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  1. i understand that. but when I didnt get reply from them even after a month, I thought someone can push KL support. :dash1:
  2. Hello, I am using commercial key of KIS. Probably the key I registered for tech support would be the older one. I even sent the screen shot of KIS -Activation License Info. Moreover its a general problem, and may arise anywhere. Its not the matter that only I should get the support, but to improve the lovely KL products, they should have taken the problem as general. My colleague sent the same request to KL support (SRF ID: 309175644) with valid key. But from there also, no proper support is provided. I posted the request on 10th Jan. Till date got only 2 answers: 1. Install latest (which I already did), 2. Send GSI (Silly.. The problem is there on all the systems) I have already mentioned that even if i install only File AV componant, then also thinclients donot connect. The only solution is, immedietely after (custom as well as complete) installation remove the check from "Update Application Module" then it works fine.
  3. Did full computer scan? It will help you. Saparate Anti-Spy is not required with KIS.
  4. Thanks Whizard, Bara. The Solution: If I remove "Update Application Module" check, even before first update, then everything works fine. On Firewall low security, I dont even have to add Ports and application in "Trusted Zone". The same I have tested in KIS 6.0, 7.0.125 & on versions. Every where same problem and same solution. Its clear some application/driver file is changing after update, and thats causing the blocking of Thin-client files. Hope it will be rectified soon. I wonder, now what reply I will get from KL support?? KL need to work out on their support policy. When someone contacts the Support Site - that means user is in trouble and in urgent need of solution. I love KL solutions, if they improve support methods, it would be highky appriciated. Thanks
  5. azzu is my colleague working day-n-night to identify the problem in KIS. Meanwhile getting responce from KL Support. (SRF - 309173619). I am amused :b_lol1: I just dont want to increase their embarrassment, and not pasting the conversation here. I would love to get the responce from you on this. Meanwhile JFYI: We are very near to sort this problem out. I Will update if anything new from our end. Probably If I could sort out the problem I would love to paste the communication from KL Support here !!!
  6. SRF ID: 309175644. They reply only after 24 hrs. After mentioning the problem in detail, I just received a cute-short reply "Try". Now again I am waiting for another 24 Hours.
  7. I hv tried with Same result. Clients are not able to connect even after installing only File AV component.
  8. Well I installed it over 125 (w/o uninstalling that), and I thought if I install over the previous version, there should not be the neccessity for rescanning the computer. But as you raised the query, I will do that.
  9. I hope reinstalling KIS would rectify the problem. Moreover check internet connection entry in KIS-settings-firewall-configure-Zone. Then select KIS-settings-Traffic Monitoring - Do not check encrypted connections. Even if problem persits, check the KIS log file, if & what module is blocking IE / HTTP traffic.
  10. I also updated my 125 to 321. And my laptop is getting dead slow. Every after 30 minutes, I have to wait for 5 minutes, to get the PC in normal stage - as it hangs. I will wait for another 1-2 days, then I will swtich back to 7.0.125
  11. I posted the details and problem y'day morning, and its more than 30 hrs, No reply from KL SUPPORT. It was forum which always used to give faster support. This time I am disappointed. KL SUPPORT was always same, no improvement. What do you suggest I wait for another 24 hrs or even more to get the responce from KL, or should I swtich over to some other AV.
  12. Tried with uninstall NDIS Driver (http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279317) - Thinclient doesnt work Although FYI, after installing KAV 7.0 thinclients work properly. So this can not be the problem due to FileAV, MailAV, WebAV or even Proactive defence. Only things are left Firewall and Privacy Control. I tried to install KIS witthout these two componants, but GOSH... same result. Message dispalyed on Thinclient (terminal) everytime is: "Connecting to server..." help...help...help
  13. Disabling & even after exiting KIS, it doesnt work. I stoped KIS services, kept it on manual, then rebooted, then also it doesnt work. Only after uninstall - reboot, terminals connect to server. :icon20: I am working on AVG now a days, and wanna switch to KIS ASAP.
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