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  1. Thanks rudger79; suggestions appreciated but will take me a while. I'll let you know when I make any progress.
  2. GSI = http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...83152d1a8f30867 M
  3. Bar already shows a print option (drop down shows print or p.preview) Preview displays what could be printed, but shows no printers - only the +Add option .... but it cannot find any. (Printer is already connected in every other app; USB connection.) Perhaps I have made some other (more elementary?) mistake M
  4. Thanks rudger79 - only problem with direct reply is that I forgot who to thank .... so I went back to the long way, but deleted the quote section **. I understood that the TrueGreen suggestion related to Firefox while I am struggling to keep up with microsloth and IE. (Holding off IE9 due to bad experience in early beta AND conflict with some antiquated NHS systems. Maybe better by now but cowardice prevents progress!) Having found the other thread (which pre-dates my ignorance) before posting my reply today, I could not find it when I went back to explore. Found it now, but 8 pages away from where I was looking! (** These forums do make me feel out of touch!) M
  5. [Apologies if including quote of previous becomes annoying; I'll figure out how to turn it off - eventually!] I see at least one other has posted this problem so at least I'm not alone! But - just in case you know any more - I am running Vista and IE8 and KIS 13.01.4190 ( I would be interested in any magic that you may suggest. Other replies suggest that this is a known problem - maybe including a conflict with Rapport - and will be addressed in patch ©. I guess the workaround (without avoiding SafeMoney) is to highlight / copy and paste into Excel; painful, but only way around it for me .... for now. M
  6. Can anyone explain if the printing facility is "disabled" by running my online banking service through a Safe Money (green framed) window?
  7. (First post - so please excuse newbie-errors!) My experience - having once been in the same position (but with three PCs .... children in the house!) - is that once a licence key has been used, then all licences under that key start running. So, when you load licence #2 it will only have 6 months to run, thus you will need to buy two more in 6 mths time. Hope this explains what no one told me but I discovered the expensive way.
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