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  1. Also, @Whizard wouldn't that mean much more than 350mb a month though ? Unless of course someone is a very light user
  2. Thanks managed to get there I've unticked 'rarely used' under select categories in PC Cleaner, I hope this solves the problem, again thanks.
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to find a way to stop the PC Cleaner module of Kaspersky Internet Security from popping up with programs that have not been used in a while. All my programs are carefully selected to be on my PC, and while I may not use them for a while they are all there for a reason. I'm using version
  4. Just to add to the numbers, Same problem here so that Kaspersky are aware. Till Kaspersky fix this I have installed a trail version of another product (which works fine)
  5. This made me laugh, it thinks Paintshop Pro 2019 is nearly 19 years old ( i only installed it yesterday), on a computer that is only a few weeks old !
  6. Just to note I'm having exactly the same problem with KIS 2019. I have reverted to KIS2018 for now, and will stick with it till this problem is resolved.
  7. Hi there I'm currently running KIS on windows 10, I'm thinking of re-installing Windows 7 on my computer, will my KIS be able to re-activate on the OS (it will be exactly the same machine) or will i need a new license ?
  8. Hiya there I too had exactly the same problem with KIS2011 and Second Life, it seemed like the mouse was sticking, it turned out to be KIS2011, i noticed the 'jerkyness' also when SL was not running. I re-installed 2010 and all was fine (your keycode will work with 2010) zoo
  9. Hiya there Same problem here, have to disable KIS to start expression web 4 both the 2010/11 versions block it Andy
  10. Hiya there Is there anywhere I can download KIS 2010 ? I have tried 2011 and aside from the WMC problem seems to work fine, but till its solved I would like to use 2010 Andy
  11. I installed 2011 The only real problem I have had with it is the windows picture viewer bug, Kaspersky say they will fix this In the mean time i have gone back to to 2010, the interface of which I prefer, in fact when i renew my license i may stay with 2010 Andy
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