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  1. hello, i noticed that unlike the previous upgrade, after updating the network agent to version 11, i have to restart the PCs otherwise i will always receive a corrupt database error after each update task. Tipo evento: Errore durante la verifica dei database e dei moduli dell'applicazione Risultato: I file di aggiornamento sono danneggiati Oggetto: updates/bin/klp-1313g.xml Oggetto\Percorso: updates/bin/ Oggetto\Nome: klp-1313g.xml Utente: Domain\username (Utente attivo) Data rilascio: 19/03/2019 08:26:00 and after the reeboot i notice that at the end of the update task some PCs that have been updated to KES 11.1 have the warning: not all components have been updated. Tipo evento: Errore durante la verifica dei database e dei moduli dell'applicazione Risultato: I file di aggiornamento sono danneggiati Oggetto: updates/uds/unmod-uds-1313g.xml Oggetto\Percorso: updates/uds/ Oggetto\Nome: unmod-uds-1313g.xml Utente: Domain\username (Utente attivo) Data rilascio: 19/03/2019 08:26:00 Tipo evento: Non tutti i componenti sono stati aggiornati Risultato: Non tutti i componenti sono stati aggiornati Utente: Domain\username (Utente attivo) Data rilascio: 19/03/2019 08:26:00
  2. On the Task "Perform Windows Update synchronization" completed with error task I get the error I do not know how to fix this, any ideas?
  3. Hello, I'd like to know if Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers some sort of protection against malicious browser extensions and addons. I'm using Kaspersky security center 10.5.1781 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security on Windows 10 machine. Thank you
  4. There seems to be no Window installer for the log scanner either though there are instructions for it Is this being provided as its not on the file i downloaded for windows
  5. Hi Interested in trying out the cybertrace for logrhythm but when i look at the Cybertrace page it says on the front it integrates with custom design for logrhythm but inside there is no mention of an integration Has this been abandoned or are we supposed to use a generic tool ? Steve
  6. Hello, We have KSC 10.5.1781 installed with 275 end points. For a while now I have had a section of 'Unknown' applications, which I assume is an old version of KES I have installed, but don't have a plugin installed for. Can anyone point me into how to find the version of the plugin I need to install?
  7. Good morning. We've used the Device Control feature for a couple of years now, blocking USB devices and Card readers, and everything worked fine until we upgraded KES to version 11 on two workstations. The access and block to the devices are still working properly, but when an exclusion is added, KES keeps prompting the message that the device is blocked, even if we can explore its folders, and when we unplug the device KES prompts the message for hours. We have clients running KES 10 SP2 with different releases and they all work fine (we obviously have a criteria for each version). KSC version is 10.4.343. Is there any fix?
  8. Recently we have had five servers (across multiple sites, all Windows Server 2012 Standard or R2 Standard) all start to fail their Windows server backups with an error of "Failed to get an exclusive lock on the EFI system partition." Stopping Kaspersky via the Security Center resolves the issue and backups work as normal, but once it is started again the backups will fail. I ran KAVRemover on each server, rebooted, and re-installed the latest KES version ( which seemed to fix it for a few days but they are all now failing again with the same error as before with no other changes being made. My GSI Report from one of the affected servers: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/a31317050fc0719d12413c20320d14d4 Let me know if more "complete event logs" are needed beyond what GetSystemInfo gathers. Our KES server policy for the same site as the GSI report: KLSERVER.klp I unfortunately can't be more specific in reproduction steps other than what I have outlined above.
  9. Hello everybody, From how oldest KSC can be directly upgraded to latest KSC And please is there any help article about KSC safe Upgrade? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  10. On a few of my workstations, after upgrading from to, KES does not accept the license currently installed. When I reinstall the license, it shows and good, but then just dumps it and says there is no license. Now, strangely enough, the workstation I did the update on just yesterday and could not get the license in, now is showing as active using my currently license. Any ideas as to what causes this? Edit: I forgot to mention that on some, but not all workstations, I have to un-install NA 10.5.1781 just to it can be re-installed.
