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  1. Yes got a message from technical support saying the problem had been resolved, and indeed all seems good again - for the moment at least.
  2. Hi mikethebike and wileycoyote The message that I have just received from technical support in the UK is that they have re-escalated the support case to the Virus Specialists for further investigation. So I guess some acknowledgement that it is a recurring problem.
  3. Will do, however you do start to question the value of a security product which cannot be relied upon, particularly for on-line banking.
  4. I'm finding the identical problem has returned and I am once more receiving what appear to be false positives when accessing bank sites. Anybody else having this problem? Yes wileycoyote Exact same problem has returned for me also, guess it is back on to support once more tomorrow.
  5. The problem know appears, for me at least to be resolved, I'm no longer getting the very worrying warning message. I was really surprised that a premium security product upon which we rely such as Kaspersky offers no technical support over the weekend indeed in the UK support is limited to 8.00 - 5.30 Monday to Friday. Something I will need to consider in the future.
  6. Been advised issue should be resolved in the next 24 - 48 hours. with the next update.
  7. That is true also in my case also, message is not related to which browser I use, chrome, firefox or edge or if I use safe money. The detection is listed under reports in KIS. Surprised that Kaspersky offer no technical support over the weekend.
  8. Interesting even the ticket acknowledgement from Kaspersky support is classified by KIS as a phishing e-mail and marked as spam! And also opening the acknowledgement mail triggers the warning about risk of data loss and informs me a dangerous URL has been blocked - presumably is sees the URL in the e-mail and fires it off.
  9. I have logged a ticket with technical support describing the issue and linking to this thread. Find it difficult to believe that the online security of most major UK banks has been compromised simultaneously, I'm using the same bookmarks I've always used and Trusteer Endpoint protection sees no problem. Will update when I receive a reply.
  10. Hi mikethebike Using safemoney makes no difference - still get the threat of data loss message when logging into TSB, but I can log into Nationwide without problem without using the safemoney browser.. Same with both Firefox and Chrome.
  11. Same issue for me when logging into TSB bank site, very strange, Trusteer Endpoint protection said all was good!
  12. I received this message this morning and went ahead with the download and performed an over the top install, which kept all of my settings and took a total of perhaps 10 minutes. Whilst I had not intended to upgrade to KIS 19 at this time - I normally wait a while I'm pleased I did, it seems so much lighter so far, certainly websites load significantly quicker. So far so good. I guess only Kaspersky support can answer the question about continuing to use a non GDPR complaint version of the program in the EU given the possible legal ramifications.
  13. From my experience with this issue, google backup & sync is blocked if under additional / networks / always scan encrypted connections is selected. However all seems well if I select the default 'scan encrypted connections upon request from the protection component'. This is the way I'm set up at present to avoid making a specific exception.
  14. I also have the same problem using KIS but so far have been unable to resolve it without suspending KIS.
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