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  1. I think you may be able to disable bitlocker from the Windows DVD through the command line, scan and reenable it afterwards. But before, you should try to see if you can boot through safe mode.
  2. Hello it isn't that simple as the bitlocker mechanism is proprietary to microsoft and closed source, meaning KL and others don't know how it works inside. There are attempts to get read access on linux (but read access is a bit useless for a virus scanner which has to remove malware as well).
  3. Hello could you post a photograph? It could be you are seeing the windows boot menu, not something KRD related
  4. Standard packets have ip's, not DNS. DNS resolution occurs at a higher level and through different functionality than the firewall. Basically when the packets hit the firewall they don't have DNS names, that information is resolved before. Reverse DNS resolution is a tricky business and not reliable.
  5. Hello you just need to enable 'logging' for the applications inside the rules. Create the rule to allow inside the group of the application (rules are inherited inside their groups from the parent group) to allow + log:
  6. Bolded, read this first: Like already said, you don't seem to grasp what akamai is. Basically it works like this, you have a website, you don't want to pay for servers all over the world and don't want that people in asia have to connect to a server in america, but instead connect to a local server. This is what akamai does, they offer your website hosting possibilities on their servers around the world, you don't have to worry about servers or hardware or locations of their servers, they offer syncronization between files at various locations on the website, get your website visitors to the closest server, etc. If you still want to go ahead, block those ip's with packet rules: http://support.kaspersky.com/6420 then have fun with a bunch of non working websites and web applications (including possibly windows updates and kaspersky updates).
  7. Hello No, as you nas runs an embedded linux on an ARM platform, while the operating systems supported by KAV and KIS are Windows xp->8 on x86/x64 Intel platforms.
  8. Hello it is active if you joined the KSN (the checkmark is active by default): http://support.kaspersky.com/6494
  9. hello your license was not blacklisted, the blacklist is corrupted. in this case you should uninstall and reinstall with the same activation code.
  10. hello use the update distribution tool: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=234108
  11. What about the other folders? What about the registry? -> the fact you excluded the files doesn't also save environment items stored in the registry? Does shadow defender allow for registry exclusions?
  12. hello are you running it with the default settings or did you change anything? Does disabling only the web anti-virus improve the speeds?
  13. Hello the safe money feature is designed to prevent 3rd party tools from taking screenshots of your screen (only the regular print screen should work) - otherwise your credit card number could be transfered across the net.
  14. selecting the items and clicking 'more info' should yield the download link.
  15. Hello vulnerabilities = old, unupdated software that have security vulnerabilities in them and thus are hazardous to the safety of the pc as attack vectors can target those security vulnerabilities. Eg. VLC latest version is 2.0.6 if I recall More info: http://support.kaspersky.com/3979 MSXML 4.0 is a library provided by microsoft, for parsing and handling XML files.
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