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  1. Hey Ray, I don't think it's that because I switched the service that uses the DLL off so it shouldn't be loaded or doing anything. I'll check though and thanks for replying. Cheers, David
  2. Hi Dawgg, Switched a bunch of those services to Off and Manual startup but it didn't make any difference. Also your settings seemed to make Full Scans significantly slower for me so have gone back to Default land. I am curious though why New and Changed Files Only makes no difference whether ticked or unticked. It's an NTFS disk and iSwift and iChecker are both ticked so any ideas why that setting has no effect? I'd have thought it might take an age the first time and then gotten a lot faster, as it seemed to in previous versions of KIS. Thanks, David
  3. Hi, Everything is default. Wouldn't changing it to Deep Scan etc make it slower??? I'll try switching off some of the services... Thanks, David
  4. Hi, All that is already done I'm afraid. The single core bit might have something to do with it but then the other two PCs are single core too and they're fine... and this is a faster processor than either of them. So the mystery remains. Thanks anyway, David
  5. Hi, Despite the grief it's given me over the last few months of the current licence I've bought a new 3 PC KIS licence which I'll kick off in a week or so. On two of the three PCs the latest version .736ab is running OK - it's not blazing fast, and it still feels bloated compared to 2009, but it's OK. On this PC, my main PC, however, it remains a dog, mostly when opening apps, full scans (take forever - where forever = nearly 3 hours - and never learn despite New and Changed files etc being ticked and boy does it take ages when scanning Ruby directories), updates cripple the PC while they're running (despite Concede Resources being ticked) etc. At least the rootkit nonsense seems to have stopped. So if anyone can spot anything untoward in the GSI log, pray tell. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3c7fbbdde609bdd I'm not fussed about the update for the Ethernet card as I never use it and I've now switched off the Pure Networks service stuff just in case (no difference by the looks). Many thanks, David
  6. You should wait until you're within the last couple of weeks. Otherwise you might lose time.
  7. Not worked for me either. Having read "It's been fixed" I thought great, updated, rebooted and gave it another go. Tonight, Matthew, it randomly hung at 84% and locked my PC up. Now sent GSI logs to tech support. And I've ordered "another well known brand" to replace this when the licence is up in a few weeks time. It's meant to be a product, not a hobby, and enough is enough. Cheers, Rowantree
  8. Also happening to me now... same symptoms as others report: full scans won't complete, stop at random places, lock the PC up, only solution is a reboot. This is rapidly becoming the most tiresome bit of software I've ever put on a PC. I've opened an official tech support case and will report back if anything sensible occurs. Cheers, Rowantree
  9. Dunno. Absolutely. I've used Acronis for years (and I've had to use an image once and even better it worked...!). I do a full disk image once a week (maybe overkill, depends on what you do). As for Kaspersky having issues with Acronis it doesn't for me and I don't see why it should as you're taking a complete disk image with Acronis. Cheers, Rowantree
  10. Hmmmm. OK. I have 3 behaving sluggish like this and on a 4th (which is running a "rival product") no such issues. It's not a showstopper just a pain in the bahookie.
  11. Hi, One thing that remains slow with this version is if you click a hyperlink within Outlook Express it takes aeons (where aeons ~= 10-15 seconds) to fire up the browser and show the contents (not that I do this a lot mind you so I can stay more or less in my pram). Thoughts/comments/solutions anyone? No, you don't need a GSI log, been there, done that, they're all clean... this behaviour is on 3 XP SP3 PCs all with 736 a.b. Apart from that (and slightly laggy boot times), 736 a.b is OK. Oh, the browser in this instance is IE. Just wondering... Many thanks, Rowantree
  12. Well, have to say, today, since so many were waxing lyrical, I decided to try one last time with KIS 2010 and bumped up two of three PCs back from KIS 2009 to KIS 2010 patch b. It does seem on par speedwise (at last) with KIS 2009 on XP SP3. Using Explorer to open directories and files is much quicker than with the original .736, as is general browsing, and playing about with Firefox, IE and Outlook Express. I'm not going to trumpet "Well done Kaspersky" because basically, after so much grief, you've (possibly) released what folk paid you good money for in the first place. However, on a lower key, not bad, not bad... :ao: Now go and have a post mortem on your release process and whoever signed off original .736. And, for 2011, try releasing it working, and closer to 2011... for best results. Cheers, Rowantree
  13. Hi Don, I've taken my PCs from back to and all are back to normal fastness now. Should I have taken 523 instead or is it just a minor upgrade...? I noticed it on the download page but didn't spot any release notes to see what's changed so just went with what I had before. Thanks.
  14. Hi, any feds about? looks like the coast is clear... If you look at #17 in http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=141603 then this is apparently one way to stop it from tech support. Also in the UK, where they admit there is a problem, they can send you a batch script to do this. I haven't gone for that cos it's not a proper fix but some might want to try it while waiting on the real fix. Cheers, Rowantree
  15. Here's a response from tech support which may help some. Personally, not happy doing this and will wait for a fix but the more techie of you might want to try this... "The pulsing K icon could be the rootkit scan - if you right click on the K icon it will list it in the menu. This should only run 30 minutes after you start the pc up and only take a few minutes some customers are reporting that it is taking much longer. We recommend they initially try a defrag in Windows and if this doesn't help. You can also disable the scan by changing the~ by opening the registry ~~ As to the yellow cog wheel/star this is scripts being scanned on a webpage." Defragging made no difference to me, same rootkit scanning. Last night it trundled on for about 3 hours.... and then started up all over again after roughly another half hour... fashin' rashin' rick rastardly... edit: del registry instruction. It has been requested a few times that we don't post such in Home User section.
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