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  1. I've been looking into this for quite some time myself. As far as I can tell, KAVSHELL does not return an errorlevel when it exits. I've tried creating a wrapper for KAVShell, but haven't worked all the bugs out yet. Until KAVSHELL returns standard exit codes (or at least documented exit codes), we're probably out of luck. -MattL
  2. Just to follow-up on this, it seems that the startup script only really works about half the time (although it always works when forced as local admin from the command line). There definitely needs to be a way to centrally, reliably relocate the server. -Matt
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply; I missed some notifications. Anyway, we have not been able to nail down exactly when or why some active/monitored hosts wind up in Unassigned with "-1" after their hostnames, even though the "real" workstation remains in the appropriate group. For a while I thought it was DHCP, then VPN, now I don't have a clue because some servers (which are static) have also shown up. It's really strange, and we're talking about almost 20% of our hosts. There definitely needs to be a "prune" or "scavenge" feature like WINS that can run automatically, because, although it may be benign, it's disconcerting. -Matt
  4. I just ran into this because we accidentally uninstalled the Admin Kit (which is way too easy to do, by the way). Anyway, we use AD and I used Group Policy to push a script that copies KLMover locally and updates the settings. That being said, there should really be an easier way of doing this centrally. -Matt
  5. The bigger problem is why there are duplicates (and triplicates and quadruplicates) of existing workstations. If KAV is IP-bound, then this is a huge problem for a DHCP+laptop environment. Our leases expire weekly, and if a laptop hasn't been on the network, does that mean that the agent tries to reinstall (and create a new workstation in the Admin) every time they get a new address? -Matt
  6. Last time this happened we saw the other threads with this error and had the user reinstall. This is the same user on a new PC getting this error again. Could it be something with their email setup? We're grasping at straws. Thanks, -Matt
  7. In fact, now that I look, there are a number of workstations in the "Unassigned" domains that are duplicates and triplicates of existing workstations. What's going on, here? -Matt
  8. Is there a way to "unlicense" a workstation in the administration kit? I renamed my laptop and now there is a new "LAPTOP-1" workstation, with *both* using a license. There must be some way to recover? Thanks, -Matt
  9. I believe I've figured it out. As long as the package is set as an automated deployment on a domain, it cannot be deleted. Once I found it set on our Corporate domain, I deselected it and chose 5.0.200. Then I was able to go back to Remote Installations and remove the package. Obviously this could be more intuitive. -Matt
  10. I will send a screenshot in a few hours. For now, though, 5.0.177 is stuck in Remote Installs, and I can't delete the task to deploy it. -Matt
  11. We had version 5.0.177 set to an Automatic Installation task. Now we have created a new task for 5.0.200, and want to delete the 5.0.177 task, but it does not seem possible. Are we missing something? -Matt
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