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  1. Hello. I am giving Pure 3 a whirl on my systems and i notice allot of plugins don't appear to be compatible. Is this an issue on my end, or is there no current plugins that work with it. Thank you for your time.
  2. Thanks Don..but that wasn't the question.., hence why I posted here..... Counterspy is no way my choice here, but it did find something KIS didn't at this point...... BUT the question was, should counterspys active monitor be left on along side of KIS or is that a bad thing to do.
  3. But not by Kis..... Brief story, Someone got into one of my sites and changed some code...Hence i thought possible trojan, keylogger perhaps..... Now note I run kis build .357 on board so i was hesitant to even bother checking, but ended up to anyways just to be sure. I own counterspy....... Installed it, ran it.... came up with a Agent.AHO and variants of it.......... Deleted them all via counterspy. What im wondering is how my Kis allowed this to get through.... Never had any issues in the past.... none the less, im feeling a bit hesitant to remove counterspy now since it found something that was an issue where kis had not. So question on that. Would you think it would be ok to keep counterspies active protection on, or off. Right now its on and the playground between them seems to be fight free. But i wanted to ask for sure, if there is something Im not seeing that could cause conflict or even decrease security levels. Thanks
  4. Yea i had same issue, just updated those programs and all good. Im glad Kaspersky added this, as a outdated system no matter what it is is always vulnerable to attacks. Its nice to get those reminders. Nice Job
  5. Yea it just don't seem to work right. Im a thunderbird user and the inbox features of that just seem less annoying. Here are some of the issues. .357 build by the way. White list emails still get flagged, over and over again even though i approved them a gazillion times. Blacklisted emails, still show up when downloaded, i have to go through and check each one again. Perhaps this is part of the training system, but its been a week now and i cant believe it would take this long to train the same things over and over again. needless to say, I like thunderbirds system better anyways. But my real issue is this and wondering if there is a way to stop it. If i disable anti spam, i get a status of "Computer security at risk" from KIS. WHY? Not everyone will use this Anti spam, certainly cause its disabled doesn't mean we are at risk, right? If we don't use the KIS Anti Spam im sure most if us are aware or have some other kind of spam system running! So why must I be alerted of that over and over. My system is secured with KIS on the job, so id like it to reflect that even if the anti spam is disabled. Can that be done? Is this a possibly a error in the build? Thanks
  6. Works great ,love it..but, where is the pause button to temporarily disable scans ? Am I missing it somehwere?
  7. Registered user, Huge fan of KIS 7 , So wanted to give 9 a try. Looks great, scans great.... Only thing is it says data base out of date. Clicking update now has it cycling through as it appears to be updating, yet at around 50% shoots fast to 100% and fails. Any ideas as to why? This is build .430 and version 7 was completely uninstalled prior to this build. Last data base release shows it to be 7/10/08 3:09 AM Thanks
  8. Rich i just restarted computer and it began to update again, went right through this time. KIS is the only security program i have on here, so that eliminates any conflict with other such EVIL programs. Hopefully it wont do this again... thanks... OH here is the pic of the last freeze it did after it crashed and i relaunched per last post EDIT.... Maybe it will help... Thank again...
  9. Ok uninstalled all but activation. Downloaded newest build .325. Reinstalled........ Once restart occurred it began to download updates...... It is now stuck on 46% . Has been this way for 30 minutes or so. It also is poping up that some blacklist file is missing.... i took screen shot of current screen.... EDIT - I just told the updater to stop, as its driving me nuts. When i told it to do that, program locked up, froze....sent error report to MS. Upon starting up again via control panel, it immedietly prompted me of the blacklist thing, began update and is now froze at 46% Side note, internet is fine.... Doing mant other thigns while KIS is going haywire.... Sent new image up of the freeze again after KIS crashed...
  10. Thanks, i will try that... note that i did reinstall last time after it froze also..... i will try again though..perhaps this new build.
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