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  1. No chances to decrypt Cryakl
  2. Sorry but this topic not for antiviruses forum
  3. Please make Farbar Recovery Scan Tool log as written here FRST.txt and Addition.txt attach to next message.
  4. AVZ - Run script begin QuarantineFile('c:\users\hope.garner\appdata\roaming\sysplannt\msimg32.dll',''); DeleteFile('c:\users\hope.garner\appdata\roaming\sysplannt\msimg32.dll','32'); RegKeyParamDel('HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE','Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run','update_w32.exe'); BC_ImportAll; ExecuteSysClean; BC_Activate; RebootWindows(false); end. Будет выполнена перезагрузка компьютера. AVZ - Run script begin CreateQurantineArchive('c:\'); end.c:\ send to email When receive answer write it here (with ticket number KLAN) Make new log
  5. Please update AVZ bases and make new
  6. В своем профиле под текущей аватаркой есть кнопка для смены
  7. Try
  8. Request was made from
  9. VanGool Don't write in other user's topic. Create your own.
  10. What antivirus are you have?
  11. Welcome. Please see: Kaspersky Lab Forum > English User Forum > Virus-related issues > the fifth (5th) Important topic. There, you will find instructions for GSI and AVZ logs.
  12. There is no way to decrypt new versions CrySis Ransomware
  13. dizzy74 could help to decrypt your files
  14. This ransomware can be decryptable. Upload pair files: encrypted with .sorry extension and it's non-encrypted normal version (with same size at least 65 kbytes) on and give us downloading link
  15. Upload samples of encrypted files on and send download link