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  1. GANDCRAB V5.0.4 has no way to be decrypted at the moment. May be later solution. Decryptable versions are 1, 4 and 5 to version 5.0.2.
  2. The next tests will be done after some time, becouse now we don't have permisions from our managers to do anything.
  3. We cannot test SP2, becouse about 40% of our PCs are on Windows XP, and SP2 is not supporting it. Adding the program to the trusted group don't solve the problem.
  4. Hello, I still don't have result for the version, becouse the most computers in the company are still with Windows XP, but I will try to test this version. The program files are added from Settings - Anti-Virus Protection and then in the section Scan exclusions and trusted applications we added the program files. So in the Endpoint Conrtols - Application Privilege Control we have added the program files to the trusted group. We do this from the administration console. So we have added the absolutely paths to the files. This was enough to the next program update. The updates are 1-2 in the month. So when the update ia available we must stop AV protection, to perform the update and to add the program files to the exclusions again, becouse the program is updated to different folder. But, in the last update of the program we have some computers, that don't work with the program if protection is turned on. We try to stop every of the protection components, but without result. Only fully stopping the protection makes the program to work.
  5. This software have clients programs which is connecting to local server. After every update of the program (the update is done by local server) kaspersky blocks connections to the server and for this reason cleant program on the client computer cannot start. This is happening both with default settings and with added program to the trusted apps. Stopping different protection components does not solve the problem. Only fully stopping the kaspersky protection solve the problem. I will ask to update one PC with KES 10 SP2.
  6. Hello, we use MangoNet ERP System in our company. In every update of the program, Kaspersky blocks the program. We stop the protection of Kaspersky and the program is updated and started successfully. Then we start kaspersky protection and we can work with ERP system. In the last update of the MangoNet ERP System, Kaspersky is totally blocked the application. He only crash and we cannot work. Stopping some of protection components is not solve the problem. The problem is only solved when we stop kaspersky protection totally. I have added all the files of the program to the exclusions, but the problem is not solved. The point here is that when MangoNet is updating he create different folder for the updated files, so everytime after update I manually add the files to exclusions. But now the program is totally blocked. Please help to resolve the problem, becouse our managers will change the antivirus solution soon. I have send support request, but there is no answer 5 days. ID is: INC000007820703 Thanks.
  7. Also, Akronis, I make you un example how to configure network rules with KIS. It was not to your (or any) network, but the error is main, becouse I have entered random numbers. But it's worked.
  8. Also, Open Firewall settings and select "Configure application rules". Then find your application in the list of programs and right-click with your mouse on the app. Select "Details and rules". Then go to Nettwork rules tab and Add new rule allowing access to adresses of your network (1.jpg). Then Add another rule blocking all network trafic (2.jpg). Be shure that allowing rule is first on the list and the blocking one is the second (3.jpg). By this way you allow the app to access specific adresses and block the app to access avery other adress. I have blocked many applications in this way to access Internet, only my local network. Good luck. 1: 2: 3:
  9. I have many customers that is still using Windows XP. So their decision is that they will NOT make more expenses for PCs and will continue to use the old ones with Windows XP. They have standard programs, and they do not need more. So the decision is: if something is not working anymore I will not use it. So if there is no support for Windows XP with newer versions of Kaspersky many customers will not use this AV program, instead to upgrade his OS or buy another PC. I think that support of Windows XP must continue, or the installers (and/or features) of the Kaspersky AV may be different for different OSs.
  10. No bugs or crashes on Windows XP SP3 with installed KIS 15. KVRT was started on already infected system - no problems with installation and operation of the tool. The threats was successfully deleted in AD mode. Additional threats (not active) was successfully neutralized in the scan process after computer restart.
  11. You can dissable virtual keyboard plug-in in your browser settings. In Chrome go to Settings-Tools-Extensions and uncheck the tick in Active after the plug-in.
  12. I`m agree with this. The information for the patches must be posted here in the forum.
  13. Still no. There are some additional tests for the patch, which is coused delay for the patch release date. But it will be published soon.
  14. Hello, I applied the patch on 2 PC, one with version and the other with The patch works great and solved the problems. Just follow exactly the instructions, and install the patch as described in this article: http://support.kaspersky.com/9844
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