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  1. I followed this instruction (not helped much) but the main problem is that users annoying because of the warning message and i want to hide this message. Disabled the interaction @admin kit with user interface but message appear.
  2. When i seen such computer and i can ping it, i realize that the ip address has been added by dhcp to another machine (which hasn't agent), and the admin kit just seen visible because it can ping ip address, but not connected.
  3. Group tasks which defined @admin kit are not shown on client side, but if you right click on the Kaspersky icon at the taskbar, you see running group task and after click on that, you see the full process.
  4. Not helped. At first run it detected application and tried to remove, but when stopped and say: need to restart first. Restart helps nothing. Attached logs. uninstall.zip
  5. There is some option to limit the size of the report, and the days to keeping them.
  6. Maybe not Kaspersky specific problem: when i tried to update Kaspersky Workstation 6 mp3 to mp4 the installer say: Remote installation failed on the computer: Fatal error during installation. (You must restart your computer before proceeding with the installation.) But not thats the problem, sometimes say another error. The mp3 uninstall seems finished, but in the registry left some keys, which I unable to delete any way even unable to open it. I tried secedit, to restore original security settings, tried at the local registry key security setting set the owner and rights, but always get that unable to set some child keys rights. I don't know how to delete that keys, any idea? Edit: in the picture the message: Open the Childs not possible: Error opening key.
  7. Me too. But i'm unchecked this option, applied to workstation and still get information about unprocessed object.
  8. I don't want to open a new topic for this: one of company's computer notes just this message: Update error: 4294967295. I created another update task just for this computer, but no way to force updating it, always get this error message immediately after start task. Every components runs fine, only the update fails, and databases are obsoletes now. I want to avoid reinstalling client. Any idea? KAV 6MP4 + Adminkit 8
  9. I have a question about this feature: can i stop logging 'Password-protected archive detected' ? There are tonnes of logs, because detects on all IBM machines some support files. On the admin server generates non see-through logs and slows down the monitoring.
  10. Maybe u setup a timeout preferences to the scan 'Stop if the task is taking longer than (min): 120' (default) (Scan Schedule/Advanced)
  11. On the Administration Server in "c:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit\Cert\" folder find the klserver.cer file, deploy to the clients, or put in a share, then run on each clients: [setup path\]klmover.exe -cert "[path to file\]klserver.cer"
  12. Maybe the other problem (if u use secure connection) is that the klserver certificate @ clients not match to the new server (if u not backed up and restored). The fix is same: deploy new network agent from adminserver (or change clients cert to the new one). Server Certificate klmover
  13. We use Novell network and Kaspersky works great. Mostly we use NetBios name to identify machine and install the software, sometimes we push to the client ip-address (if it is in other network segment).
  14. The newer version ( looks good, it really just blinks for a moment.
  15. Maybe have to check that @ AdminServer -> Kaspersky Administration Kit tasks -> Download updates -> Edit Settings -> Settings -> Updates list (Configure...) -> Autodetect updates list checkbox checked.
  16. Custom tool calls local executable added in the name textbox, i used to run vncviewer and connect to the client address (like the remote desktop, but we use vnc mostly). I think its possible to run remote script, for example run psexec.exe, Command line is the parameters: \\<A> [-u user] [-p password] [remote command] I'm not sure about the return way.
  17. As i see the Remote Desktop only works, when its enabled on the remote machine (default is disabled). Kaspersky Adminkit only calls RD connection in Windows based on client IP address (and provide tunnel to network agent if necessary)
  18. Even on my fast system (core2 3GHz, 2GB RAM with no other process running) appears more seconds...
  19. You can create an Administration Server data backup task on Server 1, then restore this on Server 2. Cause clients are connecting to the adminkit server name (Server1 or ip address, as you configured), you have to name and address server identically. Not sure that is the right way, but i try this...
  20. Hi! I have some computers on my network where the push install from AdminKit failed. I discovered, that is because during installation a progress bar appear on the client machine, with an active Cancel button, and users thinks its a great idea to stop install process... I tired many way to silent install: from single install package or from local source with configuration file, but the bar always appear, and that is annoying. Is there any solution to hide that bar? At previous version of kaspersky av there was not this bug...
  21. Thank you to all answer. Because KAv 6 eat too much resources i wont upgrade my workstations so i have to downgrade agents as Reload said.
  22. 5.0.712. Is it possible that not compatible?
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