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Found 1,445 results

  1. Carlos Pereira

    Kaspersky DLP Features

    Hello! I've a doubt. Has Kaspersky a DLP feature? DLP is "Data Loss Prevention". I'm using the Kaspersky Security Center 10.
  2. Hello everyone I am new to the forum. I have just joined a new company and I am being asked to reconfigure the Kaspersky server and deploy the updates to all the posts. But I encounter a problem because previous administrator had deployed a gpo to lock the administration agent of kaspersky security center by a login and password that I do not know. Is there any way to disable this security ?
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm struggling to understand how the business select license works with the MDM. Say I have the following licences: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select UK Edition. 1000-1499 Node 3 year Base License: Kaspersky Security for WS and FS. Restriction: 100. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select UK Edition. 2500-4999 Node 3 year Renewal License: Security Center. Restriction: 3970. Now Say I have 80 desktop computers running under the first license. I have a single administration server running under the second license. If I wanted to setup the MDM module and attach 30 mobile devices (A mix of windows phones, iphones and android). Would they require 30 licenses from the first license file, or 30 licences from the second? Or no licences at all. Regards Aaron
  4. Hello, i installed KS on a Server 2016 for the first time. Everything seems to work normally, but i have noticed that the KSC detects Windows Defender for Server 2016 as an installed and incompatible application. I have intalled the KS 10.1 manually running the Setup.exe from the an unzipped installation folder. Is this a normal behavior on server 2016? i missed something before the installation process? however, if I click the Windows Defender icon in the control panel a popup alert me that Windows Defender has been disabled by Group Policy. Thanks.
  5. Hello, is there a logfile where i can check the occured security events on a KES 10 for Linux Client? the server does not have a gui. KES is not installed with security center. I know that i can check the events with # /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-control -E but if i try # /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-control -E --file /var/log/kesl.log it shows # Unknown command: --file. How does this command work? Or is there a default .log .json or something else? I would like to add Kaspersky events to my Intrusion Detection enviroment. Best Regards
  6. Ernando

    functional failure

    The error occurs when I try to generate a report of the use of files on removable devices Erro de tempo de execução: Database error occured: #1950 (8152) Generic db error: "8152 '{22001} Dados de cadeia ou binários seriam truncados.; Dados de cadeia ou binários seriam truncados.' LastStatement='rpt_exec_usb_file_operations'" Informações de erro: 1950/8152 (Generic db error: "8152 '{22001} Dados de cadeia ou binários seriam truncados.; Dados de cadeia ou binários seriam truncados.' LastStatement='rpt_exec_usb_file_operations'"), .\db_adoprepstmtimpl.cpp, 389. Any possible solution?
  7. Hey, Is it possible to start remotely fde_precheck to see report in txt file? For example with psexec. https://support.kaspersky.com/14328#block1
  8. Hello, I'm having this error every time I use the task to find vulnerabilities and required updates with the option "Connect to updates server to update data". This means that I don't see the Windows Updates and so no vulnerabilities related to them to fix. I can see Windows Updates only if I run check for updates manually from Windows on each workstation. I'am using the Administration Server as WSUS server, if this can help. KSC 10 version: 10.5.1781 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Network Agent version: KES 11 version : on Windows 10 Thanks in advance!
  9. For example, when not using a laptop with KESC 11 on it after a few days or more, it seems KESC is not updating its databases automatically via Internet... Even after rebooting or having the laptop turned on for a few hours, and then rebooting again, nothing happens. When I go over the KESK icon it states : "Databases are extremely out of date". What should I do to fix this? Also ins't it possible for the end user to simply do it manually? Even as admin I can't seem to find a way to force an update on the pc itself... It's very anoying when something like that doesn't seem to be automated. And I get stupid calls from users for this.
  10. Carlos Pereira

    KSN Feature

    Hello! I saw that the Kaspersky Security Center has an option: the Kaspersky Security Network. I've activated this option, that it would be a cloud service. The problem is that I'm having difficulties for to enable this service. In the policy properties, I go to "Advanced Thread Protection" and after to "Kaspersky Security Network". I enabled the service but I don't kown how I can configure correctly. Can you help me with some tutorial? I'm using Kaspersky Security Center 10. Forgive me because I'm learning yet to use the Kaspersky Security Center
  11. Hello I am the system administrator of a company, in the company, we have Kaspersky installed in the server with IP address and when I tried to connect to the server using Kaspersky security center console it says connexion to administration server is denied as you can see in the screenshots. And the ping to the address was successful, so any thoughts on what the causes of this error message and is there any solutions suggested!!!, thank you
  12. Khaann


