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  1. kav for linux :Does it support suse 10.1 kernel 2.6 and ubuntu 5.10 kernel 2.6.12?
  2. I can't uninstall administrator kit, and can't reinstall administration kit program. how to solve this problem?
  3. who can solve this problem???? thank you so much!!
  4. when i setup kis6.0,shows this error report,see picture in the attachment. how to solve? thanks. installer information: internal error 2735.ListCompetitorsSoftware.
  5. no another anti-virus software.you can view sysinfo.txt. Thanks sysinfo.txt
  6. After i install kav for workstation 5.0.225,the conputer repeat restart automatic.Not ending! I delete the item in the system temp folder.when computer restart again,shows bule screen: technical information: ***:STOP:0x0000008E(0xC0000005,0xB0A2A119,0xBA2996EC,0x00000000) *** Klif.sys - Address B0A2A119 base at B0A1D000,Datestamp 430b3504 how to solve this problem?
  7. USER Here is the procedure….. 1. Each mail box in exchange server had 300MB storage. 2. Client using outlook check any new email 3. Even the user read all new email. But the email still storage in Server. 4. Until the user move the email from server to outlook personal folder (that mean move email to local outlook)------------but errpr report in the outlook client. 5. The exchange server will delete the moved email.
  8. I have a question. I want to install admin kit in NT4.0 Server (Tradition Chinese version) (installed sp6a and mmc v1.2 already). 1:However, the system shows that cannot find mmc in the operation system when installing admin kit (already installed MSDE). 2:when install mmc v1.1 (Chinese that one), there are another error. (system cannot create database) How to solve these 2 problem? thank you so much.
  9. I using KAV 4.5 for exchange and there email is storage in exchange server.user needed manually move email from exchange server. After install KAV for exchange. Most of time will appear an error :"cann't move the items. Some items could be moved.they were eigher already moved or deleted,or access was denied". Everything will back to normal if turn off the real time protection in KAV for exchange server. Below is client hardware / software spec. Please help. Thanks! Hardware Information – IBM x226 Server, Xeon 3G, 2GB RAM, 72GB HDD (RAID 5) Windows 2000 Server, Exchange 5.5 KAV 4.5 for exchange.
  10. Can you tell me the different between "istream" and "iswift"?
  11. Administration Kit 5.0.1151 can manage the KAV for Workstation 5.0.225 ?
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