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Found 260 results

  1. Password Reset Issue

    Dear Support, i'm managing kaspersky endpoint security 10 for windows through kaspersky security center 10 (version 10.2), i have applied full disk encryption and forget the authenticating agent password and now i am trying to reset the password for authenticating agent using access recovery method and i have apply all the steps given in guide but after successfully finishing all challenges strings on both kaspersky security center side and client device i get issue like "Data recieved from security center is invalid.cannot authenticate. see image f.jpg attach at last See image attached.
  2. Hello, It is possible add to KSMG actions like (reject/delete/skip/skip & notificate) for SPF violation? Now, when KSMG detect SPF violation only increment spam rates and use Anti-Spam modules and rules.
  3. Hello, Kaspersky endpoint is not working, coz of malfunction failure. i deleted endpoint & network agent with kavremover tool and reinstalled again. it did not work. How can i fix this problem ? i share ss on attachment Thank You
  4. Hi, On some of out server i see a lot of events "Error sending the request to KSN. Error code: 0x80000063.", actually from the statics of these servers it seems KSN request never succeed from these servers. The strange thing is we have 16 of this kind of servers (databases servers) configured exactly alike and about half of these servers show this messages while te other half does not have issues connecting to the KSN proxy. Als servers use KasperskySecurity 10 for Windows Server, version, and all have Critical fix Productcore 13 (KB13463) installed All server use the same policy and the same ksc server / ksn proxy I have checked communication from al servers to the ksn proxy on port 13000, and al server can reach this port. within i look with a network monitor i can see (TLS) traffic flowing from all servers to the KSC server on port 13000. so network config seem not to be an issue. what could be the problem? Kind regards, Tom
  5. Deployment Error

    Hi team, Am trying to deploy my kaspersky to domain users and am getting this error. Shared folder "\\\admin$" is unavailable for the following accounts: thelazizihotels\administrator, THELAZIZIHOTELS\administrator, <Current Administration Server service account> (Access is denied.) Cannot download the uninstallation tool through Network Agent because it is not installed on this device.
  6. Hi all, i'd like to understand the topic in subject in my environment KSC 10.3.407 and Kaspersky Security Reading the admin guide, pg. 364 in chapter "Configuring a scheduled launch of local system tasks" it is raccomanded to disable by policy the local system tasks schedules. By the way, in my case i have a policy with both check box in "Launch of system tasks" cleared, but the local system task schedule still going on. In particular the task "critical area scan" still run according to the local server task schedule. I have also a group task configured for the server group. This doesn't happen with the task "dabase Update". Same behaviour with KAV8EE. There is something i miss, bug or what else? Thank you
  7. Hello, I've a problem with name resolution on client, see image attached. How can I change Kaspersky security center server name? With command klmover -address it doesn't work. Please, could you help me? Thanks Alberto
  8. Hello, I want to install antivirus in 400 computers is it possible to activate licence at the same time in working condition or it create any problem .
  9. There is a rule in managed computer that "Delete the device if it is not connected for: 7days". Rule works well. There is another rule in unassigned devices that any systems that have "Network Agent running" moved to a group named "ABC" in managed computers. It also works well. When I move the systems from ABC group to any other group in managed computer, it successfully moved but after some time some of the systems revert back to ABC group. The systems are not same that cause the issue. I do some troubleshooting and found that when I deactivate the rule of Unassigned devices, the revert back issue solved. Is there are any conflicts or something that causes the revert back issue? Kaspersky Versions: KSC 10.4.343 KES 10 SP1 MR2, MR3 KES 10 SP2
  10. Hi everybody, I have some trouble with failed backup. In the eventviewer, i have this error - <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> - <System> <Provider Name="KLIF" /> <EventID Qualifiers="57348">5</EventID> <Level>2</Level> <Task>0</Task> <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords> <TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-09-20T20:31:06.601738200Z" /> <EventRecordID>677890</EventRecordID> <Channel>System</Channel> <Computer>srv-ellipse.ellipse33.lan</Computer> <Security /> </System> - <EventData> <Data /> <Data>\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy31</Data> <Binary>000000000200280000000000050004E0000000002B0200C000000000000000000000000000000000</Binary> </EventData> </Event> Someone have idea to fix it ? Thx
  11. hi, is patch management & encryption possible from master to slave in Kaspersky latest version? One master server connected to 9 slave server. Policy & task inherited from master server. Suggest me the best practices in this scenario. Kscsp2mr1 & kessp2. Waiting for ur expertise suggestions. BR
  12. I'm curious, how many of you out there are using Kaspersky FDE, we are attempting to use it at a couple of our plants to test it out, and it is not going well. Before I expand the test any further, I'd like to get some anecdotal evidence of how many others out there are using it. When all said and done we would have about 1200 clients running it, so far we've done about 50 for testing. Thank you all, Mike
  13. Hello, After the latest Slack update Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 MR2 has blocked my connection with Slack using the Windows Desktop client. I have tried different setups in the General Protection Settings, Trusted Applications to include Slack to this list however none seem to have effect. I have tested Slack with Kaspersky disabled and it seems to connect without problems also after the initial connect I can enable Kaspersky again and everything will work without a problem. The Trusted Application entries I tried: %LOCALAPPDATA%\slack\slack.exe %LOCALAPPDATA%\slack\app-2.4.1\slack.exe I also added the Slack directory to the Scan Exclusions just as a test I did this by doing this %LOCALAPPDATA%\slack\ The full installation path of Slack is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\slack\ I hope anyone that can help me ! Regards, Jeff
  14. Network Access Control

