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  1. Yes, I understood. Now togeteher with Vista we are saying goodbye also to our Kasperky's licences (and we are free to make our own choices).
  2. Computers have been bought with EU subsidiaries to above standing Institute who has also provided these with all essential software and then forwarded to independent sci projects. In fact there is no administrator responsible for these PC and there absolutely even shouldn't be, except when now appears that Kaspersky was a wrong choice. The license you mentioned reads - commercial key for (number for a very many many) computers. Obviously of the above standing institute, but as told, we are officially on our own now as many other, whos number is a quess. Simply some wiseman has choosed Kaspersky while it's licensing scheme isn't suitable for the task.
  3. It's just a Vista Business licence and I don't have any admin to ask. The problem is that some SPSS modules don't work with Vista and there is no way but to downgrade Vista to XP. Now it appears that as well KAV is going through the same procedure as NAV 2010 licence is cheaper now. Not a wise activation system from KAV, I'd admit :-) Now we both are loosers, Kav looses a customer and I loose some money as well.
  4. How to save activation code? I need to replace Windows Vista Busines with Windows XP. I don't have received any KAV activation code just a PC with code preinstalled KAV 6.0 for Windows Workstation. Any ideas how to manage with task without loosing KAV licence? Thanks!
  5. 1. As stated in initial posting KA (Kaspersky Antivirus) is under question and not KIS. The PC came with KA 3 month trial preinstalled which exceeded the given time limit and then stopped working for few months until renewal later. There was listed a KA component among network devices, which likely is the cause of the problem. 2. About posting the getsysteminfo log - there is a lot of data, which allow to identify the user - company name, user name, PC name etc While the web IP was not directly listed, it may be still there embedded into added registry keys or if not, then obtainable through other channels. As such, making this log public, likely isn't wise. The log is tooooo long to go it though row by row, to clean from possibly sensitive data. When I have time, I can try to do it and then to post it here :-)
  6. Hi, Does uploading getsysteminfo file makes it public? I created the file but checking it's content it doesn't seem wise making it public.... except if one doesn't want to check virus shield against attacker of course? Inspection of exact content and security risks of created file takes hours. It displays aswell to the attackers all the possible weak points of the system.
  7. Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 licenced version blocked local network access and all efforts to fix it have failed. After KA installation PC can't access local network nor other PC's can see it. There is a small workgroup of 3-7 Windows XP computers and any other PCs don't have any problems, except this one where KA 2009 was installed. Web access still works normally. Local computers reply to ping but no assess to shared resources with following error: xxxxxxx is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Access is denied. List of servers not available. PC is able to ping router and other PC's and obtain IP from router. In event viewer there is an error: The Browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on transport \device\netbt_tcpip_.... I uninstalled KA but no help. Now I installed KA again. Any known bugs or something KA related I'd check?
  8. This exe behaviour, I got already from your previous message. Thanks. But now the question is of the virus, first and only time found on RP area. That's what's I'm wondering, how did it get there, as I haven't downloaded any file containing it and therefore also couldn't delete it. If there isn't any good explanation, then obviously I have missed or forgot some earlier actions. :-)
  9. Thanks for a good explanation. Now the question is concerning a virus detected only on RP area. named Win32.Agent.asw This time I deleted it instantly. Any good ideas where it appeared there? In fact I deleted also all earlier mentioned RP area findings, but these have appeared there again for unknown reason. These might might be also new ones, while their name is the same I can't tell, if these are new or old ones. When I have deleted the original virus files already times ago. The PC isn't much in everyday use. Installed Windows XP there just to see benefits of KAV mostly.
  10. Thanks for your reply, I mean the colum is already dragged to the rightmost. Looks like on the picture most interesting part is hidden
  11. Hi, I don't think that windows adds to restore points any exe files I have on my HDD. Or am I wrong? I guess it's somehow in connection to KAV.
  12. Hi, I downloaded some obscure stuff (a la hotkey.exe, which purpose is to load/unload CD), never run these as Kav reported viruses in these files, but either I didn't let the KAV to delete these instantly. I deleted these later with file file explores using shift+del and now KAV reports similar viruses found in Sytem Volume RP24 area??? The size is similar to ones I deleted and the 4 names are the same ... Why are these among restore points? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, It's a Threats have been detected window, Events tab. 2 columns Time and event. Screen resolution w1280 pixels, full window. The events desriptions still spill over the screen 50-100 characters long. That's not all but many events arent readable in most important part in the end, where lays who, what and where. Right now I manged to Save As and read with notepad ... I don't know if there isn't any easier way.
  14. Hi, How to read Events list full rows? Right now the important part (details in the end) of event are not visible at all. Mouse over doesn't show the full rows either. Very acceptable solution is small viewer window like XP event log, with arrow keys move to next event. As now the Event viewer tab doesn't make any sense. Thanks.
  15. Hi, As I disabled KAV, the Quickcam installation managed to finish but I had to uninstall it and reinstall it once again, to get all Quickcam funtcionality to work.
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