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  1. Is it in plan to enlarge in some of the next version? May i have to send a feature request?
  2. Thank you. I'll upgrade what i can, but most of this computers have to increase RAM first, and other hw, so it takes a while..
  3. Hi! Is there any options to change character type in the reports? Almost unreadable no mater if i look in KS console or in the e-mail report. KSC 10.2.434
  4. Thank you. One day after I can monitor more network activity, saw the certificate request. I changed the 'Administration server address for mobile device connection' parameter to our external IP address, and @ the client also to the IP address, and now its working! So I just have to find out, how and why the dns name not working.
  5. Almost the same problem here. To change the initial setup settings (Administration server address for mobile devices connection), you have to go Add/Remove Programs-> Kaspersky Security Center -> Modify. Uncheck Mobile device support during modify, finish it, to remove. Than again run Modify, check Mobile device support, it will ask server address. The first step also removes certificate, then creates a new one the second. I also have internal server w/o external address using nat, forwarded 13000, 13291, 13292, 14000, 17000, 17100 ports (not necessary all, i think). I can monitor with Wireshark, the connection to the server arrive [sYN]-[RST, ACK], but thats all. I don't know surely which address have to specify in the first step (I think the external), but i don't think if its a certificate problem, because they don't even make it to certificate exchange. Do I need to open other ports?
  6. Seeing those errors and bugs with KSC, i don't recommend ever.
  7. I don't know the difference, but under notification only write about Balloon, and some another, not messagebox. But i also set that do not show things.
  8. I have a policy to do not display statuses on the clients, but every client shows the message about soon expire license. (same about databases error, or invalid license, however all disabled by policy) Am i doing it wrong way? Adminkit 8, Workstation 6.0.4
  9. I completely uninstalled network agent and KES, deleted all remaining registry and file whats left behind (and all temp folder), rebooted and reinstalled all stuff. Now its working, but sometimes KES 8 freeze down, and even its restarted after many messageboxes, server report that no KES installed on that computer, until i restart complete computer.
  10. It isn't possible to run the task with administrator user account?
  11. Hi! I've a workstation which runs over more days, and receiving error message every morning: avp.exe - application error The instruction at <memory location> referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be "read" I click ok few (many) times to close program, then application restarts, and runs fine. I tried to uninstall KES 8 + Network Agent, reinstall, but get the same error. In the event log i see errors like this: source: klnagent, id:1 Product integration failure (freeze) occured! Product: 'Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows'. Restaring. Making dump for killed-klnagent.exe Connector for the product KES failed to respond for 600 seconds and considered to be hung. Restarting. I sent to dump files too, hope it helps to figure out whats wrong. Attached a GSI log. GetSystemInfo_FKF_971742_KovacsR_2012_06_07_07_23_37.rar
  12. Same issue here, did u find any solutions?
  13. Right click on computer management group@ KSC -> Properties -> Computer status -> unceck that condition which you dont want to use, like 'Not scanned for a long time' in both 'Status of the computer is 'Critical'' & 'Status of the computer is 'Warning''
  14. This is normal, the admin server keep showing the latest contact ip address. Because there is no agent @ computer, it wont contact to the server. If you want to keep this machine object in the administration server, it is possible that another computer appear on the server with the same name+~1 when you install manual the agent to the client. My advice is: in the console click right on the root of the administration server -> Search. Find the machine and right click-> Remove. (it just remove from any group) Right click again -> Remove. (completely removes that workstation object from admin server. maybe that step missing, and thats why adminserver shows object with the old ip). Wait till workstation appears again in the unassigned computers. If its in same subnet and VLAN, it has to, if administration server ip subnet scanning configured right. If you don't want to wait, you had to deploy network agent over the (new) ip address. On the adminkit 8 it always worked, deploying over ip never reversed to computer name back, only after installed agent report back. It is possible to show different computer name for a short time, when the computer use such ip address which was another computer object @admin server, and the server thinks that that computer switched on, but after agent report to adminkit, the name changing to the right. (or force synchronization). We sometimes put the network agent installation package to the image (with some other little necessary install exe), and when we restore that image, just one click to install all of them (with a well configured batch file)
  15. Maybe i'm wrong, but i cant believe, that kaspersky use own cache. When u run nslookup & ping from the administration server, u saw the right address&name, or the wrong?
