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  1. Hi, I installed new version, and now it's ok. Thank you!
  2. I think they are. 0008-$klserver-1093.cab 0007-$klcsweb-1093.cab 0006-$klactprx-1093.cab
  3. Same effect, maybe a bit faster. Or it's just because restarted server not so long. OFF: should I deploy given update on managed devices with custom task, or will it shown some times later on Security Center in Software Updates and deployed automatically by server? There is a miswriting I think on update page : After you install Patch B, the version of some files will change, while the Administration Console continues to display version 10.3.343. <- shouldn't be 10.4.343?
  4. Windows Server 2012 R2

    Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server (10.4.343 )

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 SP 1, MR4 (

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 SP 2, (

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11, (

  5. Sorry, Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server 10.4.343, Windows Server 2012 R2.
  6. This is normal behavior? Very annoying column hiding/ showing effect. KSC-bug.mp4
  7. I've just upgraded KSC to 10 SP2 MR1 (10.4.343), and I can't install klcfginst.msi plugin for KES 10 SP2 ( I can import the KES 10 SP2 installation package, but can't handle this way. I've read somewhere, that KES 10 SP2 not supported @WinXP and 2003. It means that I cant run my KSC server also @W2003? Btw: Is any solution to disable that annoying text-coloring effect on KSC Console? install.log
  8. Ok, so I accept EULA once, when installed KES 10 SP MR2 first time, and that is not the same as MR3 patch EULA. If I start MR3 patch interactively, I accept that EULA, and the patch are installed. But in that KB it says: "If the application has been installed in stand-alone mode (without management using Kaspersky Security Center), you can confirm your acceptance in the local interface of the application." /Upgrading through Kaspersky Lab Update Service/ To me, it not say that I have to search through update folder to patch, and manually start the patch, and THEN see the EULA which i should accept. It says to me the the current local interface have to see an EULA acceptation link or something, and then silently installing (automatically if I accepted). Maybe I'm not understand correctly.
  9. Hello! It will be difficult to explain, and I'm not a native English, so sorry for that. Two weeks ago when the MR3 update has arrived and I accepted EULA at KSC 10.3.407 console, it shows only those computers in target column, where manually Installed KES was English localization. All other KES v10.2.4.674 with Hungarian localization did not shown up in Applicable or any other column, so i thought its going to stay like that until localized MR3 update won't come out. I went to a one week holiday and when I came back I see that all computers updated to MR3 with the error: after the restart all fileprotection task has disappeared. No matter if I disable policy, I cant see anything at the endpoint locally, or at administration server. Before rebooting computer: After reboot:
  10. Hi! This was a standalone computer without KSC control, and no agent installed.
  11. 1. Well, the manual starting mr3 msp eventually solved the problem, because it installed successfully. 2. Anyway, no Pf installed. Thank you.
  12. Reboot complete (every day). Here they are. Thank you. update_report.txt
  13. I didn't think anything have to do to get the patch (as is read in KB I just have to accept EULA, but it never shown). I checked update settings, and the download repository where I find the mp3 patch. (see attached pictures in the topic start.) Thank you.
  14. Hi! Where should I have to find End User License Agreement acceptance in the local interface? The patch is in update folder. http://support.kaspersky.com/us/12758#block6
  15. For me the solution wasn't to upgrade Kaspersky Security Center to 10.3.407. The problem was filtering Software Updates, so I didn't saw MR3 to approve. There was a filter setup to Source:="", Update approval: ="", Not installed: >0. If I select Source: = AO Kaspersky Lab, and clear Not installed with X at the end, then all 3 updates are visible.
  16. I already read. No private patches. Here is GSI log.
  17. Can we know the solution? Was a typo in exception, or something? I already have suspicious object in the exception list, but always get information about detected object...
  18. I think it's more useful to ping the client host exactly (to test if its online, Network Agent not always reliable). So command line is: <host_ip> -t
  19. Hi! I'm in the same situation like CC-fr, with the same configuration. If I read correctly in http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/12758#block6 : "If the computer is managed by Kaspersky Security Center, you can confirm your acceptance using the Kaspersky Security Center console, in the Application Management node, in the Software Updates section" I can confirm, the updates are arrived to the KSC repository (see attachement), but no acceptance in the above place, only for KES10MR1 and KES10MR2, which I already accepted. So I can't distribute the update, I have to create an installation package with MR3 included. I see, that there is a complete package at http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/product-updates...dpoint-security but only for English localization, and as I read MR3 don't change any user interface elements, and not depend on localization, so i thought only patching our computers would be preferable.
  20. I checked all condition have been passed. I tried to make a custom task to install update with command line: msiexec /p kes10sp1mr2_hu.msp /qn REINSTALLMODE="ecmus" REINSTALL="ALL" EULA=1 /L*V C:\windows\temp\kl_mr2_patch.log But clearly need some other switches because after restart only Custom scan, Integrity check and Rollback task are showing in the computer tasks, not any protection task. kl_mr2_patch.7z
  21. Sorry, i miswrote, I'm talking about MP2 update now. I'm just hoping, that MP3 won't cause such problem.
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