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  1. Hi, just built a new PC, installed KIS and am having this strange problem in Win 10 Home, 64bit. - Set Google Chrome as default browser in Win settings - Open any app, e.g. CPUID HWMonitor, go to "About" and click on the link to web page showing HWMonitor Pro. I get an error window, that chrome.exe was unable to start correctly (see picture). Cannot get past it. The same happens when clicking on Google Sheets/Docs icon on desktop (it is linked to googledrivesync app). The problem goes away when: a/ Edge is default browser (everything works) or b/ I shut down KIS. Pausing protection is not enough. Then it works with Chrome as default browser. Can you please try to replicate this issue? Can you help? Thanks. Marek
  2. Hi, I am using Kaspersky Internet Security on Android and have some 50 blocked numbers in call/message filter. Is there an option to upload the settings to cloud so next time I reinstall the app I get to keep the settings? Or is there any other way to ensure this? Thanks. Marek
  3. Hi, I am downloading some files and KIS is scanning the download constantly, which is OK. But I am also watching a movie, and it is so sluggish that is more of a PPT presentation and not a movie... Why? because AVP is using more than 50% of CPU, spiking to 100%. What can I do to optimize this? I have CPU C2D 3Ghz, 4GB RAM, Win7 32bit. Thanks
  4. This is what I have in that folder, running Win7, all hidden and system files are visible. Check the attached image. in the "dumpwriter.log" is: Writing C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\KAV. succeeded (336071472 bytes). the last line.
  5. Yop. Sorry. I mistyped the version number. I am running the latest. Where can I find the dump files? And why should I send them manually when the error problem sender have sent them already?
  6. Hey, Two times today my KIS was "released from the memory" when using MS outlook. The error report sender appeared and it sent the report to Kaspersky, but this error has been in KIS since the version .566 I think. Are you Kaspersky working on the fix??? Hope so.
  7. Hi, you mean that KIS/KAV automatically informs polish/chinese language users about availability of a new version? I have been subscribed to the mailing list since 2008... but still I expect KIS to automatically inform me about a new release and I expect it to provide me option to download and install the new release, or just download it...
  8. hello, I know we can sign up for a newsletter e-mail which will inform us about new release of KIS/KAV but PLEASE, implement such a feature directly into KIS/KAV!!. It cannot be so complicated. And it seems to me quite strange and immature that such a advanced and complicated piece of SW as KIS/KAV is, does not inform its user about new releases and does not provide an option to download and automatically such an update. I am sure I am not alone wanting this feature... Thanks.
  9. hi, I was having a slow responding Windows explorer. when i clicked on a folder to open it, it takes 2 seconds to open. for a while, there was that "Working! circle". So I did a repair of KIS and now folders and documents open instantly. Thus I think it was KIS related problem and hope Kaspersky will optimize the KIS and KAV core so it will not slow down the system anymore.
  10. hello, I am having a 70-100% CPU usage when loading forum threads on http://forum.cakewalk.com/ and it takes a few seconds to load up the threads. when I add http://forum.cakewalk.com/* to HTTP exclusions, the CPU load is low and pages are showing up almost immediately. I have a DSL connection. any chance to improve KIS´s performance when loading such demanding web pages? (it has a lot of DHTML stuff...) Win 7, KIS If I remember correctly, I didnt have this problem with Win 7+ KIS
  11. for me it also doesnt work in Opera 10... edit: numbers and letters are not working. TAB, SHIFT, arrows, enter are working in Opera...
  12. hi, I have HP LaserJet M1522 MFP Series connected to my local network. there is the "Scan to" function which allows you to scan files directly to your PC by pressing the button on the LaserJet's control panel. "Scan to" function is running via "hpscan6.exe" process. KIS rated this process, and all HP applications as "Low restricted". Default setting blocked the network communication between my PC and the printer and vice versa. Even when I changed the HP group to "Trusted", this communication was blcked and the "Scan to" function didn't work (the printer didn't recognize my PC). I solved this by adding an exclusion for "hpscan6.exe" - Do not scan network traffic - specific IP (printer"s IP) and on all ports. Now the "scan to" function works perfectly. However, I hadn't such a problem with KIS 2009. In KIS 2009 default settings worked great. Why? Is there any other solutuion than the one I have stated? Thanks
  13. ok but sounds more complicated than one click if the "prompt for action" would work as I suggested... nonetheless, I suggest to implement the "semi-automatic" app filtering into the next version of KIS. I cant see any negative aspects there...
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