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  1. Olá! A Auto-Defesa é uma proteção contra acessos aos arquivos de instalação e processos do Kaspersky em execução. Caso um usuário avançado tenha que realizar algum procedimento específico, poderá desabilitá-lo. Mas como você mesmo disse, a Kaspersky não recomenda desabilitar esta opção.
  2. Same error... Look pic attached. The ESXi host that I´m trying to install again named ESXi04...
  3. Inside vCenter environment... I´ve selected the HOST... and then the Virtual Machine that i wish to migrate. Right click > Migrate... So... I select the new host to receive this VM... and then following standard steps clicking "next", "next", "finish". The command starts, but the task progress stops around 50% to 60% every time. Hope you understand the steps I undertake.
  4. I turned off SVM virtual machine. Right click -> Delete. Maybe it was not the best practice.. =/
  5. Hi all, About KSV 3.0 Agentless... What happens when a SVM machine is deleted from the Host? The same host in Kaspersky Security Center appears as "installed". How to install SVM again in this same host? There´s some cache we need to clear? How to force a new SVM installation? Thanks! KSV version: 3.1.0-77d Security Center: 10.2.434
  6. Hi all, I´ve try to install KSV 3.0 agentless in some hosts (Vmware ESXi 6.0 / vSphere 6.0). The installation completes successfully, and SVM machine loads very well. The problem happens when we try to migrate one single machine to another host (with KSV installed). The migration starts and in the middle of the process, the following error happen: Migration to host <> failed with error msg.vmk.status.VMK_MIG_CONN_CLOSED (195887167). vMotion migration [168252701:1454077933471699] failed to read stream keepalive: Connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout Any help? KSV version: 3.1.0-77d. Security-Center version: 10.2.434.
  7. Yep... Network Agent Policy doesn´t require old password. It´s easy to change it.
  8. Olá, Para sincronizar você deve instalar o plug-in do KAV Enterprise Edition no servidor onde está o Security Center. Informações neste link: http://support.kaspersky.com/4495 Depois é só instalar o Kaspersky Network Agent normalmente e realizer o sincronismo com a console.
  9. Pode seguir a FAQ abaixo: http://support.kaspersky.com/7834 Embora esteja explicando no Security Center 9.0, mas são os mesmos passos que o Security Center 10.
  10. Hello all! When I try to install an application from Kaspersky Lab database (Adobe, Skype, Firefox...), installation task is completed error on client computer: Required File Not Found. Package creation is done with any problems. I´ve already try multiple languages, and problem persists. Any help? OS: Windows 7 Pro - Portuguese, BR with Kaspersky Network Agent 10.1.249 and EndPoint Thank you for your suggestions.
  11. Hello Nikolay, Yes, UPD 15000 port is opened. This issue happens in all pc´s. After enable "Do not disconnect from Administration Server" option, the tasks appear visible and I can manage all tasks now. The other machines that doens´t have this option enabled the problem persists. I can´t start/stop any specific task.
  12. Hello! I have the same issue. Client task are disabled any moment. I´m not use connection gateways in my network. Already enable the option "Do not disconnect from the Administration Server" in PC properties... till now any changes. KSC 10.1 server is installed under Windows 2012 R2 Server (MMC 3.0). Follow klnagchk attached.
  13. Hello guys, Today, my KES 8 for Mac doesn't start for some reason. Protection is off. I've just try to start through Security Center and locally, without success. Does anybody have this issue? How to turn protection on? Maybe some problem in the last update? Thanks for any comments.
  14. Hello guys, Where we can find a document that explains how to install (step by step) KES for iOS? Thanks!
  15. Just wait some minutes and devices control report showed a lot of information. Sorry for bother you, guys!
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