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  1. KSC (v9.2.69) keeps finding, and reporting unassigned computers that have been removed from our network. I've deleted them from KSC, but they keep coming back. How can I fix this? Also, it finds networked printers and reports them as unassigned computers. Anyway to prevent this? Thanks
  2. Same problem here. Happens almost daily. Sometimes restarting the network agent will work, other times I have to restart kes. As much as I like the features of KES/KSC, it's really starting to be a problematic solution.
  3. I had that problem today, but only on 1 machine. Created a task to rollback definitions, and then updated the databases on the SC and ran the task to update databases on the affected client. Worked like a charm.
  4. In response to the clients not updating to patch a properly: I had some stubborn machines with this problem as well. The way I fixed it was by creating an installation package on the SC for patch_a_x86.msp, which can be found in "KLSHARE\Updates\AutoPatches\kav12\\msp". Install the package to the problematic clients, deselecting the option to "do not install application if it is already installed". Hope it helps you if you have this problem too.
  5. KES v8.1.0.831 NA v9.2.69 Outlook seems to hang upon closing for many of our users. I've tried adding OUTLOOK.EXE to the Trusted Applications and Exclusions lists, but it still gives them problems. It doesn't occur immediately though. If you open Outlook, then close it, it's fine. It only occurs after an extended period of time. Any suggestions?
  6. When a webpage is blocked, it gives the user an option to click the Admins name to send a request to allow a blocked website. Unfortunately, the Web Control module blocks the Allow Request when the user clicks send. How can this be allowed? So for instance, if www.gmail.com is blocked, and the user tries to submit a request to allow it... it pops up with access denied on address - http://gmail.com/kaspersky/allow/b6d39625-...87-3145ebb277c4 Thanks
  7. I've found that KES doesn't like some versions of the "Intel Matrix Storage Event Monitor" software. After removing, or upgrading this software, most of these BSOD's went away. Hope it helps in your situation too.
  8. KES8, updated with patch a/b, causing random workstations to get a BSOD from the winlogon.exe crashing. Is there anyway to prevent this?
  9. I'm having issues as well. I can use a 3rd party utility successfully for WOL when they are shutdown; however KSC won't wake them. Hopefully someone can help. Have all updates to KSC9, KES8, and KLNA.
  10. Anyone with a clear answer for this? I've got a workstation that reports that it has unprocessed objects, yet the objects do not show up in the Unprocessed files tab in SC9.
  11. Anyone? I went as far as reinstalling the Administration Server and it still changes the service login! It keeps the correct account, but changes the password; causing the service to not restart.
  12. Haven't posted back on this in a while, but the problem still persists. I run the klsrvswch tool, changing it to the new account and password, but after a few days it resets again and the service autostart becomes invalid due to a login failure. Any ideas? The server is Windows 2008; I've even tried running the tool with the administrator option.
  13. User went to a local business webpage, and got the below event was blocked by the web anti-virus. The problem is, SC9 is reporting an unprocessed object. When I open up the Unprocessed Files in the Repositories, there is nothing there. How can I clear this warning message in SC9 without having to physically go to the users computer to remove unprocessed items? Event name Blocked Severity: Critical event Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Version number: Task name: Web Anti-Virus Time: Monday, November 07, 2011 2:26:17 PM Name of virtual Server: Description: Event type: Blocked Application\Name: iexplore.exe Application\Path: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ Application\Process ID: 3244 Application\Options: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" SCODEF:3364 CREDAT:79873 Component: Web Anti-Virus Result\Description: Blocked Result\Name: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer Result\Threat: High Result\Precision: Possibly Object\Type: Web page
  14. Every time I reboot the KSC9 server, the password changes for the service login... so the service fails to start. I have to go into the service properties, manually change the password back, then manually start the service. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Is there a way to configure the default action for a device to block access, and configure individual users to have access? IE, Block EVERYONE by default, and only give John and Mary access to CD/DVD Drive. I can't seem to get this working properly. Thanks
  16. Got this problem on a workstation when it was turned on this morning. It's worked fine before today. Any idea how just these modules aren't working? The rest of them are running. File Anti-Virus failed: not found. Mail Anti-Virus failed: not found. Web Anti-Virus failed: not found. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations MP4 v. df I plan on uninstalling and reinstalling to fix it, but that doesn't really solve the problem as to why it did it. Anyone had this happen? Thanks
  17. We have some older outlook clients that are having problems when closing the application. When outlook is closed, the process exe stays running and the only way to close it is via the task manager. If KAV is removed, it works fine. Once it's reinstalled, the problem occurs again. I've tried adding the executables to the trusted zone, but no luck. I've even tried stopping each of the tasks via the policy so that none of the tasks are running, and it still won't completely exit when closed. Remove KAV, and it works. It's as if KAV isn't completely disabled even when the tasks are stopped. Any ideas? Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations MP4 (, with all patches applied.
  18. Is there anything that can be done about this? This occurred in a testing environment, but I'm just curious if it can be resolved. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. I get this error below everyday. The only way to get it working again is to force kill all of the kav*.exe's in the task manager, then restart them. Any ideas how to fix this? Unhandled exception raised. Process: kavfswp.exe [7480]. Address: 0x025AA400. Exception code: 0xc0000005. OS - Windows Server 2008
  20. I had this happen to me last month, and the only way I could resolve it was by deleting all of the event reports on each of the workstations via the ak so that it didn't report all of the false positives back to the ak.
  21. How can I stop the workstations from continuing to report these past false positives? There were 13 cases of this found on our network, and everyday I get notified of a virus outbreak and the same false positives from the march 2nd defs. Anyway to stop this??? Thanks
  22. This happens quite often... Any idea why it detects this object as suspicious? How can I prevent it without sacrificing security? Thanks
  23. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers MP4 v6.0.4.1424 KAK 8.0.2090 I have one server, even after rebooting upon installing the MP4, it still shows "Waiting for reboot". I've rebooted this server multiple times, but it won't go away. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
  24. KAV WKS, with Anti-Banner on, blocks all javascript links I click on. If I disable Anti-Banner, they work again. Any ideas?
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