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  1. Recently I noticed the same problem and indeed sync was the cause of a problem (PURE worked great for a few months, out of nothing Password Manager refused to start). Is Kaspersky working on to restore sync function? I have to admin that this function is very handy so it would be nice to have it back again.
  2. Hello, So far I was using Pure 2.0 and I stored all my passwords in Password Manager. All data was saved in default.pws file. Yesterday I changes to Pure 3.0. Unfortunately it seems that storage has changed (to different extension) and PM cannot read from the old file. So virtually all the data is gone. Is there any way to restore information from Pure 2? Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Even grops would not solve my case. I'd like to be able to precisely set whan an application can and cannot do based on a popup window (easiest solution). Currently user can only press "make trusted" which translates into "hey app, you can do whatever you want".
  4. Hello, Last week I switched to KIS 2010 and it runs perfectly fine so far (today I'm gonna try Vista x64 + Everest which was a problem in previous version). One think I miss is "precise" application filtering function. For example: when I start new application KIS tells me that the app requests access to read operating/system files. What can I do... allow now or make trusted, but I'm looking for something more specific. Is there any option I can select so that KIS sets green thick next to "Read" for "System Files". In KIS2009 that was something similar (not the same because the ticks were set for whole row, so read/delete/create/write for a given item). Of course I can try to do it manually, but it's quire frustrating. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you Lucian. And what about exporting following registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP8\profiles\Hips\settings\Application ???
  6. Due to some testing issue I had to reinstall KIS2009. Before whole procedure I made a backup of settings (Settings > Protection > Save). Having done everything as planned I wanted to restore previous settings (Settings > Protection > Save). Unfortunately (in my opinion) application filtering rules were not transfered properly. Instead of list of my applications I have a list full of "Unknown application" entries. Application icons are fine, paths and rules too, but when I run one of those, Kaspersky detects it as a new one I have to do the setup manually. Could you inform me what am I doing wrong? Applications were not changed between KIS installations.
  7. Automatic mode is always off. The issue has been reported to support team, but I thought you would have some temporary solution.
  8. Hello again, Some time ago I described a problem with KIS2009 stopping boot up process of my Vista Ultimate. Finally I had to reinstall the system to look for the source of the problem. It is Everest Ultimate 4.60. It installs some legacy driver and I believe that this is the problem. Virtually: 1. Fresh Vista + the latest KIS = ok 2. Fresh Vista + the latest KIS + Everest = problem (exactly the same as in the past) 3. Fresh Vista + the latest KIS + all Everest keys removed from the registry = ok Unfortunately I need both so I would like to ask you whether you know any way to make KIS and Everest work together?
  9. Yes, I know that I described the same issue in different topic. This time I gave you more findings and better data (tracing logs, and startup logs). As far as helpdesk is concerned... I send them info 3 weeks ago. Within this time they managed to send me 4 e-mails (wow, slightly more than 1 mail per week!). I replied to all of them, sending more data (they have all I posted here) and still neither solution nor even a hint where the problem comes from. It's not hard to analyze Vista startup journal, but what should I look for in KIS tracing log?
  10. I beg you for help, because I cannot stand this any longer. Fist of all I woule likt to mention that so far I have been using KIS7 and it worked without any problems with my Vista x64 Ultimate SP1. However, after installation of KIS 2009 I noticed strange problem, namely sometimes Vista does not want to start up, i.e.: - there is a black screen with mouse cursos only - i can move the coursor with my mouse so it cannot be something very serious (the PC is still responding) - there is no BSOD - neither logon screen nor Vista logo appears after this point. You just see the coursos, you can move it, but there is no way to logon to the system. The problem seems to occurs according to the following pattern (in most cases): 1. I work on the PC, then shut it down (without any problems) 2. I start it again > the problem appears 3. I restart the PC (hard reset using hardware button as keyboard is not responding) 4. the problem disappears I tried to remove Wifi USB card, Bluetooth stick, sound card (Audigy) but it does not help. I haven't seen the error when only KIS kernel was installed. Adding even one module brings the problem back. Parser shows that everything is fine. Vista startup logs: Booting_log.zip KIS tracing logs: Example_1.zip Example_2.zip Unfortunately it takes ages for helpdesk to react. I would be grateful for any help.
  11. Hello, I've been trying to use KIS 2009 for approx. 3 months (due to startup hangs) and after some reinstallation I noticed that KIS is not minimized after startup, i.e. when I log into my system (Vista x64 SP1) KIS window is always open. Previousely this problem did not occur. Some info: - I used KAVremover9 to get rid of previous copy of KIS - I installed version - of course I tried to remove KIS and install it again, but the problem hits back again - it appears even if I have only kernel functions installed (so minimum installation) Could you inform me how to solve that issue? Regards
  12. Sorry for posting (there's no edit option): GETSystemInfo Parser gives me green code (http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&file=bb122bf2e8f7ff74e4f22495eedc9aea&Microsoft=0)
  13. Hello, After 2 weeks of real war against Office 2007, Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (WMDC), Vista x64 Ultimate and KIS7 this forum is my last resort. More or less 2 weeks ago I had BSOD when I had tried to close my PC (Vista x64 Ultimate). The direct implication of blue screen was that after a restart Windows Security Center could not find KIS7 ( running. I did some research and found the solution on this forum (BTW thanks!). During Christmas I had to reinstall Office 2007 (I switched form ENG 2007 to PL 2007 version). At some point of time I noticed that my PDA cannot sync with desktop (as I wrote before I'm using WMDC 6.1). So: - I tried to repair Office 2007 - uninstall and install back Office 2007 - uninstal Polish and install back English Outlook 2007 (only Outlook) - reinstall WMDC 6.1 - hard reset my device - scanpst (scan and repair outlook data files) but those steps did not solve the issues. Being hopless I did something amazing - turned off KIS7 (pause protection) and... sync worked! Since then I tried to manipulate KIS7 modules, but I cannot find a pattern why sometimes it works and sometimes not. I tried to reinstall KIS7, but the problem still persists. Moreover I remember that before BSOD everything worked well (unfortunately I don't know if the problem started right after BSOD or reinstallation of Office 2007). Now what is "the problem". 1. WMDC gives just "errors: 1" and following explanation: "Synchronization could not be completed. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=72544" 2. Additionally Outlook 2007 ENG (only ENG, not PL!) gives me this: "Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. 'Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Device Center' exited without properly closing your Outlook data file 'C:\Users\(...)\outlook.ost'. 'Microsoft Office Outlook' must be restarted. If this error message recurs, contact support for 'Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Device Center' for assistance." There is no error code on PDA. So far I've been very happy with Kaspersky products, but I need to have my mobile up to date. I hope that you have some hints that might solve the issue. Reinstallation of Vista will cost me a lot of time and I'll have to guarantee of not having such accidents in the future.
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