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  1. I recently had this problem and went to Kaspersky "Settings">"Additional">"Network">Clicked on "Do Not Scan Encrypted Connections" Close and Restart computer.
  2. Hi I'm switching from KIS to KTS next month and want to know if I should "keep activation data" checked or uncheck "keep activation" data when I uninstall KIS?
  3. It seems KIS 2017 has some new bells and whistles, is there any idea when the documentation for 2017 will be available for download? The documentation page is still showing 2016.
  4. Get System Info The link to download version takes me to version which I am currently using.
  5. One of mine required a reboot on Tuesday and another one didn't require a reboot Tuesday or Wednesday , I'll check it later this afternoon.
  6. Seems to be working fine, with each new version I have to manually turn on Anti Spam and Anti Banner and turn off Safe Money and disable On-Screen Keyboard. Safe Money caused problems in the past especially on PayPal and on screen keyboard was irritating for me.
  7. When my current KIS (3user) license expires I'm switching to Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device (5-User). My question is do I uncheck the keep activation data when uninstalling my current KIS? Or will I be able to add new license and just leave it at that?
  8. Gadget Not Supported in KAV/KIS 2015 http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...0&hl=gadget
  9. Try All Control Panel Items and click on Folder Options. Set them to Double click to open an item if that is your preference.
  10. Maybe when patch "C" comes out Kaspersky will include FF 420 which should last for maybe 6 months. :b_lol1:
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