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  1. Have a chance to buy PURE 3.0 for a really good deal, but my current 3.0 still has ~6 months left on the license. If I buy 2 more years of PURE 3.0 does the 2 years start on the day I purchase it? or does it not start until I actually use the code?
  2. Uninstalled Asus data security manager last night. Just booted up the comp and kaspersky is once again working fine. I'm still going to run a chk disk just because I don't think I've ever run one on this comp. But for now the problem is solved. Thank you much richbuff
  3. bedtime now. I'll post back in ~22 hours with my results. thanks for the help so far
  4. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...413f08def8ed3df There is the report and I am not using password manager.
  5. So I'm using PURE 2.0 been using it for little over a year and a half now, never had any problems with it. Tonight I start up my computer and 2 weird things happen. First, when I tried to boot it up from hibernate my screen would not turn on, I don't know if it was trying to do anything else or not. Its a laptop that I have connected via HDMI to an external monitor. when I opened up the laptop it stayed a black screen. I let it sit for ~2 minutes and nothing popped up. I was forced to hard shut down in order to turn it off. when I turned it back on screen came on fine and everything but once windows 7 got loaded kaspersky popped up and told me that there were some problems with protection components. I also just noticed that my windows sidebar is not up... which it usually starts up right after kaspersky finishes... weird... anyway, when I click to "fix" the problems it tells me that protection components are corrupted and that kaspersky recommends I reinstall the application. When I click on details it just takes me to the support page of kaspersky's website. Now is there anything I should do other than reinstall kaspersky? If I have to redownload it its going to really suck because I'm on a really slow connection, I'm also a little worried that I may have gotten a virus somewhere and that is what's causing kaspersky to freak out on me. it would also explain the missing sidebar. Also, any idea what could have caused kaspersky to become corrupted? Thanks in advance for any help Jeremy
  6. Well I finally got my friend to try and download the free trial of KIS. He has no antivirus or internet security on his computer right now. It downloads fine, but when he goes to install it, it gets part way into it (where the windows installer actually starts) and then says that you must restart computer before installing. He has restarted a few times and still it won't install. after it asks to restart the computer the Kaspersky install prompt says "installation ended prematurely because of error". Any Ideas on whats going on with this? Thanks Jeremy
  7. okey dokey, now I just have to figure out why on earth my internet has been running slower and slower recently. Probably need to fix a couple things. Well thanks, guess I won't worry about it. Jeremy
  8. The thing is the IP address changes every time it happens. I know its getting blocked, I'm just wondering if it might be a virus that I got or worm or something like that. Because I have never had this problem before and all of a sudden its going on every day. Jeremy
  9. Ok, so over the past few days I've gotten messages from Anti Hacker saying that someone or something is trying to hack my computer. It's stopped them every time. But for some reason it is ALWAYS the same exact thing, just coming from differen't IP addresses. This is what is getting blocked when it tries to hack.... 4/8/2008 6:46:55 PM Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern UDP 1434 Obviously the date and time and IP addresses change but it is always the same attack description and same UDP port 1434. It's tried to get through 10 times since 4/3/08. This started happening about 4 days after I installed KIS, don't know if that has anything to do with it. I ran a full system scan thinking that it might be a virus but KAV didn't find anything. I'm a little worried it might actually be a virus or worm on my computer that is trying to send something out from my computer to somewhere else. Any Ideas? I'm using Vista, and also have Spybot S&D that I use when I choose to, its not always running. Thanks Jeremy On Edit: Forgot to mention that my Internet has been really slow over the past few days. Which is another thing that makes me think its a worm/virus
  10. Well as long as I'm protected I guess thats the important thing isn't it? Thanks Whiz Jeremy
  11. There is nothing in the blocked tab. Nothing at all just a blank white screen. Jeremy
  12. Ok, so the last 2 days I've had the same person try to hack into my computer. Right now I've got my anti hacker settings to block the attacking computer for 1 hour. When I look at the network attacks and then move over to the blocked access list it doesn't have the attacking computer on the blocked access list. So are the blocked? or are they actually still able to get through. I would hope that their blocked. Also is there anyway to actually take that computer and permanently block it without changing my settings on how long to block the attacking computer? One last thing, Back when I used norton there was a neat little thing that when an someone tried to hack your computer, it would automatically give you their IP address and then a link to where the IP address if from (country city etc.). It would also give you an option to report the attacking IP address. Is there any options like this with Kaspersky? Thanks, Jeremy oh, I'm using KIS 7.0.135
  13. No I did not try to do that, and honestly I have no idea on how to do that with our particular router. We have a lousy program that came with the router and it gives me no options whatsoever about allowing ports or anything like that. I'll probably just wait till we get a linksys router and then go from there and for now just use the clearwire when I want to play games. Thanks for all your help everybody. Jeremy
  14. Well just an update on my situation... After doing all the things you guys told me I still can't get Starcraft to work properly on my home network. On the other hand, I went to a friends house the other night and just out of curiosity I tried creating a game there. BAM all of a sudden people were joining with no problems. So I thought I had done something to get it working. Get back home, and once again it doesn't work right. Well tonight I decided I wanted to try using our clearwire that we have as an extra internet line for now. Hook it up (its a direct plug in ethernet cable) and bingo it worked again. Go off of that, and back onto my wireless router and it doesn't work again. So at least its not a problem with KIS. Just thought you guys might like to hear that. If you have any suggestions on what to do about the wireless router then let me know. We got the router for free, and thats about what is worth, nothing. Were going to be getting another one at some point, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for all the help Jeremy
  15. sigh, still no dice. I did have stealth mode on in like 2 zones. couldn't find an "any activity" preset so I just used the Allow All preset. Figured that was the same thing. So far I've tried it in Learning mode, and Low security. And neither way has worked. Right now I am in High speed, no stealth mode. windows defender firewall turned OFF, and low security. I'm running windows Vista, AMD Turion 64 TL-64 gold edition processor. 240gb hard drive, 2 gb ram. HP notebook.... um, anything else? Any other suggestions? Jeremy On Edit: I have to go somewhere for a couple hours, so I'll be back online in probably 2-2:30 hours. I'll check if you've found anything then. Thanks for all your help, too bad we couldn't get it figured out yet. If your gone when I get back I'll either ask someone else or come back on tomorrow. Thanks again.
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