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  1. KES 10 keep crashing and create enc1 files

    I'm also having this issue, which I just created a case for so that I can get the patch. We have many workstations where the protection is stopped, so if I could receive this patch ASAP, that'd be greatly appreciated. Case number is INC000008552210
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for pointing out the * in the path for excluding subfolders. Even KL didn't know this when I created a ticket regarding subfolders exclusions not working.
  3. Hi Nikolay, I created a Support Request via the Company Account and have attached the trace logs in the case. Request ID: INC000008137630
  4. Both KSC server and agents have v10.4.343. This issue is occurring on all machines with KES10SP2, even with a fresh policy with only startup control configured. klnagchk.log
  5. Path conditions don't seem to work at all in KES10SP2 ( since day one of release. I was hoping it would be fixed by now, but it still hasn't. For example, if I have a category created with the following path set as an condition to allow, it still blocks all file startup in the folder: C:\Executables\ Is this a known issue? Is there a patch to fix this, or some other known work around? Thanks
  6. I've got KSC 10 SP2 MR1 and KES 10 SP2. All existing categories that exist with MD5 hashes don't work on KES10SP2 Application Startup Control. Is there an easy way to convert these existing categories to new categories with SHA-256 hashes so that Application Startup Control can work without having the create new categories from scratch? Thanks
  7. Fresh install of 6294, and still Application Startup Control from KSC policy is not working correctly unfortunately. Probably no support for issues until it's official release, so I'll still recommend holding off until official release.
  8. Great! I'll give this one a try :ay:
  9. Hope you're right, but it allowed installation with my key, not beta key.
  10. FYI, Follow the links to the current files and you'll find SP2 is available :ay: Unfortunately, I wouldn't rush it if I were you. Application Startup Control seems to be troublesome on 3 computers I've tested so far.
  11. KSC 10 SP1 [Solved]

    Originally I attempted to just delete the registry entry for the plugin, then reinstall it, but this didn't work. Afterwards, I attempted to uninstall KSC Console, then reinstall, which didn't work either. So after this, I tried to do a hack job at copying the plugin folder and the plugin registry settings from the KSC server to the KSC Console computer, but this didn't resolve the issue. Then I took the uninstall string for that plugin from the imported registry settings "msiexec.exe /x{CDFB0ED9-B553-4212-82DB-F244E8F39487} /qb", uninstalled the plugin, then reinstalled it. This seemed to have resolved the problem.
  12. KSC 10 SP1 [Solved]

    I just got the issue resolved. I took the Plugin registry settings from the KSC server, imported them into the KSC Console client, used the uninstall string for the problematic plugin, uninstalling it. Then reinstalled the plugin successfully. There were a few little "try this, try that" attempts at trying various things between, but in the end, that's basically what happened.
  13. KSC 10 SP1 [Solved]

    I was upgrading from the latest version of KSC 10. No errors were reported during the upgrade. Thanks
  14. KSC 10 SP1 [Solved]

    I attempted to uninstall KSC 10 Console, then reinstalling. The results are the same... the plugin will not install. Any ideas? This is on a Windows 8.1 machine.