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  1. Can you upload the file to www.virustotal.com and post the result link here?
  2. Hello Sarathi125. Please go to Home > English User Forum > Virus-related issues and read the second pinned topic . There you will find directions for AVZ and GSI logs. Please post these logs in a reply here. Thank you.
  3. You can check to see what is running on your system with Process Explorer or other similar tools: Also, this article at MS gives details of the new NDIS type of filtering: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/network/ndis-filter-drivers2 Does this help explain some of the differences now?
  4. kismike = If you go to Settings > Protection > Application Control > Manage Applications > filters (uncheck Hide system applications), search for consus. You should see the system program DeviceConsus.exe listed. If you click on it to view all its settings, under Rights tab > Suspicious modifications in the operating system > Access webcam > the hyperlink takes you to this KB ( http://support.kaspersky.com/13295?cid=KTS_18.0&utm_source=interceptor&utm_medium=product&utm_campaign=KTS_18.0 ). In reading the entire KB and checking your hardware, you may find the answer you are looking for.
  5. Maybe a little more information would help us help you. Please go to this post and run the scans in steps 1 & 2. You can attach the logs in a reply post here. Thank you.
  6. Yes you can; there is no KTS for Android. I have it on my Samsung phone and it works great. Should you have an issue with the activation, you can contact support after following the steps in this KB article (they will ask you to try these steps first; they worked for me): http://support.kaspersky.com/10193 . Let us know how it turns out for you.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum; sorry for your problems. You can try the solution suggested in this post. Let us know how this works out for you. Didn't see the other post; both should suggest the same fix.
  8. Yes; HomeGroup network items seem to take some time to sync with all the group members. Just leave the Firewall set to "Local" (for all the units connected to the same router) and it should work out.
  9. If you tried "Trusted" as the network type and the file sharing still did not work, then the problem is in the OS sharing settings / homegroup settings. A "Trusted" network type allows ALL network traffic through the KIS firewall (which would be the same as the rule you wanted to create in your first post).
  10. You could try changing the Network Type for your Wireless Network adapter to "Local network" on the Firewall settings page; click Apply > OK and then try your systems (you would have to do this on all three systems (if KIS is on each of them)).
  11. Also, along with antikythera's suggestions, can you tell us if you manually updated to Win8 as there may be a version problem with Flash Player and Win8? When I checked the Flash Player site (to verify the current versions) I noticed that your GSI report seems to lead one to think you may have installed version 11.5 when 11.3 is the version for Win8. {See attached} If you want to try the 11.3 version, you can download it from here .
  12. Also, You can find manual instructions to remove GEAR drivers here => http://www.gearsoftware.com/wiki/index.php...nd_Windows_2000 Hope this helps. edit: Also,
  13. Some of the features you are looking for are in Kaspersky Internet Security only. You can view the differences in products here.
  14. Anyway to make a rule for an application BEFORE it is run on the system? Everything I have seen has been modifying a rule after the application is already on the list. Is there not a way to add to the list what a user wants and then run the application? (I know this was possible in previous versions.)
  15. Try this procedure here: http://www.kaspersky.com/support/kis2011/s...l?qid=208281942 Note that the application would have to be in the rules list first before you can modify the rule. You could turn off the Select Actions Automatically setting in the General Protection Settings list first and then run the application. This should provide a pop up for you to select an action for that instance and then you can modify the rule later. If you ever find an ADD button on the firewall, let the rest of us know; would be nice to predefine some rules before the fact.
  16. It fixes the database obsolete error some people have experienced. It is an update more than a CF (Critical Fix).
  17. Turn off Carbonite and see if the problem goes away. You may want to see if they have a 64bit version.
  18. Double click on the application executable in the Application Activity Control settings. Go to Exclusions and, one at a time, click each one and then click OK. See if this solves your problem and which one does allow the application to run.
  19. I have the same problem with Vista; even with OS Firewall set to off and Defender set to off / disabled, the dlls still show up in GSI reports. As to your problem, since you had Norton on there first, I would recommend a good manual cleanning of the registry (even so much as restoring the laptop to factory start up / OBE condition). Search for Norton / Symantec and \NIS\ values in the registry; you'll be surprised at how much gets left by the 'Removal Tool'. Also, I would scan the system to rule out any hidden malware that is blocking a clean install of KIS. Good luck and keep us informed.
  20. Opps .. my booboo; mis read the folders. Turn off the SUPERAntiSpyware real time protection; this will interfer with KIS loading. SAS has been known to block other processes (such as security suites) so may be best to only have it as a on demand scanner only. Reboot and see if KIS will start then.
  21. Uninstall Symantec / Norton products. (Possible Online scanner or old NAV / NIS files).
  22. Just a note to add to the info on this problem and what seems to work for me. Since v90 have had a problem installing and using KIS7.0 with the NDIS driver. Seems that the installation process does not 'fully' configure the NDIS driver; install finishes, can update and run the configuration routine after the installation and then reboot the system. At that point, the NDIS driver blocks all network communications if a wireless connection is the only connection present (seems to work ok if a wired connection is present). With v125, if I try a repair install, it will hang during the driver setup. I shut down the system (using Process Explorer, shutting down the 'hung' install) and reboot. At this point, I have reinstall (or finish the repair install [depends on where it stopped]) v125 on my system. This time, the install and configuration of the NDIS driver is successful and I have full network connectivity (wireless or wired). I beleive the problem is in the configuration part of the NDIS driver; without a proper set up, the network monitor section shows no traffic details; with a proper set up it does. Also, I noticed that unchecking the NDIS driver in the Properties tab (of a connection) will hang and not shut the window; rebooting is nessararyat that point and then everything works except the Network Traffic monitoring noted above. If someone can tell me how to record the details of what the installing and configuration of the NDIS driver is doing, I would be glad to record this and send to the developers. It should also be noted that the above routine (at least in my case) only works with v124 or v125; with v119 it was hit or miss only.
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