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  1. Hi, Does the integration work with version 12 of ConnectWise Automate?
  2. Hi, when I create a standalone package for kes10sp2 & provide to user. When he clicks on the exe to start installation it should prompt for password to proceed further. Kindly help us to configure the same. BR
  3. Hi, unable to start kaspersky security service - KSWS How to resolve the issue & what would be the root cause. PFA of the error BR
  4. Hello, is there a way to collect files read/write actions done on the usb storages with kes sp2 or maybe with the next sp3? For example: user xxxxx copied the "file name" from "source path" to "externak usb storage path" Thanks.
  5. I've been having a trouble trying to configure the Web control on my site. Everything goes well except by one little thing. We have a web application running on a local server, this app works using HTTPS. In the web control my last rule block any to any. I've made rules for allow what I need but I can't reach this server. If I try to allow him with a rule they says "only filter by server name is available for protocol HTTPS". My question is, exist a way to allow this server without a server name? I'm using KSC 10.4.343 Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm testing Kaspersky Firewall for pc with 4G connection through LTE card but it doesn't work.. firewall is active and running but ports remain open. We added 3389, 445 and other ports under general protection settings and enabled firewall to block in inbound traffic TCP and UDP for some ports. See attached images with rules activated. First allow rule is active to permite all traffic from trusted network, others block rules act as block of tcp and udp ports. KSC version: 10.4.343 KES version: 10SP2 10.4.343 Net Ag version: Could you help me please? Thanks Albert
  7. Hi, There should not be system restart require for AV update. After every new update its giving yellow symbol system need to reboot. how to resolve this issue. KSc 10.4.343 a kes10sl1mr4 kindly assist. BR
  8. Hi, Local Systems is updated but not showing in Console (updated):- 1.I have checked this issue and found that the network agent installation folder (Some Files) are auto corrupted. Ksc 10.4.343 a Kes10sp1mr4 BR
  9. Morning. Having used KSC for years, I've still never explored the patch management, vulnerability assessment, or 'WSUS' functionality, until recently. I am having real problems finding specific background info or documentation around how the 'WSUS' works. First, our environment is currently that we do not have WSUS. Our end users are informed about new updates automatically via Windows update group policy settings, but they do not always install them. More of a concern, some machines have problems with Windows updates, sometimes the WU service (expecially Win7) decides to not function. I was hoping and assuming that KSC lets me have full visibility over who has what updates, when they were installed, or allow me to force roll out specific updates to specific users. Can someone explain if I am missing some documentation, or if there's a tutorial or something that can help? The Admin guide for KSC doesn't give me much detail... - I have a Windows update sync task. - I have isolated 2 client machine (win7) into a spare container/folder so I can experiment with just those devices - I don't want to set this up on 140 devices right now! - The NW agent policy for that container has use admin server as WSUS selected, and Active mode was the default. - I have a find vulnerabilities task for that container, which includes all tickboxes ticked in the Settings tab, which seems to apply to updates - The above task seems to say running 0% for ever, I don't think I've seen it complete? Where do I review the findings of the scan, assuming it ran? Can I not then selectively patch the system with the chosen windows updates? Sorry if this is basic stuff, but a guide or walk through would help me out there. Thanks, Alan
  10. Hi, How to wipe out a particular app in Kaspersky Security 10 for mobile for android. Latest Version - Kindly assist. BR
  11. hi i want use this https://support.kaspersky.com/10905#block2 How to protect against cryptoviruses in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Workstations but i dont know how to add file this is ok or no?
  12. IDS/IPS

    hi KES have this (IPS/IDS)?
  13. Hi, unable to install network agent locally. KSC 10.4.343 OS - windows 2008 server R2 Please find the GSI & error screen shot of the issue. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iDNFvYY8TpaWRX6Nr9irajslGUxkoijZ BR
  14. Hi all Is it possible to use a wildcard in a folder path? I need to exclude files and folder on a file server that is hosting home shares. I need to exclude virus scanning as well as anticryptor activities. Eg.: D:\data\home\user1.folder\folder1\*.* I'm searching for something like that: D:\data\home\*\folder1\*.* Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Walter
  15. Hello KES10 SP2 is blocking access to the host file for one our application Cognitas Crosslink. What is the best way to allow access to the hosts file for this application. I have attached a screenshot. TIA swiftit
  16. Using KSC 10.4.343, it's been running fine and accessible since implementation months ago. Today, it's completely inaccessible and says "Connecting the the specified Administration Server failed. This is an invalid certificate for this Administration Server." It seems our server certificate files has expired after 10 years. Does anyone know how to quickly get a new certificate from Kaspersky? I have opened a formal ticket with Kaspersky (INC000008853653). I will not post GSI reports here, request them through the official Kaspersky ticketing please.
  17. Hi, Kaspersky is blocking one application even after excluding & adding in trusted zone. KSC 10.4.343 and antivirus - KSWS - I am attaching the blocking exe as a sample which could help you for testing. unzip password - infected. BR CHAMP2011.rar
  18. Hi, When I send a mail from inside my organization, this mail doesn't appear on monitoring from Kaspersky Mail Gateway Web Console. Should I create a routing or forwarding mails Exchange to KSMG ? Or Does KSMG do this automatically? In short, How can I see my sent mails on KSMG dashboard? KSMG version: Thanks.
  19. i would like to prevent my company employees from stopping usb scan while they insert any usb disks. i am using KAV 10 sp2
  20. Pushing Kaspersky 10 (KES10 and Network Agent 10.3.343) failed to install. Also, tried to install locally with run as administrator. Is there anything other that a GSI report that would help you with this? Kind regards, Paul
  21. As part of the recent upgrade to I have decrypted, updated and then encrypted a number of computers. On a couple of those computers the old encryption accounts are still displayed and can't be deleted in the usual method. I have removed all the Kaspersky components from the PC and unchecked the option to save the keys but they are still listed after I installed the latest version of Kaspersky. As you can see from the image below the top 3 are duplicate accounts that cant be removed/edited.
  22. Hello, The following directory is different size on several machines. (500) "C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\" This directory can reach file sizes of 1 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB. If I delete the files in this directory, will Kaspersky continue to work properly? OS : Windows 10 1511 - 1607 Kaspersky Endpoint Version : Network Agent Version : 10.1.249 Best regards,
  23. Hello, We are using KSC 10 and it has been working fine until recently the Administration server started going on and off and is very slow. Today it the Administration server failed completely. I checked the GSI and came along the below error. Any idea how do I go about solving this error? Failed to connect to the database in 600 seconds. #1950 (-2147467259) Generic db error: " '[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.'"
  24. Hi, I have Kaspersky Security Center Administrator Server, I want to Create its Backup system so that if the Main server goes down, i can control my client systems from backup servers. I have create another machine and restore the backup of Main Administration Server on it. Now i want to sync both server as any thing change or add on main server it replicates on Backup Server. Is it possible ? Regards Faraz Ahmed
  25. script for klmover

    hey guys,i just renamed my kaspersky security center, after renaming the clients wont take the new name as a result i lost my connection to all the clients and security center shows clients are disconnected. i would like to know if there is a script to make batch file and run the klmover tool remotely from kaspersky security center. thanks.