  11. Hello , i just install new server for the kaspersky security center and now i can't see on the policy all sections thanks
  12. On Friday I saw in KSC that an update was available to Kaspersky for Endpoint v11 administration plugin. Obviously I went ahead and let the KSC download a new version and installed it. As I went to check an exclusion in KAV 11 policy today I discovered to my horror that all the settings were at their defaults. All exclusions, custom HIPS, firewall, App Control, notification rules and so on, gone. So I checked the policy history and indeed there was a new revision from the time of updating the administration plugin. For several days our machines were running with a wrong and weaker policy. Fortunately I could do a rollback to earlier policy state and everything is back to normal. So my question is: is that a bug or an expected behavior? If this is expected behavior then there should be a big warning before updating administration plugin. Or did I just missed the warning?
  13. is anyone else having problem updating the network agent to on some windows 2008r2 server I get "Setup Process error 1603 (general Windows Installer engine error. Increase DiskSpace Requirements in Setup.ini and try again.) if I manualy uninstalls the old client it will go thru
  14. hi i have ksc 10.5 and clients with kes11.0.9 (win7) and kes 10.2.6 (winxp). i want to run some administrative commands such as "net time" on my clients. i create a batch file with this command: net time \\myServerName /set /y this file run on my client manually correctly. in ksc i create a package and create a task for deploy this package. but doesn't work whether with network agent or with administrator account. please help me
  15. Hello everybody, The Old KSC is being crashed and with the same IP new KSC is being built and old most of the client PCs are being transferred to the new KSC and everything is running well. Problem is few laptops had kaspersky encryption. As old KSC is crashed, should we join those laptops to new KSC and going to have encryption key which will work well with the new KSC? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  16. Hello, Ive been trying to reinstall kaspersky network agent en endpoint security to a computer but its stuck on : Kaspersky Security Center 10 Network Agent (10.5.1781): Waiting for connection Ive deleted everything using the removing tool but i still cant perform a clean install. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  17. Please verify and scan my website ***.com
  18. Hi, the server had installed version with out problem. I've updated all servers and computers from our company to the latest version, and that's the only machine that won't boot. The KES installation finishes without any problem, and the app works, until you reboot the machine, then it will get stuck at the hpe logo (windows startup logo) fixed, without the little dots doing loops below it. As soon as you go into safe mode the os boots, saying it couldn't apply some updates. You need to boot again in safe mode to uninstall the software. Then you can uninstall KES, and next time the server boots in normal mode. I've got another server with similar config, although it's a Proliant DL180 Gen6, and the KES update worked perfectly. Can you help me?
  19. Dear KLAB Expertise, We are facing a difficulty on deploying SVM to others Network Segment. The error stated that "Can't create import specification.Host did not have any virtual network defined." On the host that we are using to deployed the SVM image through KSC currently attached to the network. Our Vcenter is on segment: "172.18.213.xxx. But we want to deploy the SVM to the segment: 172.18.60.xxx. Attach is a SVM deployment log and also screen capture for your kind perusal & references. Kindly assists. Case ID: INC000010278966 SVM Deployment Error.zip
  20. We have a group of users that user PowerPoint presentation clickers. After update to KES11, the "BadUSB Attack" keeps blacklisting these clickers. The users are not able to input all of the requested keystrokes because it doesn't have all of the keys needed. Can I whitelist these devices? Or do I have to compromise my endpoint security and disable this feature? I really hope the latter is not the suggestion.
  21. Hi Everyone Does anyone here encounter this problem when our users accessing all application ex. excel or adobe with installed kaspersky endpoint security 10. it appears the error below and can't access the apps, the is both on windows 7 & windows 10. but when we disabled the protection of kaspersky endpoint security the application work's fine. can somebody help me regarding to this matter because the users got angry to the solution installed on their computers This is the policy applied to one of our users got affected with this issue.
  22. Will there be any consequence if I apply the new yearly license before the last year's license expires?
  23. Hi, Error displayed updating databases in KSC update task for Kaspersky Security for virtualization 5.x light agent in integration with VMware after upgrade fromKSC v10.5 to v11. Error: "Required files missing from update source" SVM. How can i manipulate SVM´s local update tasks from CLI to use internet KL sources to be used as an update repository instead from KSC local server?? Thank you. Rafael S.
  24. Hello everybody, There are lots of notifications or events are showing on the Unprocessed Objects section. How to do schedule deletion of Unprocessed Objects from KSC? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  25. I'm using kaspersky endpoint security 10.1.1 for Windows Server. In my file server are appearing some infection Trojan horse kind. I'm afraid because in the reports the ACTION taken is "N/A". What does it means!? The account detected used by this infection is "SYSTEM"...
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