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  1. Hey Rich do you know for how long patch D will stay in beta ? I think I will wait for the final release.
  2. Same here my firefox tells me the connection to the site/forum is not secure, not a big deal but maybe kaspersky should fix.
  3. Ooh thank god I found this topic, I started having similar problem where websites are not responding in my browser, and it doesnt matter which browser I try, then after some seconds or maybe up to 1 minute it works again. Usually it also works if I close my browser and then start it up again. This is very annoying and is happening more and more the last couple of days. It's funny cause I just recently went back to kaspersky, first I used the 30 day free trial of KIS and didnt have this problem, then after that I bought 1 year license and upgraded to build ( c ) - then some days after new year this started to happen. What I see in the taskbar of the browser when this happens is that it's trying to identify the host or client, I know the internet is working fine cause I have another computer next to this one running on the same network and no problem there at all. And on that other computer I have the free version of Avast installed. Also one of the times when this happened I tried to right click the kaspersky icon in the taskbar and then pause protection, but that didnt seem to help or have any effect on this issue. Do you think my problem could be related to what you guys are talking about here? Also I am on windows 7 x64. If this keeps happening I might try uninstall KIS and see if these random browser connection interruptions goes away.
  4. I just did a full restart and now the problem is gone also for chrome, how nice, hope it stays this way now
  5. Wait I just noticed something, this seems to happen only when im using google chrome browser, with firefox I dont have this problem. I tried disable the plugin in chrome and then it was gone, but then when I enabled it again it came back. My KIS version is © I think it must be something with my google chrome then, will try do a full computer restart.
  6. That would work but dont want to do that for every site I visit. Do you get the same thing or do you not have secure input enabled ?
  7. Hi, almost every site that has a text field box, like search boxes ect. - first time I go to google to do a search it shows up, same for youtube, facebook ect. - but only the first time I enter the page and click in the search box / text field. But then if I close the page or tab and opens the page again on a new tab it comes back.
  8. I tried that disable and then re-enable, but didnt help. When I disable it goes away and when I enable it comes back. These are my settings (see attached pics)
  9. Seems other people have been asking for an option to turn the notification banner off. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=254065
  10. Thank god im not the only one who wants to have this notification banner removed, also by default I was only notified when I was entering a passwords and things like that, but now I get it almsot every time I want to enter something in a text field / search box, on google, youtube, facebook, and almost anywhere where I type something in a text field. It usually only shows up the first time I type in the field but still annoying. If only I could have it like it was before where it only showed up when I was typing a password, not sure why this has changed.
  11. Thx I was looking there earlier but cant find anyway to remove it unless I turn it off completely, do you get the same message when you click in text fields on some of these sites ? Would like to know if other users are getting this.
  12. Now it showed up on google, I know its just cosmetic but is there anyway to have this message not showing up? Are you guys also getting this on some of these sites, google, facebook, youtube, and others? It's almost like it shows up for every text field where I type something now. I attached a screenshot of this message in case anyone is wondering what im talking about.
  13. Im gonna wait and see if someone else knows about this, I never changed anything in the settings for this and it didnt use to behave this way except for when I was typing passwords. Another thing when I see that little display from kaspersky saying secure keyboard input is enabled, if I then type something is that being secured or do I need to press the little keyboard icon to launch the virtual keyboard and then type from there ?
  14. I have a quick question, the secure data input thing used to only show up when I was typing something in a password field / box, but now it also shows up when im simply searching something on facebook and on youtube. Any ways to make this go away without totally disabling it? I chekced the settings for it but not sure which to turn on / off. The only one that isnt ticked is the one called Internet communication media, the other 3 are ticked.
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