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  1. Actually I've done that and gotten no response... I am about to give up on KAV and move to a different solution (If I have to pay for something twice I sure ain't paying it to the same source when I am not getting the support I should..)
  2. Yep, it's the same file I used to install it on my previous PC and it's (Note: may be listed as a newbie here.. but I've been a KAV user since 5.0)
  3. I had installed on my previous PC KAV 7 (upgraded from KAV 6).. The PC died (Processor not hard drive) When I rebiult I decided to go with Vista so here we are. When I attempt to install KAV 7 and use my previous key (which worked for KAV 7 before) It now says it's the wrong key for this product. It does not expire until September. Any suggestions..
  4. I actually had already tried that.. It didn't solve the problem.. remember this only occured when I was doing a weekly scan.. It never occured when KAV was scanning email (and it still did. I tested by sending a zipped eicar file from my google account to my main email address) But I found the answer. 1) It was when I updated Thunderbird from 1.5 to 1.5.01. Apparently this prevents Thunderbird from being the default email client to windows as the uninstall.log in the registry remains in the 1.5 location and it bombs when you try to make it the default email client to windows. 2) The answer here was amazingly simple.. I updated Thunderbird from 1.5.01 to 2.0 and my problems disappeared. There is a new uninstall.log in the registry in the 2.0 location and the Set as default function in the Set Programs Access and defaults app works as advertised... Go figure...
  5. Yes... I do and It was set that way... but it appears however that some recent update undid what I did... But to be sure.. I'll have to wait until next week for my next scan.. (Note: I know I could run an extra scan, but I'm stuck with a short weekend and a loooong workweek..
  6. Ok, here is the issue: 1) I am a Thunderbird user for email 2) With previous versions of KAV (I go back to 5.0) I have never had a problem with this. 3) Now whenever KAV starts its weekly scan. It wants me to set Outlook as my default email client and says I don't have one. NOTE: I have tested that it is scanning my Thunderbird mail by sending a test virus to the account and KAV picks it up as soon as it arrives.. How do I stop this.. It's annooying I am running Version,
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