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  1. Hi Please can you also reveiw the following Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2: Intel Pentium 1 GHz processor or faster (or compatible equivalent) 256 MB free RAM Microsoft Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate (SP0 or higher), Microsoft Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate (x64 Edition SP0 or higher), Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista x64 Edition SP2: Intel Pentium 2 GHz processor or faster (or compatible equivalent) 512 MB free RAM Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 x64 Edition SP1, Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 latest SP: Intel Pentium 800 MHz processor or faster (or compatible equivalent) 256 MB free RAM Windows 7 Home Basic - your Operating System is not supported by Endpoint Security thanks Dz
  2. Hi Please can you see the Admin Guide page 142 This details all users (everyone group) are granted access by default to the trusted devices, to set this to only explicit users, please remove the Everyone group and add the relevant users/groups to the rule Administrators Guide Dz
  3. Is this a policy for a group? If so do you have a higher level policy you can change with the exclsuions you mention? Are the policies locked (padlock closed in upper right) Dz
  4. Sorry if this has already been mentioned - If the task you are talking about is a local task you can manage this locally even if hidden You can set the main policy for the group to allow local tasks to be displayed and managed Thanks Dz
  5. HI Can you post a screenshot of the results when you try to connect to the KSC from local console please Thanks Dz
  6. Thanks for letting me know Dz
  7. Hi Sinon Please see below Please see Protection Policy first, then Interface Settings, then Device Control Dz
  8. Hi Sinon The popup they are receiving is warning them about the connection, at the bottom the link Melden.... (report in english) will allow then to make a request to the Administrator to allow the access if the relevant tickbox in the policy is ticked You can change if the popup is displayed, changing the policy. To do this please open the policy and select advanced Settings --> Notifications Then Select Device Control and remove the checkboxes for Notify on Screen (3rd column) Thanks Dz
  9. Hi Faizan The viral activity link will produce the Virus Activity Report This will show all viral activity on the machine, there are upto 4 bars coloured accordingly for Not Cured Disinfected Deleted N/A HTH Dz
  10. thanks for letting me know stu Just for reference this has been classified as case ref 112386
  11. Hi Anc We are just confirming the best way to proceed and I hope to have a final answer shortly. Watch this space dz
  12. Hi Urs is no longer supported as a version, whilst we do provide updates there is no tech support or error fixing. Can I ask you to update to one of the later versions either or Endpoint 8 Thanks dz
  13. Hi Tim The report you should be looking for is 'Users of infected computers' This will show the account which was being used when the computer was infecetd - user account or system account dependant on how the viral affected the machine Thanks Dz
  14. Hi S-t-u Can I ask you to run the utility I have sent you via PM, this should create 2 results files - result-1.xml and result.xml. Please can you send these over, also please can you gather the following 2 logs - klserver trace and sql error log thanks Dz
  15. Hi S-t-u If you can compress the files then upload to an ftp site (pm me for details) dz
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