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  1. After some tinkering and noticing how complicated is the latest version that did not accept my activation code... it teaches me something.... It means that if you download the latest version of KIS ,install it and use the existing activation code for the old KIS,, it creates problem for the user.. :ai: Anyway, I immediately uninstalled that recent problematic version and loaded the old CD that I bought with the license in it,..and presto it was easily activated.. Kaspersky should not tell users that have similar experience(To download and install the most recent version) as its sure that their old activation code(but still active) will not be honored if you use it activate your newest version of KIS......Very inconvenient indeed...
  2. Greetings guys.. Recently I really had to reset to factory setting my computer as its problematic to run... When I installed the KIS and activated using the old activation code which was still active until September 2017.. it says "Activation is no longer supported "..How come,, its the same PC where I installed the KIS and why would Kaspersky prevent me from using a still active activation code. Can somebody assist me on this.. This is the first time I experienced it after many years of using KIS..
  3. Hi guys,, I had been a long time user of Kaspersky internet security and recently have problems with drivers update and windows update as well.. for the windows.. I was able to download the update but its unable to install it, that was the update for the IntelHD driver which is worth about 147 mbs, I checked the drivers update icon from the desktop and its not functioning anymore .. I got a comment that says its whitelisted but can make out how to make the certificate change...????...it says:http://whitelisting.kaspersky.com/advisor#search/1c828874dabfccad3835af6cc72a06b4 I also got this kind of error...Error 0x80070103 appears when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/952032 There are other peculiarities that happened along side... I tried copying the DOWNLOAD FOLDER files to an external drive that was always scanned by KIS so I am sure its not malware contaminated ,and suddenly the files from the folders that was copied was gone.. I regularly scanned the PC with KIS and its pretty well updated its virus definition as well so I am certain its not malware related.. I tried checking it in hidden files but its not seen.. I checked also the file size of that particular drive and I know thatt there was nothing lost so the files are probably hidden.. I tried all kinds of search but did not find it, even in recent places, but to no avail,, Does anybody have any ideas to sort this problem that I might have missed.. myunit is an Aourus laptop X3+v3 , haswell quad,16G RAM/ 6VRAM,Win 8.1 I dunno,,,kaspersky is running weird lately,, with so much warning ..... so much warning about parental guidance when there is no need for it as I am an adult and single user of my own pc,,,,and is careful to avoid those suspicious sites
  4. I got it its still the same.. thing... I just remembered my past activation codes and it was able to fill in the slots even with the 5 digits codes... I successfully activated my new kaspersky now.. Sorry ...;-)
  5. Gentlemen I purchased a retail box of kaspersky a few months ago but have not used it as I was waiting for the near expiry of my last year version of KIS.. open the box and removed the cover from the activation codes and found out to be five digits per slot or a total of 20 digits for the 4 slots.. I want to know if kaspersky had updated their activation system for the kis 2014 to 5 slots? I look forward to your comments.. Thank You!
  6. Hello group, I just purchased a 2 year KIS license( single PC) included with an installation disk and noticed that there two license keys.. To my understanding this license keys were supposed to be for single PC which is one license per year.. Now is it legal to use the two license for different PC but having only 1 year instead of 2.. I look forward to your qualified opinon regarding this matter,
  7. I was just surprised by the change of system as previously once I put in the new activation code or license to an expiring KIS, I am not prompted to follow the steps in activating the new license which includes your e-mail address like what I experienced know as my PC accept cookies..... I hope that the activation of the other two PC which expire soon will not have this problem....
  8. What Really happen is , even if the e-mail is legitimate it won't activate as it kept saying that the e-mail is already registered ... I kept doing it but it did not change anything..... so it means you can't ignore this prompt... I was only able to finally activate it by using an alternative e-mail....which does not answer the question why on earth they won't accept the registration to an e existing email that had been in use for nearly a decade.... If the point of Kaspersky activation prompt is to check the legitimacy of the license and e mail then its bona fide, then whats the heck are the doing that for...?I am thinking by next year I have the same problem again... Now I have to activate the other two remaining PC ( in a week from now) for the total of three license and am worried that it will happen again....
  9. What I mean is , my KIS2012 is expiring; I had already inputted the new code for the KIS 2013 version after I was given a notification weeks ago. Now I was prompted to activate it by e-mail. I did it but was told that the e-mail was already used.. What I don't understand why would it matter as I have done the same thing in the past why would it differ now.... Does it mean that in annual change of license and the activation you have to change e-mails.... That is really ridiculous if that is true... That is why I want some explanation why this happen, as its a routine change of license anyway. So does it mean that I can't activate my legitimate KIS 2013 License with a legitimate e-mail addie..?
  10. Gentlemen. Right before the kaspersky Internet security was expiring I was prompted to provide a new activation code which i promptly complied. Now that its KIS 2012 has is expired I was prompted to reactivate the new code by e-mail, which I promptly complied.. but as I have already a registered e-mail in Kaspersky it was rejected.. I want to use the same e-mail that I have used in activating kaspersky.. Is there a way how to sort this out without being rejected as everytime I click next it kept telling the same thing.( the e-mail is registered to the kaspersky already. The license is for 3 PC and its three different Pc with three different owners , all members of the family..
  11. Hello guys.. I was just surprised lately.... the corrupted KIS 2012 just self corrected itself... ! it happened several minutes ago.. i don't see the red warning that usually comes with a problem in Kaspersky security.. Does it mean that..... it had its own facility for self repair.... or the automatic updates just sorted this off..? Yesterday it kept prompting me to uninstal and reinstal ... Now its gone... :supercool: May I know if there is an explanation for this surprising behavior?
  12. Thanks for your suggestions..! But still waiting if somebody had another idea for this as I am wary indeed of this uninstal- reinstall proposal.. if they are certain that this proposal is safe to do then I will go for it..
  13. So this means this red warning by Kaspersky is just cosmetic ? I can still scan my files and update the database anytime.. I am worried if I uninstal and reinstal the recently downlloaded KIS 2013 version I will lose the remaining 76 days of license in my KIS 2012,, as I can't activate it.. Do you have any suggestions that might help?
  14. May I know what are the protection components missing in my KIS 2012 if I just keep it this way? Thanks
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