    Hello every one I want to ask how can we disable Microsoft windows firewall remotely when we are going to install network agent or endpoint security on client machine when ever i disable windows firewall physically then install net work agent and endpoint security . what i do , i want disable remotely with security center i use ksc 10.5 and kes 11 Waiting for acknowledgment Thank you
  13. I tried to add a key by running a task from our server to one of our workstation running windows 10 Pro with the following installed: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 2 for Windows ( Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent (10.5.1781) and below is the error Event type: License Agreement violated Application\Name: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Application\Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kas for SP2\ User: xxx Component: Protection Result\Description: Application is not activated Please help.
  14. When I try to intall remotely kaspersky 11 since my KSC 10 on a PC that have kaspersky 10 give me that error :"Kaspersky Endpoint Security para Windows (11.0.0) ( La instalación remota se ha completado con un error en este dispositivo: Error fatal durante la instalación. (Su equipo ya tiene instalada Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 para Windows. Desinstálela antes de instalar Kaspersky Endpoint Security para Windows.)" Can someone help me??
  15. Hi, windows update stopped in kes10sp2mr2. Redstone 5, version 1809 cannot be updated. Already FDE is running in kes10sp2mr2. we are not willing to upgrade to kes11. 120 user is running FDE with kes10sp2mr2 version. how to perform the task without decrypting & not upgrading to kes11. I require solution in the same version. Thank you
  16. ak2ekom@ymail.com

    Device has gone out of Control

    Hi guys Using KES 11 on my network and i'm get this notification of "Device has gone out of control" Please what could be the reason and how do i stop this from reoccurring.. Your swipe response will be highly commendable.
  17. Dears, We have a server that KSWS10.1 & KES11 & KES10 & KSWS10.0 was not installed on it because of privileged access. This server is DC and had higher privilege. Please advise us. GSI6_DAMAVAND_administrator_10_17_2018_11_59_35.zip
  18. Добрый день. При установке веб-консоли встречается бирюзовая вертикальная черта На данном скрине так же указана не безопасная ссылка на службу технической поддержки http сам сайт находиться на https
  19. Hi guys, I created a task to remove some incompatible apps from a list of managed computers and configured it to restart the wks after 480 mins. Is it posible to override this ? There were some critical wks that must not be restarted.
  20. Emmanuel Eto


    Good day All, I want to know how to configure a policy that will disable the clients USB ports even when they are not connected to the server and the domain network. Thank you
  21. Hi System - Running KSC & Network Agent 10.4.343 (cannot upgrade to 10.5 at present.) Aim/Goal - I want to create a selection report to show me how many machines have a piece of software installed or a specific exe file. Problem - Looking at an individual machine properties in KSC, which has this software installed, i can find the exe file and this shows the 'Application Name' correctly However it does not appear in Applications Registry for that individual machine: When creating a Device Selection, it is also not an option which can be chosen in the application registry section: So.. 1) how can the KSC Applications Registry be updated to show this application name Or 2) can a Device Selection target a executable file Thanks
  22. Hi, I'm having issues regarding the upgrading process for Endpoint Security for Android. I've downloaded and create a standalone package for Endpoint Security for Android, and I'm trying to upgrade from version but at the time the device is synchronizing and dowloading a fike, push notifications shows a file being downloaded with no title, and the download "vanishes" not even showing up in the download folder on the device or prompting the user for an installation. We are pushing the update out via KSC policy under "additional" -> "upgrade of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android" -> select stand alone package. It has been tested on two separate devices, Huawei P9 lite running Android 7.0 and a LG G4C Android 5.0.2 with the same result.
  23. navidnik

    Install faild

    Dears, we try to install KES11 on a win server 2008 R2. but we faced this error more times. we restart the machine but again we faced this issue. please advise us. GS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w3dtwfa5onhmhih/GSI6_FERAQSERVER_support_str_10_15_2018_11_18_18.zip?dl=0 Regards
  24. Hi, I updated the version 5.0 of the Kasersky security for virtulization, after that I noticed the high CPU usage (95-99%) during the scan. Does anyone have or find the same problem? Best regards,
  25. Hi all, I have Kaspersky 10.1 for Windows server installed on our Exchange Server in combination with GFI Mail Essentials. When a mail has quarantaind by GFI its stored in a folder. Kaspersky detects it and want to desinfect it, but has no permissions. Which user or group do I have to grant permissions on that folder to desinfect is succesful? Object not disinfected. Reason: writing is not supported. Object name: C:\Program Files (x86)\GFI\MailEssentials\EmailSecurity\FailedMails\src151_failed95c46599-4d1c-4c52-9cbe-2a6c7035c495.txt//********KER-rq0621.pdf.exe I hope you guys can help me, Regards, Fynn

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