactionalUpdateController.<RollbackableUpdate>b__13_0() at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.CriticalExceptionSafeHandle[T](Func`1 code, Func`2 onExceptionOccured, Action finalAction) at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo) at System.Environment.get_StackTrace() at Enterprise.Common.ExceptionHandling.ConvertToString(Exception exception) at Enterprise.Common.Logging.ComponentLoggerExtensions.WriteException(IComponentLogger source, EventSeverity severity, E
  6. When KES is installed on a Windows 7 x64 PC, the Pulse Secure VPN client cannot be installed. The setup does a rollback halfway during the installation and the MSI fails with error 1603. When KES is shut down, it still doesn't work. Only when completely removing KES I can install the client and it works fine afterwards (with KES installed). On Windows 10, there don't seem to be any issues. You can download the latest version of Pulse Secure here: https://nmddrive.twc.nl/my-pub/FileLink/e5b6cd87-10db-30cf-c552-8dfba55a2ae2/false
  7. Hi, sometimes the installation of third party applications failed. The update of TightVNC failed with the following error: CUrl error: 51 while downloading https://www.tightvnc.com/download/2.8.11/tightvnc-2.8.11-gpl-setup-32bit.msi (SSL: certificate subject name 'h8.ihc.ru' does not match target host name 'www.tightvnc.com'). The update should be installed through an Installation task. I use KSC 10 SP3 with Advanced license. Perhaps you say: It's an issue of the tightvnc web server, but it's possible to download the msi with Firefox and the link https://www.tightvnc.com/download/2.8.11/tightvnc-2.8.11-gpl-setup-32bit.msi What differes between downloading the msi through KSC and with Firefox? Kind regards, OBK
  8. Hi Team, In previous version, without password, we could not cancel the scan while inserting the pendrive or we could not close the Kaspersky scanning window. But in the current version, there is no option to enable password protection or option to give the password while inserting the pendrive and then stop the scan or close the Kaspersky scanning window.
  9. Dear all, we have this scenario: a Virtual Data Center (VDC) divided in INSIDE and DMZ network security zones and some branch offices NOT in VPN with the VDC. We are planning the Kaspersky Security Center 10 deployment in this scenario. I read the Kaspersky "Best Practice" document and "Administration Guide" but I have some doubts. Below how I imagine the architecture: 1) Deploy a KSC Administration Master into the VDC INSIDE network. 2) Deploy a KSC Administration Slave or a Virtual Administration or an Update Agent "acting as Connection Gateway" in the VDC DMZ network 3) Deploy a KSC Update Agent "acting as Connection Gateway" in the office branch. In my understanding in this way all the policies and repository will be managed by the Administration Master. The machine in DMZ will be something like "read only" to avoid issues in case it will be compromised by an attacker and it will take all policies and metadata from the Administration Master. Also if an attacker can access the machine in DMZ cannot modify patches inserting malicious software. All the update agent in the office branches will communicate only with the KSC machine in DMZ and redistribute all policies and patches to the client inside the local network. First of all I would have an opinion about this architecture to understand if it is the correct one. About point 2) I don't know which one is the right choice: Administration Slave or a Virtual Administration or an Update Agent "acting as Connection Gateway"? Thanks to all, Andrea Kaspersky new arch(6).pdf
  10. Hi, I have recently changed companies and one of my first tasks is to look at our Kaspersky architecture and make some recommendations on how to improve things. Kaspersky is a new product to me, so I have been trying to find the time to read up as much as I can. Reading through some of the guides, I can see the Admin Servers can be put in a Master/Slave configuration but I cannot find anything that explains what happens in the event that either the Master or Slave server fails. Is any redundancy provided when a Master/Slave is deployed (ie the Slave fails so the Master still protects and the same the other way around)??? If there is no redundancy between the Master/Salve is it only there for a "single pane of glass" management and pushing out policies from the Master??? Many Thanks
  11. HI Expert, We are using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 2 for Windows. i just want to know how to allow specific IP Address for Remote Desktop Connection to access server? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello I am finding since KES11 has been installed on workstations that we are having issues installing programs. When installers are running they are trying to write to C:\Program Files (x86) as an example and getting an Access Denied Error 5. If I disable KES11 from running on the workstation, the installation completes successfully without error I am not seeing anything in the Kaspersky Events to say it is blocking the installer from writing files, but I have tried this with multiple installations now and with KES11 running it refuses to complete the install. With KES11 disabled it always completes successfully. This didn't appear to be an issue with KES10 installed. Has something changed / does a setting need to be altered in order to permit installations? Thanks
  13. bstrimmenos

