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  1. I have just read "Computer Shopper" June 2006 (UK) magazine and KAV6 gets 5 stars. I think there has to be a cut-off point where ppl have to place their trust in the package they select and from what i have read KAV is always near the top of various evaluations and reviews. It seems far too early to jump ship but continual reboots are becoming a bit of a nuisance. PS NOD32 2.5 only got 3 stars and missed a trojan.
  2. Add me to the list (4) and my version has had "b" in the hotfix area for the last 2 update restarts
  3. A Few questions………….. First, I’m not thinking of using other AV progs; but I do have a few slight problems with the understanding and implementing of KAV6. 1 Am I getting Spyware/adware/keylogger/etc checking with my KAV6 (standard version)? In the settings area of the main window I can check the correct boxes but in my main “Protection” box there are no spyware or spam references. In the acrobat manual on page 40 there is indication for said items. On page 60 I can select the appropriate boxes as shown but no display in the main “Protection” window shows up. 2 . I’m wondering if the default KAV6 settings without certain sections of the Proactive Defense boxes checked are enough. I’m far from able to discuss what a Window hook might do (keylogger?) or whether I need the registry and app integrity guarded but do know enough to believe that checks for these items “seem” to be necessary. However, does the fact that they are not checked mean that I, as a general user, should not worry about them? My family are surfing more and more now and having to keep deciphering warning popups when they are online or are e-mailing would start to be a bit tiring on my aging neurons therefore I would prefer not to check these boxes for ease of use but there is always that niggle in my mind that I am missing something. 3. I realize that this is the real world and there is always the possibility, however remote, that some spy prog might interfere with my comp but, assuming that my KAV6 does check for spyware interference, can I be reasonably sure that another spyware detector is not needed for reasonable everyday protection. Sorry if I missed something obvious. Thanx for any help. PS I just noticed that in the help file it says "Registry Guard" on by default but when i "Reset" KAV6 to default reg guard is off
  4. I have done a brief search of topics and faqs relating to KAV6 but cannot tie down an answer to my problem. I posted about Window washer the other day and seem to understand about that. My problem at the moment is KAV suddenly disconnecting. When I used KAV5 i never encountered anything to do with "disconnecting" issues. Now, every so often, KAV6 just disconnects (whether Window washer is running or not). I am using WinXP SP2 and have a hardware firewall (D-Link DSL-504) which networks to three comps (KAV6 is only on my main comp - this one). I use default connections to the internet (through IE6). I have not ticked any boxes relating to LAN or Proxy settings in IE6. I also use the windows firewall. I think I'm really asking what is the "connecting and disconnecting" associated with KAV6? Sorry if I've missed something obvious.
  5. All seems ok now with WW included in the startup. Looks like you're right Mr P. Many thanx One final question. Does my license allow me to install KAV6 on all my comps (3) in my household? They are all for my personal use (prog testing, games, web surfing etc)
  6. Restarted without WW and will continue to do so to see if my probs go away.
  7. Well i don't know now. Window washer started up with KAV6 at windows startup then KAV updated and i needed to restart again. When the desktop returned and KAV and WW started KAV disconnected again and is now grayed out as i write this and will not react to any mouse clicks.
  8. It's 6.0.2466 also. I set it to clear things every 15 minutes including IE6. Perhaps I'm too reliant on it and maybe should only use it every day.
  9. One final question. Can i simply put this Dr Watson into the trusted zone?
  10. It worked OK this time. I must disable WW before a scan. Pity i cannot run WW though. Do you think i will have to remove WW? It's good for clearing out temp files, cookies, downloads, etc (I will understand if you cannot comment )
  11. WOW! that was quick! Sorry...........Win XP pro SP2 English. I forgot to mention that i completely uninstalled KAV5 with the added use of both the Kaspersky cleanup utils and the regsupreme cleaner as well I am running Webroot Window Washer as well but no other Spyware apps I will try another scan without WW
  12. Have been running KAV 5.227 ok for a while and then went for the KAV6 upgrade. When i try to scan my comp for the first time about 22% gets done then KAV "disconnects" and stays grayed out. Sometimes when i initially go into IE6 i get a Dr Watson warning (drwtsn32.exe) then i have an INVADER loader warning. What is Dr Watson? At other times after a short time in the desktop KAV6 grays out and requires me to restart to finish updating components and updates. Does KAV6 require me to restart after every update? I'm very confused.
  13. I use the NTFS system and am unclear about the iStream option. Can i install this latest release without the iStream technology, and if I do am I still fully protected? Will scans take a long time if above left out?
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