  16. If the client computer is in different subnet, the router not necessary forward scan, and the computer wont appear if no agent installed which point to the server. Manual install still work, if you know the client ip address, and run a deploy task to that ip (not name).
  17. Hi! These tasks what i don't want to run on every computer in the group, so thats why these are in the 'Tasks for specific computer'. I figured out that it works when using console @server, but not when using console from a workstation. Maybe something other problem, but i don't cares anymore, rolled back to adminkit 8.
  18. This is actually initiated from the Server, and so generating a very big traffic on the network. That was the last straw, adminkit 8 goes back. :angry: Or is this release already a beta? I sucked a day to install KCS 9, and migrate KAK8 database; First its stopped during update, 'cause cant delete shared folder (only read share permission was, but that was on the same computer, so locally there was admin rights to delete folder.) Next the database wasn't good enough, the installed KSC9 with restored backup can't connect to database, had to remove full db, reinstall, and the secret is out: had to remove tasks and install packages to migrate. So install KAK8, restore from backup, remove that packages, take a new backup, upgrade to KSC9. Recreate packages and install tasks, and when finally it looks good, the bugs came forward: The 'Run a task' not working, the tasks takes long time to run (or update finishing report), the icons are horror; i cant see which computer disconnected (the older was way better) and thats only 2 days after install. Now this, and i not even installed Endpoint Security to any test machine, but now clearly wont do that anymore. See you at least half year later.
  19. I try to run a task, like ever i did: select a computer from list, right click-> All Tasks-> Run a task (select a task, no matter what) I get a message: 'The computers to execute the task are not specified. Create a list of computers to run the task in its properties windows in the "Client computers" section.' If i look the task in the 'Tasks for specific computers' i see that 'Ready for execution on 1 computers' report, but when i push the Start button, i get the same message. When i open the task, and look in "Client computers" section, the computer i chose is appeared there. Now when i just close the task settings and push Start again, the task run normally. I used very often the 'Run a task' mode till server upgrade, i need it back. Thats another thing that running a small task which runs down 2sec @ the workstation, and on the server sees like 10min running. At adminkit 8 was faster back report.
  20. I installed Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent (9.0.2800) + KAV to my workstation, and in the event log i found this report: "A request for a new connection from the Administration Server acquired (1093;klprcp-Proxy;;dGOvYp4GsVal46NrB1JY11)" Its repeating every 30s. What is this? Is it really necessary? Workstation: Windows XP SP3, and there is also a console on it to the Kaspersky Security Center. (if its important)
  21. I think MSDE 2000 a bit old, and not recommended anymore. Adminkit 8 requirements
  22. I don't understand, when Network agent installed @ clients (as it seems from the picture), they have to find to the server back. Even if the server have dhcp address (not lucky), they have to find if the server name specified at agent config. There are more options to failing: 1. when the firewall enabled at clients they cannot communicate with server ( -> enable port 13000, 140000 on clients firewall) 2. if u deployed agents from administration kit, u can check installation package connection settings, (see picture) 2.a : if it's a simple ip address, only have to check that server address not changed (,clients can ping it) or if it has dhcp address than u have to configure server name here (but this only affect to the newly installed agents) 2.b : if it's a server name u have to check, that clients can resolve the name to correct address (netbios, dns, or hosts file check) 3. if u installed the clients manual, then it had to specified that address during setup (i don't believe u setup 800+ machine manual ).
  23. I quite agree and its only happened in the recent months, in the earlier i never seen this problem. (maybe since upgraded to workstation 6 mp4) :angry:
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