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  1. I'd also like to know if this is possible.
  2. I ran a scan on 2 different servers, each using After starting the scans, both servers became super slow and unresponsive. It took close to 30 minutes before I could get the scans to stop and restart the servers. I've also had this happen on 1 or 2 workstations recently using the same MP4 version, except for wkstn. Any ideas? This is very frustrating.
  3. I right clicked on the workstations, selected Show Message... after filling in all of the information, it automatically puts it in the "Tasks for specific computers" section.
  4. For some reason, when I select a task for a specific computer, it is executing on all computers. I've tested this with an "Updater" task and also a "Message" task. Any ideas? AK 8.0.2048 KAV Wk KAV Srv NA 8.0.2048
  5. You will need to add the mapped drive letters to the exclusions. For some reason, the network drives option doesn't work properly with them and must be added additionaly. So, in your example, you will add an exclusion for K: and all subfolders.
  6. I had this issue a while back as well. In the workstation policy, add the server shares to the exclusion masks for file anti-virus and scan tasks. Because the server is constantly scanning it's own files, it is double work when the workstations scan as well, which causes this freeze. Hope this helps you. Good luck
  7. 1. Open the KAV policy 2. Settings tab 3. Protection menu 4. Trusted Zone - Configure 5. Exclusion Masks - Add 6. Object - Specify - Add drive letter (IE D:) - Check "Include subfolders" 7. Checking Tasks - Selected - Check off the tasks you want to exclude (IE SCAN, File Anti-virus, etc) Hope this is what you want.
  8. -We have 46 nodes. -Yes, the server is accessible to all other services from the problematic PC. -All network agents use the IP of the AK. I ran a troubleshooting task from the klnagchk utility on the network agent. the results are below: What's up with the error 2 lines up? Also, the update task gave the following error until I finally restarted the network agent: All clients are working now since I restarted the network agent on those that had problems, but that's not to say it won't happen again. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. I keep having random workstations getting the errors below in the event logs. They show up in the Admin Kit as online, but they aren't controllable. Everything shows running, but you can't for instance, start/stop any tasks or applications from the AK. It doesn't download updates at all, automatic or manually. The only thing to do is to restart the network agent service, or reboot and then everything works fine. I noticed this happening on some workstations last week, and today I had 2 more do it at the same time. Any ideas? Event Log Info: 1: Source: klnagent Failed to connect to the administration server Error information: 1262/0 (The maximum number of connection was exceeded.), O:\CS AdminKit\development2\transport\tr\transportimp.cpp, 2162 2: Source: klnagent Failed to connect to the administration server Transport level error communicating with '': timeout expired. Error information: 1255/0 (Error was occured in trasnport layer. Error code - '0'.), O:\CS AdminKit\development2\transport\trf\socket\transfersocket.cpp, 435
  10. OK I tried this and disabled email notifications in the workstation policy for a particular event and tested it out, but then I didn't get any emails. The email notification I disabled is under the "Events" tab in the policy. Is this the one you're referring to? If not, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  11. I have it setup so that the Admin Kit sends out emails when certain things occur, such as a virus detection or hacker attack. Why does the Admin Kit send out 2 emails per notification? Is there anyway to fix it so it only sends 1? Thanks
  12. If you have the network shared mounted to a drive letter, I found that adding that drive letter to the exclusion helps this. Good luck!
  13. Don't really have a solution for you; just throwing out my success with KAV. I've had a few clients detect and remove AV2009 with KAV as well, so it seems to be doing the job in our environment. Hope you get this resolved!
  14. The issues been resolved, but the question as to why is still unanswered. I'm curious as to why a KAVSEE scheduled scan is failing when it scans "kav6.0.2.551_fseeen.exe". I had this file located in 2 folders on this server. I ran the scan multiple times. Each time, it would fail after about 32% of the scan. After the checking the scan report, the last file it scanned was this file. After noticing this, the file was removed and started the scan again. Well it fails again, at about 53%, on the same file in a different directory! So I've since removed this file and ran the scan again (which is still scanning), and it is now at 82% and still going. Why is it failing when scanning "kav6.0.2.551_fseeen.exe"? btw, it is KAVSEE v6.0.2.551 w/all critical fixes. Thanks update: Scan completed with 100%
  15. I've been trying to pull a report (Antivirus Database Versions Report) showing that all databases are up-to-date, but the report is showing that they are all "updated yesterday" rather than in the "up-to-date" column in the summary/chart sections. If you look at the dates of the database for each client, they were all updated today. I'm using Admin Kit 6.0.1710. Any ideas?
  16. I'm having a similar issue, where when kavsee is enabled, clients freeze up completely for 1-5 minutes at random times. When I say freeze up, I mean all file access is inaccessible and logging into the domain is unavailable until it unfreezes. Support techs had me add the actual mapped drive letter to exclusions rather than just excluding "all network drives" on the clients and "network places" on kavsee server. Do the critical fixes fix this completely, so that I can remove the drive letters and just have "all network drives" (kavw) and "network places" (kavsee) as being excluded? Thanks
  17. I've got a DC built on Windows 2008 Server which is also acting as a fileserver for the network. This server is protected with KAV for Windows Server Enterprise Edition (latest release). At random times throughout the day, the network will freeze up, causing all clients to lose connections to opened files from this server. Anyone attempting to login to the domain will also freeze up until it unfreezes. The freezes will usually last anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. It doesn't seem to be a hardware issue because the remote Admin Kits that are connected never lose connection as this happens. The server never freezes up, and can access the network and internet just fine when this happens. I've been working with Microsoft on the matter because it seemed to be a Server 2008 issue, but they suggest it is KAV Workstation or Fileserver. They are still looking into it though. My previous server had KAV for Windows Server installed and the clients have KAV for Windows Workstation (all latest release), and we never had these issues before. The only things that have changed since things were working fine... 1.) New Server 2.) New Server OS (W2K8) 3.) KAVFSEE. I can't reproduce the issue... it just happens randomly. Sometimes multiple times within the hour, sometimes a few hours before it happens again. The question I have is... are there any known issues with KAV for Windows Server Enterprise Edition that would cause these network freeze ups? If so, is there a fix that will prevent it? We've never gone a whole day without the issue occurring, and I'm doing some testing right now to determine if it is KAV. I'll post back with any findings. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Seems this is a known issue... disabling Script Monitoring from automatically starting fixes the problem. Will just need to schedule this to run hourly or remember to manually start the task until it is fixed.
  19. Ok, these errors have reappeared. Upon every reboot, I get the errors: Serious internal error while performing task. Task name: Script monitoring. Error code: 209. & Serious internal error while performing task. Task name: Real-time file protection Error code: 209. These errors occur twice each reboot, and neither of the services start. I have to manually start them. Anyone have a fix? KAV FSEE v6.0.2.551 Thanks
  20. Thank you. I think this will come to good use for many.
  21. The nagging message I'm referring to is when a module update is installed that requires a reboot. I'm not concerned with the prompt to reboot after KAV is first installed... only when an update is installed. I'm not seeing anything in the Service section of the policy that will prompt for a reboot. Where exactly are you referring? Thanks
  22. Not sure if it's fixed or not, but I upgraded MSQL 2005 Express to SP2. After several reboots, I haven't seen the error again.
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