    Kaspersky Nagent Proxy

    Endopoint Security for Cloud client v.11 There is a pop up window on my clients screen to enter proxy server IP. I have disable proxy from cloud console but I cannot stop that pop up.
  14. Hi, There are some VMware workstations in my organization. We are implementing KES. The NIC sets as NAT. Network connection is fine. It's not communicating with KES server. Is there any way to get it communicate with KES server with NIC configured as NAT? We are not rich of the IP address pool since there are more and more VMware workstations in the network. Thank you! KES version: KSC Version:10.5.1781 Regard, Fei Yu
  15. Hi, I've configured File Integrity Monitoring in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.1 for Windows Server as follow (with a KSC policy): And in the event log when one of the file operations is triggered in the monitored area, I've got an event log like the following: In this event log I don't have the name of the file or directory modified, and I don't have the details of the users that has made the action. Is possible to have these informations regarding the name of the object modified and the name of the user? This can be very usefull now with the new GDPR regulation. Thanks
  16. Hi, I get the Event: Teh event "Suspicious network activity detected" ... Event type: Suspicious network activity detected Application\Name: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows User: XXXXXXX (Active user) Component: Protection Object: XXXXXXX Object\Name: XXXXXX Reason: The number of login attempts by the user XXXXXX exceeded 30 for 2 minutes during the period from 19.12.2017 15:37:12 to 19.12.2017 15:52:12. How is it possible to know which program makes the troubles? Kind regards, OBK
  17. I have applied applications launch control with default deny mode (Whitelist mode). There is an application launch denied of a file "soffice.bin". I have generated a rule from that and merge with the existing rule but it didn't allow it. Secondly, I copy the file to the administration server and add in the policy by SHA265 hash (Compared, both hashes are same) but this will also block the file. Following things are attached: 1- application launch denied screenshot attached. 2- soffice.bin file attached. 3- soffice rule xml file attached. 4- all rules xml file attached, 5- policy attached. file password: kaspersky Product: Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server Version: Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Whitelist.rar
  18. Hi, I recently started deploying Network Agent 10.5.1781 alongside version of Endpoint Security. The deployment of both is successful, however I've found on all systems deployed so far that running klcsntgui.exe generates an error: Failed to deine the status of Network Agent service. #1181 (5) System error 0x5 (Access is denied.) I can still manage the workstation, and the policy defined is applied. Looking in the services management console on the workstation I can't see the Kaspersky Network Agent service which used to be there in previous versions of the Network Agent. I presume this service is now no longer required and this is the reason the klcsntgui.exe fails. Can this be ignored? Thank you
  19. I have a 4 XP computers out of 29 that have the Network Agent installed but don't manage to install Kaspersky Endpoint Protection 10 SP1 MR2 (latest one for XP afaik). After rebooting several times and removing/reinstalling the NA I still get "The time interval allocated for the remote installation task expired". The only hit for this error on the forum is an article with bugfixes for a newer version of the client (KES10SP2MR1) but I can't use that one on XP. Is it possible to get some more information on the problem itself? What exactly times out? The upload to the client? The installation itself? ...?
  20. OS: Windows 10 Spring creators update x64 Product: KES EN Description: Unknown Error run scan. Steps to reproduce: 1) Disabling Self-Defense. 2) Exit products. 3) Delete folder Bases. 4) Run products. 5) Run Full Scan->Custom Scan->Critical Areas Scan->Vulnerability Scan Expected result: Should be written unable to run the check. Actual result: After run Full Scan->Custom Scan->Critical Areas Scan->Vulnerability Scan show unknown error code 00000000. Traces
  21. OS: Windows 10 Spring creators update x64 Product: KES EN Description: Crashes products after pause protection. Steps to reproduce: 1) Run Integrity check->Full Scan->Custom Scan->Critical Areas Scan->Update->Vulnerability Scan. 2) Pause protection. Expected result: Resume protection without crashes product. Actual result: Crashes product after resume protection. Traces and Damps
  22. Thor.elpoderoso

    Tool view real-time scan file

    Kaspersky has some tool that allows to visualize in real time the files that the AV is scanning. I think exclusions do not work. Kaspersky 10.1 Server
  23. Hi, I'm using KES, I have install software from the kaspersky database. Now I want to remove that application remotely from KCS but unable to perform that action. Required " command to remove the application" .
  24. I have a customer who uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows Version AES56. The customer had a previous installation of Kaspersky with Exclusions and Trusted Applications. Before uninstallation of the old Kaspersky, I exported the Exclusions and Trusted Applications to the desktop. I now administer the account via the Kaspersky Business Hub and am testing on one machine. In the Business Hub, I can go to Security, Advanced, Threats and Exclusions, Settings... I would like to be able to Import the Exclusions.dat and Trusted_Applications.dat that I exported earlier with an Import button on the Exclusions page. All I have is New, Edit and Delete. I called and spoke to an engineer who assisted in modifying the password and allowing all the functions. That actually worked, but only for the current session. As soon as we turned the password and functions off, the old settings reverted and my new exclusions and trusted apps disappeared. Thank you.
  25. Can I remotely install Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) throug KSC (Kaspersky Security Center) if Workstation is in another network? Network Agent (NA) is running and reporting status that Workstation is online. But when I create install Task, it displays "Waiting for connection". It's about half an hour now. My product version are in my signature. Thank you.

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