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  1. Running ws i on XP SP3 AMD single core processors and AVP.exe is showing 2-3 xs in task manager under processes. Many users reporting significant slowdowns past week or 2 and trying to narrow it down. Why would AVP be running 2 process on a single core, non hyperthreaded XP machine?
  2. Do you mean this time becuase they certainly didn't the 1st 2-3xs they did this.
  3. Just got this from tech support when I emailed them (again) on when the perm fix will be here: The new klif.sys has been pushed to our public update servers. You can now enable modules updates and update as normal. Reboot is required after update is complete. Corporate Technical Support
  4. Thios is an absolute disgrace! Over 1 week now, no fix! Even when I change klif.sys and set Kaspersky to NOT update application modules, half of my computers revert back to downloading application modules and hose it all over again. Kav certainly lost a 100+ user customer here, that's for sure!
  5. How does Kaspersky plan on reimbursing me for all the extra work, the overnight shipping fees me outside sales force needs to spend to ship their useless laptops back to me to fix now? Wait, they don't even have a fix out yet. Can't wait to tell my boss that Kaspersky crapped out over 100 computers again. That will be a pleasant conversation. Kaspersky, thankis again for letting me down and making me look bad since it was my decision to switch 2.5 years ago. What a mistake!!! Top the guy who just switched? get you r money back and go with something else.
  6. ANother great job by aspersky. This is what, the 4th time in 1.5 years? Unreal. Still no global fix. Can't wait until my 3 year sub is over middle of this year.
  7. I may be having the same issue with Kav 6 and MSn as home page. Received a complaint about it today.
  8. 90% of my machines hang during update. Even after several reboots.
  9. I pay a lot of money so things like this do not happen enterprise wide.
  10. I had 4 or 5 work ok, the rest crapped out and now have to cancel a fishing trip tomorrow on my day off to fix this crap.
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