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  1. I have tried to report this issue to KIS support, but they do not understand that this is a bug, so hopefully someone here will confirm this and be able to report the issue. KIS vulnerability scan detects IE Restricted sites as Trusted sites and prompts you to Fix them (effectively reducing your security if you have intentionally blocked bad sites). To reproduce: Add a site to IE restricted list > Open KIS and run a vulnerability scan > KIS says that "sites have been added to the Trusted list" > Click Fix > The Restricted sites have been deleted. KIS IE 11 Win 7 64
  2. INC000003389864 Also found another problem, where the "Detailed report" says "No threat found" for the Vulnerability Scan, even when there are "Threats". Traces are attached to that support request.
  3. The vulnerability scan detects sites in the "restricted sites" as "trusted sites" and deletes them when you click "Fix", making your computer in fact, less secure if you have added dangerous websites into the restricted sites zone. To reproduce this issue: In IE, add a site to the Restricted Sites list, and make sure there are none in the Trusted Sites list > Open KIS and run the vulnerability scan > See that it has detected websites in the Trusted list > Click Fix > All restricted sites have been deleted! Note: I have reported to KIS support, but the non-English speaking support agent cannot understand the issue, so I gave up that route.
  4. 1. Would like to see some kind of tool for privacy that erases log files, cookies, history, location data, etc. Basically just a privacy clean-up tool. 2. Of course would really like to see some kind of password protection to prevent the app being uninstalled maliciously. 3. Ability to perform the block, wipe, track features through a web page.
  5. New feature request: Ability to add a description/name to the numbers in the black list call filter. It would make it easy to remember who the caller is and why you black listed them, as well as finding and removing numbers from the list. I imagine the black list to look something like this: Black List -------------------------------------------- ABC Advertising Company +11 222 3333 -------------------------------------------- Telemarketing caller +11 222 3333 --------------------------------------------
  6. I really cannot believe that nobody from Kaspersky has stepped in yet. That is three people above that are getting refunds for your products, and many others including myself will follow shortly I'm sure. These are KASPERSKY CUSTOMERS that may never buy your products again. Danilka are you not following this forum?
  7. Sorry my bad, I didn't see that the other day. Anwyay, it's not available on the USA/Canada site, which is where I was getting support for. marmaduke are you in the UK?
  8. I spent some time talking with support and the conclusion that we eventually reached was, I quote "..your code will not work on version 5 of KPM. You will need to reinstall version 4, version 5 has not been release in the US yet and is not supported." This statement is, I guess, technically correct, as KMP version 5 is only available on the "Global" site, and not usa.kaspersky.com. Although this still leaves a really good question as to why the version 5 is available at all if there is no way to even buy a licence for it!? I think the best thing to do is to hang tight and see what happens, and in the meantime to ensure everyone who wants to voice an opinion can do so on this thread.
  9. If you check "http://usa.kaspersky.com/store/product-upgrades" you will see the first line states "As a Kaspersky Lab customer, you may upgrade to our latest version at no cost, as long as you have time remaining on your existing license." This does not distinguish between products, "a Kaspersky Lab customer" covers all products, including KMP. I think it may take a while, but Kaspersky will eventually realise that, for existing KPM customers at least, they have no choice but to give free upgrades (or support version 4 for as long as people use it (lifetime!)). They can of course change the licensing policy / wording moving forward for new customers. However if they deny existing customers with "lifetime licences" upgrades or support for version 4 they might have a few lawsuits on their hands...
  10. Yes. You can release a new version with new features and expect users to pay for a new licence (maybe at a reduced cost). No. You cannot fail to fix bugs in a current version that users have paid for, and give "buy the new version" as the only solution. FAO Kaspersky: Lifetime Licence = Does not mean free upgrades to versions with NEW functionality. It DOES mean bugs should be fixed for the existing version as long as users use it. Do not make the "bug vs new functionality" mistake. Do not fail to notice that many users have only just purchased version 4, which was INOPERABLE from day one with Internet Explorer due to the freezing issue (I myself have not had a single days use from this purchase). It would be very poor customer service to not fix these issues in v4 and force people to buy v5. Be assured that many customers continued business will hang on this...
  11. It appears that Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0 (build has been released, as per the announcement above (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=195482), and contains fixes more than new functionality (Internet Explorer lock-ups anyone?). Now for the surprise.. it appears not to be a free upgrade, even for all the "lifetime licence" owners of KPM If you download the upgrade from http://www.kaspersky.com/kpm-latest-versions your existing licence does not work. I myself found this interesting, as the e-store page for product upgrades (http://usa.kaspersky.com/store/product-upgrades) says the following: "As a Kaspersky Lab customer, you may upgrade to our latest version at no cost, as long as you have time remaining on your existing license."
  12. Hi, The anti-spam toolbar / plugin in Kaspersky IS 7.0 seems to crash Outlook when I open Outlook by doing something like: creating a remote assistance invitation, or right clicking a file and attaching to email. Pretty much all instances where I do not open outlook myself, but let some other program or function open it. Any ideas? Many thanks,
  13. Hi Is there a way to block adverts / banners, but ALLOW referers. At the moment if I want to stop Kaspersky blocking most referers because the link is an 'ad' site, I have to turn off the 'anti banner' feature - which of course allows all the adverts. If not, is there a way to suggest this feature? Thanks a lot,
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