    Hi, It seems like kaspersky is not providing NAC anymore. Is there any alternative way to restrict our users to get network access if they are not meeting our security policy. KSC Version = 10.4.343 KES 10 SP1 - MR2 | MR3 KES 10 SP2 Regards
  15. Error in installing Kaspersky Security Center 10.3.407 in Windows Server 2008 R2.
  16. Using KES FDE and I want to make sure that what I tested is the case, and that I didn't mess something up during my testing. If you have the pre-boot screen and you change an Active Directory password which is tied to an encrypted computer, upon authenticating in Windows, it will update the Kaspersky authentication agent of your new password. If you have the same AD account set up on another computer's authentication agent, the password will not update there as well? That's what my testing showed. Do you need to log in to the computer with your updated password in order for the authentication agent to store the new one, as in, it doesn't actually sync with AD (or rather, doesn't sync the accounts in the auth agent settings on multiple computers) but it just saves your new password and overwrites your old on in the auth agent when you type it in, only on the local computer's auth agent? Thanks. KES, KNA 10.4.343
  17. Please scan my website https://www.socialarabi.com/
  18. Hello, is there any way to configure KES in order to block the access to public wi fi networks without authentication? Thanks eclipse79
  19. Dear, Hello, I started using the Kaspersky 10 console recently and the company would need some help. After updating made of skype and some computers skype does not open anymore, it reports the message "Could not connect to skype". When I stop the agent on the computer the access works normally. Thank you to be able to indicate where you could release. I have already released the application in the rules configuration and also the ports in the firewall. Grateful
  20. Hello, i'm having issues applying FDE to Lenovo T431s with KES SP2. I'm getting the error "Device type not supported". But I've managed to encrypt 2 laptops of this model with KES SP1MR2. Could this be some bug with the latest version of KES? Thank you.
  21. Hi everyone. There is Kapersky server at my work with an admin for this server. Unfortunately... He gave me only one way to install Kapersky on windows client. For each computer I have to go on the computer, connecting on remote acces on the server then install Kapersky. This way is absolutely stupid. I have 200 computers. Everything is deployed with WSUS, FOG serveur, WAPT serveur, and via GPO. I can't figure I must go on 200 computers to install Kapersky. So then I'm looking for a way to install Kapersky on client and that dickhead (Kapersky admin) could manage them on his Kapaersky console manangement. Your help, your links would be really appreciate. So. We have Active directory with Windows 2012r2 server and Windows 2016 server, software deployment with WAPT server and MDT/WDS server, also we can do it with GPO. Most of my client are windows 10.
  22. hi. we have KSC Version: 10.4.343 and KES .i have blocked https://addons.mozilla.org but users can see it.i have attached the rule in ksc .and the windows 7 is installed on clients and i have checked all browsers,chrome,ie,firefox.and the problem is not solved. other websites are blocked but this one is not blocked.
  23. Endpoint Versions

    Hi what is endpoint Version Numbers? for Example 10SP1MR2----------> 10SP1-----------------> ? 10MR1---------------->? 10------------------------>? Thanks.
  24. Hi, how to get the option contact now for kes for IOS. To force sync from KSC to the IOS device is not happening. But force sync from IOS device to KSC is happening. Kinldy help to resolve the issue. BR
  25. Hi all. I currently have a group of people having issues. We are currently using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 SP 2 (Version Web AV is active for all users and Web Control is only active to a small group of people, due to the specific circumstances they are in. We use a firewall that includes content filtering which blocks access to certain content whilst they are in the College. We have a small group of users who are set up with Microsoft Direct Access and this allows their computer to work from anywhere outside the College with full access to all internal network access. As a result, Kaspersky works with the "Active" policy, not the "Out-Of-Office" policy even though they are outside of the network. As this group of users are at times out side of the network and their content is not being filtered, there is a greater risk of them getting a virus or malware on their computer and that virus using the Direct Access to get into our internal network. As a result we turned on Web Control for this group and used it to block access to three categories (Torrents, Anonymizers and Adult Content). In short, these filters work well. Now to the issue... Included in this group are a number of members of the IT Department. They are required to access the firewall and work with the policies via a web front end. When they go to the web site, all works until they want to go to the "Access Policies" page at which time the page content does not show. In checking the browser we see an error in the Console detailing "499 (Request has been forbidden by antivirus)". This block stops them from accessing the page and doing the work they need. In testing this, we believe that the words on this page, like Anonymizers and Adult Content are being picked up and causing the block to be in place. I would like to put in an exemption for the web filtering for this internal server, but I can not see how. Any ideas on how to achieve this would be appreciated. I do not want to encourage this group of users to disable AV when they are working in this area. I think that this is bad practice. I also do not want to turn off the Web Control as this will reduce out protection. One option considered, but not happy about.... If I apply the filtering to only the Out of Office policy, then I put a local firewall rule in on the Kasp admin server to block access from the IP Address range that the Direct Access clients come from. This will allow us to apply the filtering when the clients are at home. The side effect of this is that whilst they are at home, any virus notification will not come through to me from the Admin server and this notification would not come through until they are back on the network. My preference would be to not apply filtering Web Control to the IP Address of the content filtering solution.