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  1. When you install a new Java version, the previous version is NOT removed. You have to go into the Control Panel and uninstall the old version. But you have already done so… I guess you still have some vulnerabilities shown after clicking the “Detected” button. My best advice is to clear the list. Go into Settings>Full scan>Settings>Additional and CHECK the option “Signature scan of vulnerabilities”. Then perform a full scan (the Security Analyzer only scans the default program folder). Seems to be strange. If this happened to me, I would have uninstalled KIS and reinstalled the latest version (
  2. Lucian Bara explains it clearly in this post. Unfortunately the 454 build still has the habit to detect a ”new” network at each connection. This is not a serious matter, but the network setting section is increasing with numerous grayed lines….. (I have two comps both with XP SP3, running behind a router.)
  3. Well, I don’t know whom to blame, but I regularly experience the conflict between WSC and KIS if I haven’t used my computer for some days AND THE DATABASE IS “Out of Date” OR “Obsolete”. After the update, WHC still tells that KIS is turned off. I use this simple method to synchronize WHC. 1) Disable the Internet connection 2) Pause protection (right click KIS systray icon) 3) Enable protection
  4. To avoid any possible misunderstanding: - If you run the Security Analyzer Wizard (Protection|System Security>Security Analyzer) ONLY the C:\Program Files folder and subfolders are checked - If you run a Full Scan (scheduled or manually) the complete HD is checked (if no folders are excluded) if you have checked “Signature scan of vulnerabilities” My OS is Win XP SP3 32 bit; I do not know anything about the 64 bit system, but you should be able to read the objects being checked on ‘Object’ line in the analyzer. BTW, vulnerabilities found by the security analyzer can be viewed by clicking the Detected button, but the objects are not found in the Reports (only Task started/completed is recorded). The detected files during a full scan are recorded as Important events.
  5. It was a pleasure to find the new application vulnerability check in KIS 2009. Very useful; I have now performed the necessary housekeeping with uninstalling old apps I do not need anymore and updating the apps I need. KIS found the vulnerabilities during a full scan, and that seems to be the only way to find these apps. The Security Analyzer reports, "No vulnerable applications detected”. I wondered why, but the help file tells, “Search for the vulnerabilities is performed only for the application located in the Program Files folder.” Most of my apps are installed in D:\Progam Files, but I have not changed the default Windows settings for ProgramFilesDir. With this scope, the Security Analyzer is not able to find, as an example, the old C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9d.ocx, and of course, all the apps in D:\Program Files are not checked. This is not a great problem, because KIS2009 performs a full scan quicker than ever. I think it is unwanted that a user runs the security analyzer without detecting any vulnerability and then believes “KIS has not found any ‘bad’ applications”! It is important to check the option Lucian Bara tells us (if you want this check). Correct me if I am wrong.
  6. What about Drag and Drop (from Low Restricted to Trusted) or the menu option ”Move” (to Trusted)? (GUI: System Security, Application Filtering, Settings). You decide
  7. Your v8.1.1 suddenly has surely not become a serious risk due to KIS. Please read the sticky note “The somewhat informed user guides to Kaspersky 2009, Everything you didn't need to know.............” and check out “Vulnerabilities” written by Lucian Bara. Use the function “Go to description” and check out the link to Secunia and possible links to the vendor. Be aware of the possible solution. I really appreciate the vulnerability capabilities. You can read about newly discovered vulnerabilities in several magazines, but do you remember whether your own PC has the mentioned versions installed. I think it is great that KIS can check my programs during the weekly scan. I need Java to reach my bank account. Like you, I was informed that my 5.x versions were dangerous. I installed 6.6 and uninstalled me previous 5 versions. ATM I have no Java vulnerability, but you don’t know next month…. Thank you KIS!
  8. FWIW, at http://www.kaspersky.com/avupdates you can read (ATM): The standard antivirus databases currently contain 240359 records. The last update to the antivirus databases was released at 28 December 2006 at 07:44 (GMT +0300). The extended antivirus databases currently contain 254660 records.
  9. Lucien, why do you say something like that? The combination KAV and ZA has been discussed several times; one of the topics is KAV + ZoneAlarm, ref. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=18642 I have recently installed KIS, but only the AV features, on my main computer (my KAV 5 license expired). Still I’m running ZAP 6.1.744.001 (I’ll try 6.5 later on, and at last I’ll go for KIS 6, I guess.). My experiences (KAV 6 (KIS with AV features only) and ZAP 6.1): * No problems at all * No reason for any complaint
  10. You are right. The tool http://castlecops.com/zx/Merijn/adsspy.zip has (in a previous forum post) been recommended to remove KAV streams. Additionally, I have run KLStreamRemover.exe with the parameter –r (ref. http://www.kaspersky.com/faq?qid=170884737&qtype=3594740). How can I verify whether KAV 5 has recreated the ADS’s? (I removed the streams (tried to) during a previous uninstall.)
  11. You’ll find all the URLs in this file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro\5.0\Bases\updcfg.xml
  12. Is this correct? I installed 5.0.676 without ADS and my setting looks like this ADS Spy v.1.11 (free) found "1 alterntate data streams" on my NTFS volumes. (Do I misunderstand the issue?)
  13. ? AnimeHeretic has already told: “I know it is Kaspersky because these programs were working immediately before KAV 6.0 was installed.” “I know this is not a problem with my other software because I had no problems with running Diskeeper prior to buying the download of KAV 6.0.” Not to much help, I’m running KIS and have no problems with Diskeeper 10.
  14. Thanks for the Webster quotation, but still I think your research should be more scientific. Those of you with the blank page, maybe you have something else in common? Red hair???? Or an ended trial period? To leave the playpen, do what Don Pelotas advised you. Start with a complete uninstall of KAV 299… I know, you opened this thread by declaring, “I don't want to download and install the software again”. Swallow your pride and do what Don Pelotas says…
  15. Of course, it's simply a coincidence. All my successfull connections to web sites, since KAV_KIS beta build 202, have simply been a coincidence since I'm running XP Pro SP2+++. Try to control your temper; it might be difficult, I KNOW, but try...
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